Jun 092013

UPDATE: Got a  few comments today that the Boost is now scanning at $5.99, and that the price cut signs are being removed. So unless your store has a sign, sounds like it may be adead deal now folks. :(

There are a couple more hot deals on Tide Boost products thru 6/29 at Target to watch for at your stores. There is an enormous price cut on the Tide Boost 18 ct Duo Pacs and there are coupons to make it as low as FREE! There is also a price cut on the Tide Boost Stain Release Pretreat Spray…

Tide Boost Duo Pacs 18 ct $2.99boost
-$1/1 Tide Boost Duo Pacs Target Q 5-12-13 RP x6/30
-$2/1 Tide Boost Duo Pac 15-37 ct 6-2-13 PG x6/30
= FREE after Stack, regularly $6.99!

Tide Boost Stain Release Pretreat Spray 21 oz $2.99
-$1/1 Tide Boost Stain Remover Spray 21oz TQ 5-12 RP x6/30
-$3/3 Tide Detergent, Boost or Downy 6-2 PG x6/30
= as low as .99 cents wyb 3 after stacking 3 TQ with MQ, regularly $3.99

Here are some other coupons you can use on these deals…

-$1/1 Tide Target Mobile Q (text PICNIC to 827438) x6/12
-$1/2 Tide, Downy or Bounce TQ 5-19 SS x6/26

$1.50 off TWO Tide Detergent or Tide Boost
-.40/1 Tide Detergent, Boost or Downy (ETS and Pods) 6-2-13 PG x6/30
-$1.50/2 Tide Detergents, Boost or Downy (ETS and Pods) 6-2-13 PG x6/30

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44 Responses to “Target: Tide Boost Duo Pacs as Low as FREE!”

  1. tdjones00 says:

    Perfect. I just made my trip forthe werk and woll have to add this one.

  2. tdjones00 says:

    Do these work good? I use shout the night before but free is a great try me price.

  3. Amy says:

    I add these in every load of my 2.5 year olds clothes, and have for almost, well, 2.5 years. I find they help lift the stains he comes home with from daycare. I just bought two bags a few weeks ago, but for free, I’ll definitely add some more. considering we have baby boy number two on the way, I don’t see a reason we’ll stop needing them!

  4. Lynn says:

    How long is this sale on till

  5. Kathryn says:

    I wish I had those coupons….great deal! If anyone has these coupons but doesn’t plan on using them let me know! Thanks!

  6. Daisy says:

    I have no doubt this will be like the Bounce deal…. lots of empty shelves, lots of grumpy store employees, lots of hassles.

  7. Erika says:

    I just did this deal it was a nice surprise.. Got 4 Tide boost for FREE!!

  8. Erika says:

    Ladies there’s also a great deal on the Crystal Light liquid (some are on clearance for $2.44) buy 2 get one 24 pack bottled water for free. There’s a $1 off any Crystal Light coupon plus combine it with the $1/2 Target Q pay $1.88 for all three

  9. tracy says:

    thank you for sharing this great deal!

  10. michi says:

    i think its until june 30

  11. Kerry says:

    thru 6/29 as stated in the post. hth

  12. Kyle Lindgren says:

    the mobile coupon does not work for the boost spray bottle. just a fyi :) (it should but doesn’t scan)

  13. nataly says:

    I have a quick question i received a a $2.00 off any tide detergent Target coupon; would this include this or no, because its a stain lifter?? I am a little confused??

  14. Jen says:

    Is this a regional sale? The last time they had this deal my Targets didn’t have them. Anyone in the Minneapolis (northern Metro) get this deal?

  15. Ami says:

    Neither one of my Targets carries the Duo Pacs in that count/size. One store has the sprays. Going to check one more store before I give up and just buy the sprays. :-(

  16. Tali says:

    FYI TIde boost will make some clothes run (like new clothing, etc) so be CAREFUL!

  17. Lorie says:

    Does the Target mobile coupon for $1 off Tide detergent work? Thanks.

  18. Lorie says:

    For the tide boost 18 ct.?

  19. Dawnelle says:

    No deal at my store. Sad

  20. Kassie says:

    I found a whole bunch of the boost duo packs and sprays with $1 off Target coupon peelies at my store (Billings, MT), which was awesome since I didn’t get the Target insert with the coupons. Just thought I’d let others know to keep an eye out! Also, in my store I found the sale packs with the stain lifter items, not with the detergent, and I had to take a picture of the sign in order for the sales associates to believe me when I said they were on sale for $2.99 because mine were ringing up at $5.99

  21. Pam says:

    Mine rung up at $5.99, had to get the price adjusted

  22. Kristin R says:

    Jen – I was at the Lino Lakes store today and didn’t even see the product. It was a spontaneous trip, so I hadn’t tried to locate the coupons beforehand. Looks like it might be a no go for us!

