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Redbox has a great offer right now where you can get a coupon for $5 off Hotel Transylvania after you rent the Blu-ray or DVD. Aside from renting straight at a kiosk location, you can also rent your movie online by reserving it and then pick it up at a location convenient for you. If you are new to Redbox they will also give you your next rental for FREE as a thank you for signing up.

Once you have rented at the kiosk or rented/reserved the movie online, Redbox will email you a print-at-home coupon good for $5 off Hotel Transylvania. You can go HERE to learn more about this movie and get more information about this promotion. Hotel Transylvania is on sale at Target thru 2/16 for just $10, so it makes the movie just $5 after coupon! My son Austin & I actually saw this in theaters and it was very cute. And he loved it! 🙂

There are a couple FREE rental codes you can try, but most codes only work at the kiosk. You can try using the code DVDONME, DVDATWAG (if renting from a Walgreens location) or DVDATMAC (if renting from a McDonalds location).

Sabrina also let me know that she found this same $5/1 coupon on the back of the kids’ menu at Denny’s. -Thanks Sabrina!

– Thanks so much for the heads up to Must Love Coupons!

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36 Responses to “Redbox: Get a $5 Printable Coupon When You Rent Hotel Transylvania = Just $5 at Target thru 2/16”

  1. Tarah says:

    Awesome! I was going to pick that up today when I ran in anyway. Glad I waited!

  2. Tracie says:

    I rented this movie a couple of weeks ago and I am so glad I printed the coupon for $5.00 off! I don’t have any children and not a big fan of cartoons, but this cartoon looked cute. My boyfriend and I laughed the whole time and I enjoyed the movie so much I thought about buying it. Now, I can buy one for $5.00! What a great deal!

  3. Ami says:

    So glad I saw this, rented it last weekend and hadn’t noticed the coupon offer on my receipt. Thanks!

  4. Amy K says:

    We rented this last week, but I don’t get email receipts. Going to have to look into how to get this coupon since my son LOVES this movie!

  5. Mel says:

    I believe you can print this coupon twice from this receipt and I would love to buy it for my daughters if someone would be kind enough to send me the link they won’t use. My email is [email protected]
    Thank you in advance! 🙂

  6. Rachael says:

    I called them because I rented this last week too. I never get emails from them either. The lady was super nice and gave me a free code to rent it again so I can get the coupon!

  7. Sabrina says:

    The $5 coupon is also available at Dennys on the back of the kids menu 🙂

    Corona, CA

  8. Tiffany Marsh says:

    Redbox just sent me a free code so I ordered it. I haven’t received a coupon in my email yet…will I get one even though I used a free code? Do I have to pick up the DVD first and then I’ll get an email? Thanks for any help!

  9. Rachael says:

    I think you get it when it is returned.

  10. Kerry says:

    Hey Tiffany I reserved & rented my video online and i got the email right away. May want to check your spam folder because I haven’t even gotten to go pick up my rental yet and already have my email with the coupon. hth

  11. Tiffany says:

    I just received an email that says online reservation confirmation. Nothing in spam. Was it in that one or a separate? Thank you!

  12. Tiffany says:

    Nevermind….I think the fine print in my email says I’ll get it when I return the DVD…thanks for all the help everyone!

  13. Kerry says:

    Hey Tiff- I am not sure why that is- maybe because I actually rented & reserved and not just reserved? Not sure why it is but my coupon came right away with an email titled online reservation confirmation, with a link to the coupon in the lower part of the email- it’s actually a big banner picture that looks very similar to the on e in my post that says get coupon. And here it is 5:30 and I STILL haven’t been to go pick it up! lol

  14. kristi says:

    I rented the movie and didn’t get the coupon in my email 🙁

  15. Kayla says:

    me too Kristi 🙁

  16. Amy says:

    I ended up renting it again for free tonight, but unfortunately, I don’t see anything in the email for the $5 coupon (is it hidden somewhere?). Oh well, it was worth the try!

