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Here’s another new unadvertised deal that you may be able to find at your stores for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb (10) Select Mexican, Italian or Pizza Items thru 2/23. There are several different brands included in this deal and you can mix and match your items to get the Gift Card. Although the coupons are kind of sparse at the moment, you don’t even need coupons to get a nice deal on pasta….

DEAL IDEA: Buy 10 Barilla Pasta ($1.19) = $11.90
-$5 Gift Card Back wyb 10 Select Items thru 2/23
= $6.90 for 10 or .69 cents each after Gift Card

If you are a fan of the Ragu Pasta Sauce and got the regional Target Celebrate insert, unlike printables, you can use four Target Insert Coupons plus we have a Target Printable you can use one of to make for a nice deal…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 10 Ragu Pasta Sauce ($1.59) = $15.90
-.60/2 Ragu Pasta Sauces Target Coupon x1/27
-$3.00 (use four .75/2 Ragu Pasta Sauce Target Q 12-2-12 Celebrate Insert x1/5/13
= $12.30 -$5 Gift Card Back wyb 10 Select Items thru 2/23
= $7.30 for 10 or .73 cents each after coupons and Gift Card

Of course you can mix and match though and buy just a little bit of everything too. Here are all the coupons I know of at the moment. This is a long running deal- until February 23rd, so hopefully we will see more coupons down the road to make it even better…

gift-card-small FREE $5 Gift Card wyb (10) Select Mexican, Italian or Pizza Items*
Deal and prices valid thru 2/23. Deal and prices may be regional.
*Choose from Select Kraft, Pace, Boboli, Old El Paso, Barilla, Hormel, Mission or Ragu
*Assorted Barilla Pastas 16 oz $1.19
-$1/2 Barilla Pasta AND Sauce on Facebook HERE
*Ragu Pasta Sauce 24 oz $1.59
-.60/2 Ragu Pasta Sauces Target Coupon x1/27
-.75/2 Ragu Pasta Sauce Target Coupon 12-2-12 Celebrate Insert x1/5/13
*Ragu Pizza Sauce 14 oz $1.19
*Boboli Pizza Crust 12 inch $3.60
*Kraft Grated Parmesan Cheese 8 oz $3.22
*Hormel Sliced Pepperoni 7 oz (Shelf Stable by Pizza Products) $2.84
$1/2 Hormel Pepperoni and HERE
*Pace Salsa 24 oz $2.35
$0.50 off any TWO (2) Pace products
*Assorted Old El Paso Products $1.19-$2.84
$0.60 off 3 Old El Paso products
*Mission Tortilla Select Products PSA $2

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18 Responses to “FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 10 Mexican, Italian or Pizza Items = Barilla Pasta 69¢ Each No Coupons Needed”

  1. Sam james says:

    My local family dollar ad has barillia pasta on sale for $1! Price match and get 10in gor $10work and get $5in gift card back. 50¢ a box. Sweet.

  2. Kate says:

    Thank you Kerry! =D

  3. Lindsay S says:

    My Target won’t let me price match and still get a gift card. Does anyone else have this problem?

  4. Kelly says:

    Our Target has Ragu pizza sauce price cut at $1.09. $10.90 for 10 minus $5 gc = 59¢ each!

  5. Sara says:

    Anyone know how I can find or get the Celebrate Insert?

  6. Kelly Putaski Zuniga says:

    Does anyone know if the Barilla Microwaveable Meals are part of this deal? Thank you!

  7. Nick says:

    Any idea if Barilla whole grain is included? Thanks.

  8. tina says:

    There is a .60/3 Old El Paso coupon on right now. I saw it when I clicked on the Reach floss link posted on TT.

  9. shanshan says:

    There’s new $.60/3 Old El Paso product on coupons dot com. I used zip 77477. So as low as $0.49 after GC and coupon.

  10. We love making our own pizzas at home! Thank you we’re going to be stocking up on Ragu sauces!

  11. Colleen says:

    Yesterday I got some of the Old El Paso Stuff & Stand Tacos. They had a coupon peelie attached for a free seasoning item when you buy 1. So it was a nice extra bonus along with the gift card :-) Not all the boxes had them though, and I found a few in the back of the shefl.

  12. bri says:

    anyone know if taco seasoning is included in the deal?

  13. Charlotte says:

    @ bri the taco seasoning isn’t included in the deal. but there are alot of items that are included.

  14. Latisha says:

    Hormel pepperoni coupons!

  15. christine n says:

    its actually in their policy that you cant pm something that they are offering a gc on. Price exclusions:
    • Competitor price matches on items where Target or the competitor is offering a free gift card.
    Ad exclusions:
    • Items advertised as limited time/limited supply/limited quantity.
    So being that the hunts is in a 3 day sale AND you will be price matching an item that will then give you a gift card you might get push back from customer service.

  16. Kelly says:

    I didn’t see Mission included in the deal. Is this a mistake. All the other items had signs.

  17. Kerry says:

    Hey Kelly- not all stores get all therir signs up- but you can always ask someone to look it up on the register for you before you purchase to confirm. hth

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