  23. Mandi says:

    This isn’t the deal in Virginia. We have the spray for $2.99 but the 18ct Boost Duo Pacs are only $1 off, instead of $4. So I got the spray for $1 a bottle. I have a son that plays baseball in white pants, can never have too much

  24. Amy says:

    Well, I’ll try to post my comment again! (Just got blown away when I tried to post). Anyway, in Northern CA, they are ringing at $5.99 (regularly $6.99) but the signs are up stating $2.99, through 6/29. There was an employee fixing signage in the laundry department, and I had him check. He told me first it was a different product, then we checked together. He told me to name drop at the register, and that yes, in fact, the price should be $2.99 as listed on the tag. They fixed it with no problem at the register. Even without the TQ regional insert (sad face) these 18 ct packs for $0.99 was a fantastic price. Thanks for the heads up! I think we’re stocked up for plenty of time now on these, which we use constantly.

  25. Mel says:

    I heard they are taking the signs down as they figured this was too good of a deal.. that’s why they are ringing up $5.99… today might be the last day :/

  26. Astrid says:

    The shelf was empty, but when I checked the price it was $5.99

  27. Juliet says:

    So the deal is “dead” unless you can find a sign and hold them to the $2.99 sign. Because it was a “mistake”. A nice manager I know talked to me and told me that it was like a “glitch” price cut. It’s now “fixed” and is $5.99.

    This affects the 18 ct boost and the 16 ct Tide to go stain erasers.

    The stain release spray was still $2.99 though.

  28. Kari says:

    Poo, I know I should have gone today. OH WELL!

  29. denise says:

    This one store had the sign up for $2.99 and they had to reduce it down form $5.99. There were other items as well. Awesome!

  30. Kyle Lindgren says:

    Mandatory price adjustment, All prices re-adjusted on Gain Firework, TIde 18ct, TIde Boost Stain Eraser. Sign Taken down date must be completed prior to 6/11 Hop you got it already :)

  31. SEC says:

    I went to do this deal today but my store was out of the 18 ct but did still have the sign up for the $2.99 and only had the 28ct left on the shelf. I arrived at the shelf at the same time as another couponer who clearly didnt read the signage because she began shelf clearing the 28ct. I didnt stick around to see what happened at the register but I imagine she was probably surprised by the regular price of $9.99 for the 28ct. I am against shelf clearing regardless of it the item is free or not. Save some on the shelf for other couponers and non-couponers. If you feel its necessary to have 10-15 bags of tide then put in a special order. ~drops mic~

  32. Rachael says:

    It worked for me an hour ago, no sign but it rang up that way.

  33. Kyle says:

    Sorry meant to say the boost spray is correct. But the boost duo should be back to 5.99

  34. Lauren P. says:

    Thanks for posting this. I went yesterday and picked up 2 bags. I didn’t have the $2/1 Q with me at the time, but I’m glad I bought them anyway (I did have a $1.50/2 Q). I checked this morning when I went in for something else and they had taken the sign down for the 18 ct. I don’t usually don’t buy these because of the extra expense, so it was really nice to be able to pick up a couple bags for such a great price.

  35. Amy Mac says:

    My store still had the signs up today. I picked up the stain erasers for $.99 !

  36. Liz Williams says:

    Yes be careful! My store had the $2.99 signs up, but it rang up for $5.99. Didn’t realize til after the transaction, So i had to get it adjusted at the customer service counter. With the $1 TQ, it came up as “$4.99” on the receipt, so she only gave me $2 refund back on each one, when it should have been $3. I have to go back and get this fixed now…what a pain!

  37. vanessa gonzalez says:

    Can they legally take signs down after they realize we are going to get them free?

  38. Jennifer says:

    Thank you so much for updating your site so often! I haven’t been able to find one of my coupons and I really wanted to do this deal. But if it is not working or dead you just saved me a lot of time searching for it this morning. I hope to find it just not in a rush anymore. :) Thanks again

  39. Kathy Sheridan says:

    Wow and I just ordered extra coupons from Ebay this past weekend. :(

  40. Kerry says:

    Hey Vanessa- apparently it was a pricing error- $4 Off is a HUGE break and it was unadvertised. BUt even if it was advertised, Target, or any store for that matter, has the right to change prices, signs etc without notice.

  41. jessicalynne says:

    This is ridiculous…. I know a store can change the price of something whenever they want… but a “pricing error”???? A pricing error is when something is ringing up differently than what the signed price is! Not when it is ringing up at the signed price!!!! They just didn’t like the signed price they had out when they realized that their own coupon policy makes it possible for the product to be free…. Target has really been grinding my gears lately with these “misprints” and “pricing errors”…

  42. Kate says:

    Called 3 targets in Brooklyn, NY. Said this was a clearance item. Too good to be true on these deals for me usually except that one time “misprint” with the crest 3 packs and mouthwash and get $5 gc deal. Guess I should be happy about that…for now.

  43. Felicia Campbell says:

    I had ordered some coupons offline (I usually don’t do that but I really wanted these for CHEEEAP!!) and I went to Target today and they were NOT ON SALE!! :( Any idea why they took them off sale?!?!! :'(

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