  17. Kerry says:

    Hey Amy it should be at the bottom of the email- look for a banner with a picture similar to the one in my post. hth

  18. Johanna says:

    I rented it, did not get the email, and called Redbox. She said to look for an email from Sony, not Redbox. I have not seen it in my spam or regular box yet but I wanted to update that she said it should come from Sony.

  19. maria says:

    it is also on the back of the children’s menu at Applebees!!!!

  20. bkny63 says:

    If anyone is not using their coupon, I’d love to use it. I think you get 2 prints. My daughter loved this movie. Would be a great addition to her collection. email me at bkny63 at hotmail dot com. Thank you.

  21. Mel says:

    Rented it last night and didn’t get the coupon 🙁

  22. Dina Marie says:

    I rented this twice and no coupon!

  23. Allison says:

    I’ve rented twice and no coupon. Was hoping to get it once I returned it, but nothing. If anyone has an extra print they aren’t using would really appreciate getting a copy. [email protected].

  24. Liesl says:

    I rented the movie but never got the coupon :(. I hope it pops up maybe later.

  25. Katie says:

    I rented it with a free code yesterday, and did not get the coupon link in the email. I contacted them and they said that the promotion ended yesterday (2/11) which is when I rented it, but since I returned it this morning they are no longer honoring the promotion. They refused to do anything about it, even though I rented it during the period that it was listed in the promotion on their page. So, don’t rent just for the coupon, you WILL NOT GET IT.

  26. Nakina says:

    i also rented today and no coupon so i called and the last day was yesterday even though the coupon is good until the 28th and the sale at target is until the 16th. Anyone willing to forward their email so i can get a copy of the coupon? thanks!

  27. Lauren says:

    I called and they actually knew nothing about it!!
    I emailed and they said SONY is the one who sends the coupon and only 50 Percent of the people will get it!!!:( Not happy!!

  28. Lisa says:

    Same thing happened to me Katie. Except my guy gave me 4 free rental codes to apologize for it. Guess I’ll be going to Applebees or Denny’s. 🙂

  29. Mandy B says:

    I rented it with no email, and the person I spoke with simply referred me to coupons.com customer service. Not very helpful at all. I love this movie! Kids loved it and so did I!

  30. Michele says:

    I rented it and didn’t get the email either. My son didn’t really like the movie so I guess I won’t buy it.

  31. Leslie says:

    I just spoke to someone at Redbox and they said the promotion ended on February 11. That’s really lame considering the link to the promotion is still live on their website without an expiration date. I guess I will have to head to Denny’s for the coupon!

  32. Ashley says:

    Im so sad that they are no longer honoring this promotion but it is still up on their website. If anyone is gracious enough to share their extra print (link) I would be beyond grateful! flyhighstearman at aol.com

  33. Melissa says:

    Hey everyone. I recommend you contact Redbox asap as it will take at least a day to get the coupon and the sale at Target ends on Saturday. I contacted them through their online chat and this is the information I received:
    Shannon K: Thank you for holding. I understand you did not receive this coupon?
    Melissa V: That is correct.
    Shannon K: Could I please get the following information
    Shannon K: • First and Last name
    • Street address, city, state and zip code
    • Email address
    Melissa V: Melissa ****
    Melissa V: 9225 ***********
    Melissa V: m**********@yahoo.com
    Shannon K: Thank you. So what is happening is we have had errors with sending this. I sent your information to our representative that is in charge of this promotion, they will contact Coupons.com who will email you one within 24 hours.
    Melissa V: Thank you so much for your help with this! Should I expect the email to come from coupons.com??
    Shannon K: Yes it will:) You’re welcome. Thank you for your patience with this issue. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
    Melissa V: Nope, that’s everything. Thank you!!
    Shannon K: Thank you for chatting in with Redbox. I hope you have a great rest of your Valentine’s Day 🙂
    Melissa V: You too!!

  34. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks Melissa! I chatted with them, and received a similar response. Thanks for letting us know.

  35. Elizabeth says:

    Still haven’t gotten my coupon after more than 24 hours. Way to double fail on that one, Redbox.

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