Dec 262012

Clearance will differ from store to store- some stores may have nothing, while others may have lots of stuff left. Most of the usual Holiday items- decorations, ornaments, giftwrap, stocking stuffers and more should all be at 50% Off today. But there are lots of seasonal grocery and household items to watch for now that it is after Christmas too. Some of these items will be 50% Off, except for bagged candy which will be at 30% Off.

Kelley found holiday candy at 30% Off at her store but also spotted several grocery Christmas themed items like Goldfish, Peppermint Mallows Marshmallows, Winter limited edition Tollhouse Dark Chocolate & Mint morsels, Betty Crocker Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, Pillsbury chocolate peppermint cookie mix, and others at 50% Off. Some grocery items take longer to clearance than others. I have quite a large list going of several possibilities in grocery, and other areas to look for along with coupon matchups on my Christmas Clearance Prep list HERE.

Not everything will be grouped together in one spot either. Aside from holiday, you may want to check the regular grocery aisles and endcaps for these items too. And don’t forget to peek in on the dollar spot Kelley found all yellow dot at 50% off, much of it Christmas.

And don’t forget to keep an eye on the Dove, Gillette, Olay, Venus, Caress, Axe & other Gift Sets. Kelley found them still at 15% at her store, but so many of you have reported such a wide range of clearance prices on these sets so you may find them at a lower price and be sure to doublecheck the price by scanning! We lost our new printables but if you still have them they should be valid thru 12/31 plus we have the $3.75/1 Axe holiday pack, any ETS 12-2-12 SS x12/30. Happy Hunting folks! :)

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24 Responses to “After-Christmas Clearance Up to 50% Off at Target”

  1. amy says:

    sure wish we weren’t getting a snow storm, i would love to go snag some deals

  2. Betsy says:

    I was bummed about the Axe and Dove sets were also scanning at $8.48 still at my store. :( Will check back tomorrow morning to see if it changes.

  3. shannon says:

    I would love to check out my local target but it is closed because of the blizzard

  4. Steph says:

    No way I can go to any store today in Ohio because of snow, freezing rain and sleet. Deals will just have to wait.

  5. Amanda Isbell says:

    The Axe sets and such marked down today at every store so it’ll be at least a week before they mark down again.

  6. Kelly says:

    My store in Manhattan, KS marks down every three days until it goes to 90% off. Much thanks to a team lead in my store who let me have the LLama Llama Holiday Drama book for 50% off even though it technically wasn’t being clearanced out (was misplaced).

  7. Kim says:

    Hey ladies I never shopped the Christmas clearance and would love to get some great deals. As experience shoppers, would anyone suggest going now at 50% or wait till the 70..90% off and hope there’s anything good left? Also how soon does prices drop? Thanks

  8. Natalie says:

    I went to a different target today just to compare… And all the gift sets were still $9.99! I was really bummed… So I’ll go to my usuall store which have been marked down since last week… Hopefully 30% now. All wrapping paper, Oreos, and most M&M’s gone today though.

  9. Renee says:

    Hope to get some deals tomorrow-we are having the big snow storm coming through so I didn’t get to go out at all:(

  10. ANNIE says:

    kim, my experience is to do the 50% off & hope u have some coupons to bring that total down, if u wait till what u want is marked down more, u may lose out, like the candy, cookie mix & frostings, lots of coupons out there for these items !!!

  11. Heidi says:

    @ Kim – I got to my store at 6:55 this AM. By 8 AM, all the Kleenex/Puffs/Target brand, Bounty, Reynold’s wrap, Glad, Ziploc, and Goldfish crackers were gone. Still tons of chocolate, candy, and a fair amount of cookie mix. A few Solo, Vanity Fair, and Chinet items were left. One family at my store took all of the cake mixes, frosting, and marshmallows. I took some satisfaction in watching these people check out 2 carts of stuff before me without ANY coupons! Ack, I get those things for less every day with coupons. I think it’s divine retribution for their shelf clearing.

  12. Estera says:

    My store also has Axe/Dove/Caress gift sets ringing up at $8.48 but I was able to get some online last night for only $4.89 and free shipping over $50.

  13. nicole says:

    Went out late because of snow. Missed out on pretty much everything. Did find some aluminum foil on the regular shelf !! Got one box of MP holiday fruit snacks to make my dd happy. Bounty napkins, puffs and kleenex were not marked down, so they were still there.

