Apr 122013


There’s a nice high-value coupon for $2/1 Ling Ling Product up to 56 oz HERE. If you don’t see the coupon right away, change your zip code to 90210. Your zip code will stay changed at that link and you can sort by food to find it fast.

Many Target stores sell a variety of Ling Ling frozen Products with prices starting at just $3.99 for the smaller bags. My store carries the 13 oz Bags of Pot Stickers for just $3.99, so $1.99 after this coupon or like getting 50% Off if you have the 13 oz bags too!

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4 Responses to “New $2/1 Ling Ling Coupon = Potstickers for $1.99”

  1. Lacey says:

    I bought these a while back because everyone said how good they are, but I didn’t think they were. I tossed them after the first use.

  2. Pamela H says:

    Potstickers are TOTALLY different if they are pan-fried instead of microwaved. Lean Cuisine has a potsticker microwaveable meal that doesn’t taste very good at all. Potstickers are best when pan fried in a bit of oil so they get a bit crispy on the outside and more cooked on the inside. Try them again but do NOT microwave — HTH

  3. Janet says:

    I went today 4-14-13 and price checked them and it was $6.39 for the same bag as listed. Has anyone else had that issue?

  4. karisa says:

    I also found the 13oz were more expensive in my area, they were 5.99 in cincinnati. I’m gonna hold on to the q and hope for a better deal. I’ve noticed that some target prices vary quite a bit from state to state

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