Jan 302013

hormel-platterJust a reminder that the awesome high value stack we have on the Hormel Party Trays is still available to print. This link should take you straigh to the page of Hormel Target Coupons where you can grab the $3/1 Store Coupon. and then you can print a $3/1 HORMEL™ Party Platter 28 oz +manufacturer’s coupon HERE. You can stack these coupons to get $6 off a 28 oz party tray.

Many of you have commented about finding the Party trays on a sale this week for $9.49, so if you find the same they will be as low as $3.49.

Hormel 28 oz Party Tray $9.49 (Sale thru 2/2)
-$3/1 off Hormel Party Tray Deli Dept. Target Coupon x2/9
$3/1 HORMEL™ Party Platter 28 oz +.
= $3.49 after stack & sale

Also- Lauren noted that you may want to watch for trays that contain a $10 coupon booklet inside. They may be a little hard to spot- but keep an eye out- they are orange and red and you can sort of see it peeking out from under the package in my picture.

*NOTE- this product is not available at all stores & it is also somehting that tends to be a regional sale. If you don’t find the sale though- they usually run between $10.99 – $11.99 so still a nice deal after coupons. -Thanks so much for the comments & emails to Stephanie, Lauren & Missy & thanks for the picture to Heather!

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15 Responses to “Reminder: $6 Hormel Party Tray Stack & Possible Sale”

  1. Daisy says:

    No sale in Southern California but still a great deal with the coupon stack!

  2. Sarah says:

    I am in So Cal and I got two yesterday with the sale. 🙂

  3. shelly says:

    Scan them just in case. Mine weren’t marked down either, but when I scanned them they rang up $9.49

  4. Lauren P. says:

    Also, you might get even luckier and find a $10 coupon booklet inside some trays. It’s got 6 coupons with $1, $1.50, or $2 off “any variety of HORMEL Party or Snack Tray”. The first coupon expires 3/31/13 and the last coupon in the booklet expires 12/31/13. The trays are necessarily labeled as having a coupon booklet inside, but you can sort of see it in the picture Kerry posted (if you look below the picture of the pepperoni on the label you can see the corner of it). The front of the booklet is orange with a red stripe across the top and bottom and the back is red.

  5. Linda says:

    My store has smaller trays (14.7 oz) that were $5.49-5.99 depending on which meat was in them.

  6. Wendi S says:

    Even if they are a regular price of 10.99, with the 2 coupons it’s like paying $2.85 a pound which is a good price for those types of items IMO.

  7. Nel says:

    They were 9.49 here in Rochester, MN last night. I thought it was a nice deal.

  8. Kim says:

    What a great deal! Bought 2 today for Superbowl Party on Sunday!

  9. Melissa says:

    Here is another newbie question: When the Target coupon states, “Limit one coupon or offer per guest,” can I still use 2 of the same coupon in the same transaction for 2 items?

  10. Kerry says:

    Hey Melissa on the TQs no. hth

  11. Margaret says:

    I picked up my party tray the other day here in Long Island, New York and just stuck it in the fridge for our Superbowl party. Just read about the coupon book inside and yes mine had one. I didn’t even notice it. Thanks. It was on sale for $9.49 and I used the 2 $3 coupons. Heading over to Target tomorrow to check out the ping pong table to if it has gone to 70% off. I checked yesterday they were still down to 50%.

  12. Stacy R says:

    $9.49 in Lincoln, NE. Linda, I don’t think the smaller trays are eligible since they are usually snack trays. The coupon is for the party trays which are the larger ones.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Did this today at my target! Thanks!!

  14. BusyLady says:

    I picked up this dealio tonight in a DFW Target!

    What is the meaning of balance passbook in the Target mobile app? Is there any way to add Target store Qs to it so you don’t have to print?

  15. Amy Mac says:

    Melissa – some stores allow more than 1 Target coupon anyway. Try using more than one at your store.

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