  14. Amber says:

    Just got back and was able to get M&Ms for $0.84 a bag, Dove chocolates for $0.33 a bag (had some $1.50 off one bag peelies that were about to expire) and Pillsbury Icing for $0.44 each. Also got a Threshold table runner for $4.48. I would have waited until further clearance but there was only one left in the pattern that I liked. Most of what was left at my store was ornaments and wrapping…lots of bows. They didn’t carry as much decorative stuff (platters, plates, decorations, etc.) as last year, so it is almost gone and there was nothing that I liked. I am waiting to go back in a couple days to see if I can get more candy deals for my candy bowl at work. =)

  15. Joy says:

    If you want Xmas lights, esp. white/clear ones or big outdoor light ups then you need to go when they are 50% off. Those never make it to 70% off (at least at my 3 stores here in NY state). Same with the paper products. Good luck!

    I wish I had more $ to hit clearance. Unfortunately, things are tight this year. :(

  16. mar says:

    ziploc containers and baggies marked down to $1.49 so with tq and mq, $0.49, i woulda waited but there were barely any left so i snagged 2 of each. everything else was still a little too pricey for my taste. will prob wait till friday, that’s when they said they’d mark down again

  17. kim says:

    Can anyone give me an idea of when they will markdown to 70% off from previous experience? My store was marked down to 50% off and the candy 30% as most everyone is saying. I really want to get in on it this year and have all my coupons clipped already. Thanks

  18. Alexandra says:

    Hey ladies just a heads up the Gillette gift set men and women are on sale for 8.48 well I have used the pg coupon from November 25th insert bogo gillete razors not only did it scan but it scaned for 11.99 i called my cousin who lives in another state and it scanned there also for 11.99 so we got these gift sets 2 for 6.16 to be exact we had extra Christmas present for so people coupon expires on December 31st so hurry

  19. Caramia says:

    am bunkering down and waiting for 70% off or more last year went in like a vulture spent $25 and I must say my Christmas wrapping was the best!! WHOOT WHOOT!!!

  20. Mendi says:

    Anyone in Chicago come across good clearence deals at target? Or came across a good quantity of Christmas merchandise?

  21. Wendy says:

    I went yesterday morning when they opened. I was able to get the Ziplocs, Reynolds Wrap and Parchment Paper but when I tried to get the Glad containers, one lady already cleared the shelf and had about 40 in her cart. When I asked if she could spare one, she said no. Like Heidi, I watched her check out and she did not have any coupons…justice!

  22. snowman555 says:

    Deals….get the goods at 50% ziplocks, paper towels, glad containers, foil, parchement, snacks. Anything else you absolutely have to have. I wait for the 70% for paper, ribbons, decorations, teacher/kid supplies. Last year I was able to get a whole class of felt ornament for 3 for .25 x 7 bunches. Not bad for gifts less than $2.00. I went int he morning and then later in the evening. We had 90 percent last year but I don’t think we will make it this year.

  23. Amanda says:

    I went to my store in Lowell, MA last night. There were TONS of gift bags, wrapping paper, ribbons and tissue paper left. I decided to wait on getting those things until they are 70% off. However, there wasn’t much of a selection of bows and gift tags, and I really need those, so I bought those at 50% off. I also bought a few of the gift bags in the dollar section, since they were only 50 cents. I saw an entire section of the $5 and under stocking stuffers. Lots of candy at 30% off but I am holding off on buying candy until the discount increases. I didn’t really see many other food items, but I did not go into the individual aisles to look for clearance; I only went to the Christmas clearance area and the holiday decor area. I also noticed lots of Christmas-colored plastic bins on sale. I bought a Christmas decoration (the red shiny and glittery ornaments set up to resemble a Christmas tree) because there was only one left and I had been considering buying it before Christmas, so I didn’t want it to sell out. I plan to go back this weekend; is that when it should be at 70% off?

  24. Jess says:

    I always scan.. The nordicware 24 mini muffin, bundt pan, cookie sheet, red/green/white mixing bowl set all scanned at 70 percent off, look for the red/white Christmas like label. The Wilton 4 mini loaf pan scanned too. None of this stuff was in the holiday section

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