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Just a heads up that more of you should find after-Christmas clearance up to 90% Off at Target today. There is no schedule set in stone, not all stores drop together at once, so if you have anything left at your stores and don’t find 90% Off today there’s a good chance you will find it tomorrow. There will be a few stragglers who don’t drop by the 5th, but the majority of you should drop by tomorrow. Be sure and scan though even if your signs say 70% because you never know! They may just not have their signs out yet.

Kelley headed out to 2 of her local Maryland stores this morning- and found 90% Christmas / 70% Off Holiday Candy at only one of them. The other, only 10 minutes away was still at 70% / 50% Candy, so really it’s just luck and you just have to watch.


Even though there was not much left at the store that dropped to 90%, she did find a nice little batch of items at great prices including Vanity Fair Napkins with the Snowflake Packaging 90% Off for just .26 cents and used the $1.00 off TWO (2) Packs of Vanity Fair Napkins coupon to make them FREE. :)  She bought Tissue paper for .09 cents each, Winter Oreos at .29 cents, a couple ornaments at .39 cents each, Nestle Tollhouse Christmas Morsels for .22 cents and a few other things. SHe didnt find as much as she would like, but she may head back to the other store that was still at 70% tomorrow, since they had a lot more to choose from that will hopefully survive until tomorrow.

As far as the candy goes- keep in mind- if you find it at 70% Off down to .89 too- there is still the $1.50/2 M&M’s chocolate candy 9.3-oz.or larger Target Coupon x1/10 to make them just .14 cents. For the holiday Kisses – we also still have a $1.10 off 2 HERSHEY’S KISSES, HERSHEY’S Nuggets too which will make them .34 cents after coupon.

And be sure to take a good look around the store for those hidden finds in the regular aisles. Not everything gets stickered or brought to the clearance section, so some good old fashioned hunting around in the regular aisles can yield some possible surprises. You can still access the Christmas Clearance Prep List for some inspiration on what to look for, but please keep in mind at this point, many of our coupons have expired and the popular items on the list like tissues, paper towels etc will be extremely hard to find at this point. Good luck everyone & I hope many of you are able to find some nice goodies at 90% today or tomorrow!

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86 Responses to “Target After-Christmas Clearance – Up to 90% Off”

  1. ricardo says:

    Ontario, CA is still 70% off and candy 50% off.

  2. Wendi S says:

    The Germantown, TN Target on Forest Hill Irene is 70% off holiday and 50% candy FYI. I did a lot of scanning and I can tell you the green cookie mix packaging for both BC and Pillsbury was holiday but the blue packaging was not; one brand was sugar and the other gingerbread but I can’t remember which was which. The big box of goldfish that says holiday and has a Santa hat was NOT clearanced. Neither were the pumpkin pie or another holiday poptart flavor I scanned. I scanned a box of crackers that had a holiday packaging advertising free music download, also not clearance. What most surprised me was the winter-theme-packaging mint fudge-covered oreos also did not scan clearance. Anyway just wanted to let people know a few items they don’t have to bother scanning! I found some white earmuffs that were not holiday at all (paid 3.99?), silver or gold or bronze slipper/purse sets (3.99?), sparkly mini-purses (2.39), and headphones (earbud style 4.49 and the bigger padded ears 7.49), so those were nice 70% off finds (all in holiday section at that store). Would love to know if anyone has been to Colonial Target or 240 Target in Memphis today.

  3. Marcia says:

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa still at 50/70. I did find some cinnamon sugar pringles in the regular food section not marked as clearanced but when I price checked they were $.45. There were a dozen or so canisters so I bought 4 to be able to use the $1/4 coupon making them $.20 each. Priced checked other winter theme items i.e. kleenex and kleenex hand towels in Christmas themed boxed but they were regular price. Always interesting how different the Target stores are around the country with various pricing.

  4. Wendi S says:

    Also there were tons of mint holiday m&m’s and quite a few holiday Kisses at that Germantown store. Found 1 pkg marshmallows 39c. Items I looked for and didn’t see (in holiday section nor in their regular sections) are as follows, in case it saves you a trip: dove chocolates, vanity fair napkins, Ritz snowflake crackers, Nestle morsels, holiday goldfish, pringles, stacy’s chips, chex mix, cookie dough. I believe the BC cookie mix mentioned in my last comment was gingerbread and the Pillsbury was sugar.

  5. Mary says:

    Sacramento Targets are still 50/70. I asked a friend in Los Angeles who went today and they’re still at 70 as well. COME ON TARGET!!!

  6. Donna K. says:

    Today I found two rolls of Scotch tape for .60 cents each!! They also had a ton of double sided tape as well. These items did not have any Christmas/Holiday decor on the packaging either, so scan everything at the end of aisles and in the holiday/clearance area!

  7. Nora says:

    I called my store – they said 70%. I went anyway and it was 90%! Got some amazing deals. It was the city Target in downtown Seattle

  8. Wendi S says:

    Donna can you tell us what the scotch packaging looked like? And could you share the UPC? Would be appreciated. I remember one year there was some tiny difference between the holiday and not holiday tape, like 1 had a small flag on the package and the other didn’t.

  9. Kate says:

    Louisville CO is still 70%, waiting patiently for those deals.

