Nov 182012

$1/1 Dentyne or Trident White 80 ct Pouch MQ on
.50/1 Any Happy Family Product HERE*
*Happy Baby Organic Baby Food and Snacks are 10% off at Target thru 11/21
B1G1 Trident Single Pack Gum (9-18 pieces up to .96) zip 77032*
B1G1 Stride Single Pack Gum (5-14 pieces up to .96) zip 77032*
*They state Redeemable at Walmart, but are MQs that should be able to be used elsewhere
.50/2 Halls Drops 17 ct+ zip 77032*
*Can stack with $1/3 Halls 30-40 ct Target Coupon from the Pharmacy Booklet x1/26/13

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4 Responses to “New B1G1 Trident & Stride Printable Coupons & More”

  1. Klara says:

    Off topic of the post but I just noticed that target has changed something about their store coupons. You know when you print a store coupon it has a fixed expiration date that is the same no matter when you print it until it resets. Well, I printed a few yesterday that printed with 12/18 and this morning I went for a second print of some of the ones I’d done yesterday and now they have an exp. date of 12/19. It think Target store coupons have gone to the 30 day exp. Anyone else notice this?

  2. Kerry says:

    Hey Klara- I have noticed something a little strange about the exp dates and I have been trying to come to a conclusion. Can you please tell me which ones you printed? TY

  3. Klara says:

    I printed the store coupons for the GE lightbulb, Knorr, & Marie Callender Pie as well as some other manufacturer’s coups

  4. Kerry says:

    TY Klara- I have been afraid that this was happening. Will mean some changes for me for sure. 🙁 Gonna take a day or 2 to digest it and then figure out what to do.

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