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Here’s a nice new coupon for B2G1 FREE Dial 8-Pack Bar Soap or Body Wash 16 oz+ up to $3.98 at zip 90210. You can stack this coupon with your choice of two different Target coupons still available…

dial-body-wash-$2/2 Dial Body Washes 21 oz Target Coupon *HERE* x6/15
-$2/2 Dial For Men Body Washes 16 or 21 oz Target Coupon *HERE* x6/15

The Dial Body Wash is also on Price Cut right now at Target…

Dial Body Wash, Men’s or Women’s 16 – 21 oz $3.79 (PC thru 7/6)
-$2/2 Dial Body Wash Target Coupon *HERE* x6/15 or Mens*HERE* x6/15
-$3.79 (use the B2G1 FREE Dial 8-Pack Bar or Body Wash 16 oz+ zip 90210
= $5.58 for 3 or $1.86 each after stacking.
I also hear some stores have an even lower sale price of $2.99.

FOR PUBLIX SHOPPERS: for those of you with a Publix – Dial Body Wash will be on a B1G1 FREE sale starting tomorrow 6/6, for an even better deal!

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11 Responses to “New B2G1 FREE Dial Body Wash Coupon to Stack!”

  1. audrey says:

    Hi , can you give a scenario to use this with Publix BOGO

  2. Kevin says:

    Target policy allows 1 TQ and 1 MQ (b1g1) on the first item 1.

    Does the policy allow 2 TQ and 1 MQ (b2g1) on the first 2 items ?

  3. Kevin says:

    Never mind previous post from me I figured it out, The TQ are 2/2 so only 1 TQ is allowed for the b2g1.

  4. Kerry says:

    Hi Audrey- If you have true bogo- can buy four
    2 will be free with store deal,
    1 will be FREE with B2G1 coupon
    and then if your store accepts target as a competitor, use a $2/2 TQ

    If you are in a state where bogo is really just half price
    buy 3, one will be free with B2G1 Q
    and use a $2/2 TQ


  5. Stephanie says:

    Can I use the coupon if it states “Redeemable at Walmart” as seen in the picture?

  6. Goreti Tada says:

    Stephanie, my Target won’t let me use any coupon that has the name of a competitor. I tried to use a manufacturers coupon that had the name RALPH’S (Our version of Kroger in So Cal) and the cashier did not accept it. I didn’t argue because I shop at that location all the time.

  7. Trisha_K says:

    I think this is what Audrey is looking for – Publix BOGO sale with B2G1 free coupon would combine to be buy 1 get 2 free.

  8. Mindy McCrea says:

    I was able to use the B2G1 coupon with the $2/2 Target ‘Tone’ body wash coupon and the $2/2 manu. coupon today!

  9. Anja says:

    My Target did not accept the “buy 2 get 1 free” since it has Walmart printed on it. The cashier called in the manager, when I told her that is does not say “redeemable at Walmart only”. But according to the manager, Target does not accept coupons that has “Walmart” on them. Bummer.
    Anyone else with the same experience? The coupon policy is not totally clear on it, I think.
    I did not want to get into it since I do shop there all the time and I am already known as the “coupon lady”.
    Kerry, I am curious what you think about that.

  10. Kerry says:

    HI Anja- my store does not give me a hard time as long as it does not say “only” but that being said- I know not every store is as friendly and has a clear understanding of coupons. I’m sorry you had trouble, unfortunately Target does have the right to refuse any coupon they choose to. Perhaps if you see a different manager on duty you can talk to thmem about it and see if they feel the same way. hth

  11. sabrina says:

    got it today only paid 1.86 and i got 6 of the dial body wash great deal i have to say !

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