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Holiday clearance should now be at 70% for many of you and Holiday Candy at 50% if your store has anything left. What can be found will vary from store to store, but definitely worth taking a good look around for anything you might want to go ahead and stock up on for next year. I know some of you may have hardly anything left and it’s hard to see some of these pictures, but for those of you whose stores had an abundance of leftovers it’s a great time to take advantage of thinking ahead for next year.


Also- be sure and scan if your signs only say 50%- since sometimes stores don’t always get to signage in the beginning of the day. Kelley found 70% at both her Maryland stores today, however, only one store had signage- so just take that quick minute to scan- as you never know! If you are still at 50%- be sure and keep a close eye on it- as most of you should be at 70% Off by tomorrow if you don’t find it today.


All the candy was at 50% for Kelley today- even the good stuff. 🙂 Fortunately this year- we have quite a few coupons that are still valid- and even some stacks that make for some awesome deals.


For example- the Dove White Chocolate Promises are 50% Off at $1.84, and we still have our $1.50/2 Dove chocolate 7.94 oz+ Target Coupon x1/11/13, stack it with the $1.00 off 2 MARS Holiday Bags and pay just $1.18 for 2 or .59 cents each after coupons!

But most of the candy is $2.99 when it is regular price, so you will be starting at $1.50 per bag BEFORE coupons! 🙂 Now use coupons and you are in for some great deals! …

-$1.50/2 M&M’s Candies 9.9 oz+ TQ Holiday Booklet x12/31
-$1.50/2 M&M’s candy 9.3-oz.or larger Target Q x1/10/13
-$1.50/2 Dove chocolate 7.94 oz+ Target Coupon x1/11/13
$1.10 off 2 HERSHEY’S KISSES, HERSHEY’S Nuggets
$1.00 off 2 MARS Holiday Bags 
$1/2 Nestle Butterfinger or Crunch Jingles Bags 8-11 oz 
-$1/2 Hershey’s Kisses Chocolates, 9.4 oz + 11-11-12 SS x12/31


Kelley found a variety of things at her store marked down 70%, including a wealth of wrapping paper & ribbons, bows, gift bags, stockings, lights, trees, ornaments, stocking hangers, a few tree toppers, holiday-themed socks and other select apparel.

betty-crockerKeep in mind that some items will actually get clearanced in the regular aisles too, so take a good look around in each area. For example Kelley found these Betty Crocker Mint Chocoalate Chip Cookie Mixes in the regular aisle- no stickers or signs- but they are 70% Off down to .62 cents. We have a .40/1 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix 14oz+ 12-9-12 SS x2/2/13 or .40/1 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix Pouch 12 oz+ 11-18-12 SS x1/12/13 to make them just .22 cents each. 🙂

In fact, many items do not get stickered or signed, so be sure to scan, scan, scan.  Also please feel free to comment on this post and tell us what you have been finding so we know what other hidden goodies we should be looking for!  I still have the Christmas Clearance prep list available to reference, but keep in mind some of the more popular grocery/household items listed will probably already be gone.

As far as the next drop to 90% Off, I have already heard rumors that it won’t happen this year, but honestly I feel like I hear that every year- so I am hoping that is all it is – a rumor- and that we will see whatever is left go to 90% Off sometime between January 3rd & 5th. But keep in mind- nothing is set in stone when it comes to clearance at Target- so keep a close eye, and if you have concerns, use your coupons and grab some nice deals at 70% Off. Happy clearance hunting everyone! 🙂

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69 Responses to “Holiday Clearance Now Up To 70% Off at Target”

  1. Michelle says:

    At a N Las Vegas Target I found Scotch tape marked down to .90 for 3 rolls. Also stocked up on gift bags and tissue at 70% off. Some were red and white, perfect for V-Day and other colors like pink and turquoise I can use year ’round. Candy was marked down 50% off so I got the M & M’s and used the coupon.

  2. shannon says:

    I bought 30 wooden, stitched, cloth, and adorable ornaments for next year all for .30 ea ($9.00 total). I also found the transformers 2pk toothpaste and toothbrush gift set in the regular toothbrush aisle for my 2 year old son. My store had tons of 70% off holiday. I just had to hold back and realize I don’t have alot of storage space in the new smaller house but so happy to get my ornaments 🙂

  3. Lois says:

    found Winter Oreos marked down to $0.89 even though the signage clearly said $2.99! I can’t find any coupons right now, but if you do, that would be a killer deal!

  4. karen says:

    Found granola bars for $.59 and oreos for $.89!!