  10. dayna says:

    The Target at Memorial City Mall in Houston, TX has candy at 70% off, but the rest of the decorations are still 70% off too, not sure why they did it like that. I picked up 4 bags of candy for .89 each and found Market Pantry candy cane chocolate chip granola bars for .59. They also threw all of the Neiman Marcus collection back there so it was very trashed. All of those nice items were getting trampled and stepped on.

  11. Kelly says:

    Orange, CA is still 70 off. I guess Neiman Marcus items won’t go to 90off since their return date is tomorrow?

  12. winnie says:

    Target at downtown Seattle is already 90% off but the one at Northgate, WA is still going 70% off. I will keep posting it until the 90% come up.

  13. Angelica says:

    Both Pasadena, CA targets are still 70%/50% as of today.

  14. Tarheel says:

    Apex, NC still 70

  15. Shanon says:

    2 stores in Irvine, CA still 70%/50% today:(

  16. Mandi says:

    Still 70% off Christmas in Colorado Springs

  17. amy says:

    Wendi: The tape that I saw marked down had a little gold present in the corner.

  18. jennifer says:

    San Francisco City Target is still 70%. Lots of cards, wrapping & decorations. No candies or food. Dunkin Donut Pumpin Spice coffee only 25% off :(.

  19. Heather says:

    The Woodlands (TX) Target was still at 70%/50% off today.

  20. Melissa says:

    Still 70% at the Exton, PA & Lionville, PA Targets.

  21. Karen says:

    Found 20lb jugs of Tidy Cats litter at 70% off ($2.08!!) These were pine-scented and had holiday-themed label on them and yellow caps. They also had the price in orange stickers, so I don’t know if they’re considered regular clearance?
    The ones I found also had attached coupons for 2 free cans Fancy Feast (took max value of $1.16 off even if 2 cans cost 1.08 at my store!) They did max out at 4 coupons per transaction, so if you find more, I guess split it up?
    This was in Texas, BTW and an even better deal if you have manufacturer coupons (I didn’t, and the Target q expired last month)

  22. Maria says:

    still 70% off in Chicago, IL :(

  23. Miyoshi says:

    Target stores in Vegas has tons of Dunkin Donuts Mocha Mint and Gingerbread at 70 off. They are found in the coffee section and not marked as clearance.

  24. Elizabeth says:

    Still 70% here – FL

  25. Elizabeth says:

    Still 70% in Florida

  26. chemery says:

    targets on long island packed up clearance after 70%. said they shipped it out, so no 90% here.

  27. Laura MN says:

    In Target this morning and it is still 70% off here but that includes candy. Wonder if the paper products and orniments and stuff that is left here will ever make it to 90% off if the candy is already dropped to 70% and it is the 5th. Thought for sure it would have been today but alas no.

  28. Dina in Boise says:

    Still waiting for the Eagle, Idaho Target to mark down. Maybe on Sunday…

  29. Jennie says:

    Has anyone from UT made the trip out this morning? Don’t want to waste the gas if it’s not at 90% yet. Thanks in advance :)

  30. Megan says:

    Harrisburg, PA at 90% off this morning. Lots of “hidden” things found too…Rachel Ray 2-pack of orange baking dishes, plenty of Nordicware at my store in the green/white striped packages in the regular aisle that was 90% off, Colgate snowman toothpaste, toddler boys clip on ties for 40 cents and striped socks on the same display for 20 cents (look for silver tags on both) and toddler Christmas shirts for 90 cents mixed in with the regular toddler clearance. Also, BIG sets of picture frames for 3.99 instead of 39.99.

  31. Naveen says:

    Any location in NJ at 90%?

  32. Caryn F. says:

    Only 70% in South Carolina :( I look forward to the 90% sales :( I complained to corporate and they said it was a “marketing” thing!!!! Really!!

  33. Kelly says:

    Anaheim hills, Ca is 90 off but Neiman Marcus is still 70 off

  34. Diane says:

    Just came back from the Target in Morrisville, NC, and they must have gone to 90% this morning, because there was no bagged candy left at all, and what little was left of the decorations, ornaments, stockings, etc. was really picked over.

    On a more positive note, as I heading out, I stopped by the grocery section to see if they had any of the holiday Coffee-Mates left that they had reduced 30% (and I had my $1.00/1 coupon on me, as well) – as I walked up, one of the employees was restocking the cooler with a TON of them – all different holiday varieties (I grabbed the Pecan Praline). He said that for some reason, they were shipped a whole lot of them.

    Still no reduction in any of the holiday coffees yet (Archer Farms, Dunkin’ Donuts, or Starbucks.)

  35. Adrry says:

    In Jersey Today I bought lots of goody and hidden items that might not look like Christmas items. Slippers with silver tags $1.29, Rolled pjs flannel shorts $1, iPad covers 2.99, iPhone5 covers 1.49, Oreo holiday cookies .29, certain Christmas woman pj with silver tags 1.79, holiday kids shirt .99 ex hellokitty toy story Charliebrown Dora princess, men’s holiday boxers character and silver wrapping .59-.89, vanity fair and dixes holiday plates .29, gift tissue.19-.30, decor pillows 1.49, sausages .59, scotch tape .20, market pantry holiday fruit snacks .19, and much more

  36. Scott says:

    Jan. 6 8:30 am. 70/50 in Orem, Utah

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