Apr 302013

folgers-coffeeHurry and grab a super-nice high-value $1.50/1 ANY Folgers Product Coupon HERE. This coupon prints with NO size restrictions whatsoever, which means you can pick up a nice freebie at Target.

Many stores sell a 6 or 7 count package of their Instant Coffee Crystal packets for right around $1 each, making them totally FREE after this coupon!

I doubt it will last very long so grab this coupon quick!

-Thanks so much for the heads up to Karen!

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13 Responses to “Target: FREE Folgers Coffee Crystals with Coupon!”

  1. Erika says:

    Has anyone tried this? I would love to know if the coupon beeps. My target is a pain in the butt

  2. Johnny N. says:

    I’ve had mixed results at my Target when using a MQ that was more than the price of the item. A lot of cashiers would flat out refuse to scan the coupon.

  3. Lara P. says:

    Mine too. Nice coupon though, thanks!

  4. Whitney. says:

    At my Target, coupons that are worth more than the item are applied and I’m left with an overage that is credited toward the rest of my purchase. One time I had a coupon beep, I told the cashier not to worry about it and that I just wouldn’t get the item, but she said it was no problem she could just adjust the value of the coupon to match the price of the product manually, so there was no overage.

  5. Kamaya says:

    Can you buy 2 and pay .50? Then maybe the coupon would not beep.

  6. Tracy says:

    I just won’t buy the product if the store won’t take a coupon that is legal. There are plenty of other stores I can use the coupon at.

  7. Daisy says:

    Unfortunately, the Targets here will not adjust down a coupon and will not take anything that creates an overage.

  8. Karlene Ellingson says:

    A funny code came up. It did not scan. I tried using at Walmart because they had the same product. The head cashier just gave me the money for it.

  9. angi says:

    There is also a $1 off any Folgers @ coupons.com. It comes up on my laptop, but it does not on my desktop. I have them both set on the same zip….its odd. I can’t figure it out….

  10. angi says:

    This one MFR that says “Redeemable @ Dollar General”

  11. Kristen says:

    Great deal! I don’t drink coffee myself but keep these on hand for my company who does drink coffee. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Michelle says:

    I could not find these anywhere in the coffee aisle at my Target. Bummer!

  13. kim says:

    I used the $1.50 coupon on the 7 count packs at my “friendly” target with no problem. My “rude” target started to take it, cashier looked at it and said she had to ask customer service who said no, i had to buy the item pictured on the coupon ( the big can). I politely pointed out that the coupon said “any” but she said they won’t accept it. Glad I have 3 targets around me although they greatly vary in customer service!

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