  5. Diane says:

    Pretty much just bagged holiday candy left in my local Targets in respect to the candy, but both that I visited still have not reduced them to 70% (they’re all still 50% off.)

  6. Kim says:

    My favorite finds were the 70% off Elf on the Shelf (book section, not holiday section, no signage) down to $8.98. Picked up a girl and a boy and left the rest for other lucky shoppers! Even got the elf girl’s skirt marked down 70% too!

    Glad press n seal holiday wrap for $.89. Up and Up snowmen box facial tissues for .69 cents and used a 50 cents off old printable to make them $.19.

    Pillsbury items…check your stash, I had old $1/2 target printables I had saved for after holidays (expire 1/5), so it made all the pillsbury items around .09 cents each from .59 cents.

    The candy storybooks were .89 cents and there is still a $1/2 printable on

    Planters nuts (in regular isle) Brittle Medley and Winter Spice were $2.04 and used target printable for $1/2 and insert MQ to make them each just over $1.

    Lots of great finds!!!

  7. Mike says:

    Shiloh, IL (St Louis Suburb) has a ton of 50% off candy and 70% off Christmas. In fact, they were bringing out more from the back room today. 5 stock carts full of gift bags, stocking stuffers, and candy! Looks like there will be plenty left for the drop to 90%.

  8. Dana says:

    Tacoma, WA Target was jack pot for 70% off today 🙂 LOTS of stuff still available. SO glad I went today and didn’t listen to others who said a trip to Target was not worth it!!!

  9. kelly says:

    I was able to get lots of great things at 50% off this past Saturday, went to another location yesteday and got more at 70% off. I was told at both locations that everything was going to be “packed” up today…so, I ran out to a third location just now and they were CLOSED. Really, I thought they closed at 10PM. I pulled up at 9:15 and the parking lot was empty. I couldn’t believe it. I hope they still have some left overs in the morning.

  10. Anna says:

    I went last night too, right at 9pm and of course they would not let me in. But I still found a good but today. Thanks for the heads up on Dunkin Donuts coffee, Kerry- found some in the coffee aisle for $2.24 a bag.

  11. Diane says:

    Woke up early today, New Years Day, thinking for sure today would be the day they would mark the bagged holiday candy down to 70%…believe it or not, no. Still at 50% off. The coupons I have left don’t expire until the end of the month, so was trying to hold off, but am wondering if they ever plan on on marking these down any further.

  12. sarah says:

    I was able to get lots of great things at 50% off this past Saturday, went to another location yesteday and got more at 70% off. I was told at both locations that everything was going to be “packed” up today…so, I ran out to a third location just now and they were CLOSED. Really, I thought they closed at 10PM. I pulled up at 9:15 and the parking lot was empty. I couldn’t believe it. I hope they still have some left overs in the morning.

    It was NEW YEAR’S EVE – LOL!

  13. Debbie says:

    Yesterday I went to my Target and they had all the yellow dollar spot items for 70% off, but not much was left. I did find a pocket planner and 2013 calendar which I needed for 0.30 each! But they must have been taking them out of inventory, b/c I went to scan it and it showed up as item not found. When I checked out, the cashier had to manually enter in the amount.

  14. amy says:

    Stll 70% this morning at my Target. Did find the Betty Crocker mint chocolate chip mix and the snickerdoodles mix at .62 cents and had .60 cents off one coupons so i got them for .02 cents! Also, not clearance but on sale are the Yoplait yogurts .50 cents each and used the .30 cents coupon to get them for .20 cents!

  15. LORI says:

    lancaster,pa off the litiz pike this morning 1/3/13 sale was only 70 % off. I ask but i know i would get clueless answer. still alot stuff there. Last year was on Friday but I was told it doesn’t happen every year.

  16. Diane says:

    Still waiting for 70% off here in the Raleigh, NC area (on the bagged holiday candy.)

  17. Jennifer says:

    Also check for clearance Pringles. Cinnamon & sugar and white chocolate peppermint are 70% off. 45 cent each. There is a coupon for 1$ off 4 making it 20 cents a can. FYI, white chocolate peppermint no so great. The other is OK.

  18. amy says:

    Still 70% again today. Did find a small version of the Squishy Baff (green) in the Christmas section for .89 cents, reg. $2.99. Note: Reg Squishy Baff can be found in the toys section so if you do not find it in the Christmas, look there.

  19. Darlene says:

    My daughter and I went to 4 Target stores today. 2 of them were still 70% and 2 were 90%.

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