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UPDATE: You can now find a list of Deal Ideas for the coupons listed below on my post HERE.

WOW! With a BIG thanks to a heads up from Eugenia–here’s even more Target Mobile Coupons and these are pretty AWESOME!! They have a short expiration date though- as they will expire 4/20. These are in addition to the regular mobiles and you will have to text FRESH to 827438 to get them. Even if you aren’t signed up for Target mobile coupons– you should be able to get these anyway. You will however, need an internet capable phone and regular data/text messaging rates will apply. Here are the coupon and I will post some deal scenarios for you soon!…

$1.00 Off Fresh Fruit Purchase of $1 or more Target Mobile Coupon x4/20
$1.00 Off Fresh Vegetable Purchase of $1 or more Target Mobile Coupon x4/20
$1.00 Off Fresh Meat Purchase of $1 or more Target Mobile Coupon x4/20
$1.00 Off Any Brand Sandwich Bread Purchase of $1 or more Target Mobile Coupon x4/20
$1.00 Off Frozen Food Purchase of $1 or more Target Mobile Coupon x4/20
$1.00 Off Market Pantry or Archer Farms Purchase of $1 or more Target Mobile Coupon x4/20
$1/1 Any Brand Laundry Detergent Target Mobile Coupon x4/20
$1/1 Any Brand Dish Detergent Target Mobile Coupon x4/20
$1/1 Any Brand Bath Tissue 6-pack or Larger Target Mobile Coupon x4/20
$1/1 Any Brand Paper Towel 6-pack or Larger Target Mobile Coupon x4/20
$1/1 Any Brand Trash Bag Target Mobile Coupon x4/20
$1.00 Off Any Up & Up Purchase of $3 or more Target Mobile Coupon x4/20

NEW TO MOBILE COUPONS? Learn more about them & how to sign up on my post HERE.

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29 Responses to “Hot New Mobile Target Coupons for Produce & More!”

  1. Stacy G says:

    So some of these coupons can be for anything – even the smallest size bottles. I am kind of excited about these.

  2. Whitney. says:

    Thanks! These coupons are great. My mom got a booklet with these coupons in the mail and gave to to me the other day. I love that most of them are for any brand because you can stack them with any MQ that you have.

  3. Sara says:

    You can also text upup to 827438 and they don’t expire until 4/27/13.

  4. kathy b says:

    Stacking my bagged ceasar salad coupon with the $1 fresh veggie coupon and my Cuties with the $1 fresh fruit coupon — so VERY excited!!

  5. Jacqui Gonzales says:

    I just went down the list and counted how many of those items I bought at Target yesterday. Now I’m kicking myself, but I needed them. Oh well!

  6. Foladar says:

    Are the coupons for texting upup to 827438 the same, or different? I pay for texting so curious before texting. THX!

  7. Daryl Ann says:

    lets see free bananas, cheap .20 bread, 1 free frozen something?, cheap fruit snacks, free or cheap dish soap,

  8. Amber says:

    Thanks! I got these.

    Question for you – I don’t see the target mobile baby coupons in my mobile app. I did the text and it confirmed but the coupons aren’t showing up in my mobile app. Any thoughts?

  9. Natasha says:

    I also received these coupons in the mail last week. My store recently a produce section. There was also a coupon for a FREE carton of eggs. The mailed ones expire 4/20 for me.

  10. Natasha says:

    recently added a produce sections…sorry!

  11. Lori says:

    These are awesome. Thanks!

  12. kim hewson says:

    Wonder if you can stack this on the free nestle ice cream when you buy 3 Digorno?

  13. mar says:

    wow! kerry, as usual so amazed at how you are always on top of everything :) thank you!

  14. Melissa says:

    Oh wow, so much potential. I’m SOOOOOOOOOO excited I just scared my cat!

  15. Kerry says:

    TY sara! I will get those posted too- @Foladar- yes they are different

  16. Chantal says:

    You don’t need internet service. I text the number to my phone as usual,then go online and type the link and the coupons pop up,then I print them and take them to the store. It’s a longer process but if you don’t have internet service on your phone,it’s an option

  17. chris says:

    @Amber upup is different coupons

  18. naomi says:

    could i go back today and get refunded 2 $1 coupons for my purchase yesterday? I know they refund paper coupons but never have gone back with mobile ones.

  19. nelda says:

    thanks for the info!!!!

  20. Lauren says:

    Naomi why would you do that, you got free coupons and got money off stuff, its really unethical to go return the stuff now just to make money off of them, be happy with what people give you…

  21. Cynthia says:

    There are also Ibotta offers that can be paired with the frozen food or bread coupon.

  22. Dayna says:

    What awesome coupons!! These should make for some inexpensive items

    @Lauren..It sounds like she doesn’t plan on taking the items back, she was just wondering if she could show the mobile coupons and get reimbursed for the items she bought yesterday. That’s how I’m understanding it anyways.

  23. leanne says:

    can u use a mobile coupon more than once? Like can i use the fruit coupon today and then come back tomorrow and use it again?

  24. Thabal says:

    I have never used mobile coupon, So, I have a question: If i buy some vegetables and fruits, and show the coupon to scan, will it automatically take 1off for both veg and fruits (or) should they scan twice? Because, there will only be one coupon scan at the top, right? Sorry I have not done this before. Thanks in advance.

  25. Kerry says:

    Hey Thabal- one scan will automatically take off each coupon you have a product for- so if you buy $1+ worth of fruit and $1+ worth of veggies- when the cashier scans your phone both coupons will come off and a total of $2 will be deducted with that one scan. hth

  26. Elizabeth says:

    mine says laundry item not detergent so i guess it could be use on dryer sheets, right?

  27. Lina says:

    SPRING is another code for even more coupons :)

  28. Thabal says:

    Thanks for the quick response, Kerry.

  29. naomi says:

    @lauren- Girl! Chill out! I meant i purchased 2 products, btw used NO COUPONS and wanted to know if I could go back and use those $1 (2) coupons for my purchase.I did not mention I would return anything!Jeez!
    and @Dayna- thanks,exactly what I was asking=)

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