Jun 102013


We have a nice new $1/2 Select Cleaning Items 30 oz+ Target Coupon x7/13 that is valid on Clorox, Formula 409 or Tilex. There is also still a $1/1 Clorox Clean-Up, Formula 409 or Tilex Spray Products manufacturer’s coupon available, but if you choose to share the coupon, it will increase to $1.50! Even better – select Clorox and Formula 409 cleaners 30-32 oz are on sale this week at Target thru 6/15. (NOTE– if you are having trouble with the coupon – try switching browsers- I did this in FF and had no issues)..

Buy 2 Clorox or Formula 409 Cleaners 30-32 oz $2.79  (Sale thru 6/15) = $5.58
-$1/2 Select Cleaning Items 30 oz+ (Clorox, Formula 409 or Tilex) Target Coupon x7/13
-$3 (use two $1.50/1 Clorox Clean-Up, Formula 409 or Tilex Spray Products
=.79 cents each wyb 2 after stack or like saving over 75%

clorox-dealsTilex products are also on sale this week 10% Off- but the sale is actually a price cut that will go until 6/29.

There are several items included with prices starting at $2.69 for the Daily Shower Spray Cleaner for a nice deal after stack…

Buy 2 Tilex Daily Shower Spray 32 oz $2.69  (PC thru 6/29) = $5.38
-$1/2 Cleaning 30 oz+ (Clorox, Formula 409, Tilex) Target Q x7/13
-$3 (use two $1.50/1 Clorox Clean-Up, Formula 409 or Tilex Spray
=.69 cents each wyb 2 after stack (regularly $2.99!)

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17 Responses to “Target: Great Deals on Clorox, Formula 409 & Tilex”

  1. Daisy says:

    I just want to mention that you can start the video and then drag the progress bar to the end so you don’t have to actually watch it, it’s freaking terrible. When the video ends the option to share will pop up.

  2. Daisy says:

    ALSO, this has NOT reset if you printed this coupon before.

  3. mel says:

    I can’t find the coupon. I watched the video and shared it.

  4. mel says:

    I found it. It is hidden by the video. But it didn’t increase to $1.50

  5. pamela says:

    same for me…. I watch and share and it does nothing…. :/

  6. NikiJo says:

    Printed as $1.50 off for me… Mel – did you share via FB or Twitter? I shared via FB and printed fine hth! Also..Daisy post doesn’t say that it is a reset….

  7. Audrey D says:

    Watched the video 3 times, NO coupon whatsoever.

  8. Suzee says:

    After viewing the video, the option to share should pop up .. then AFTER you share, another link pops up saying “Print my $1.50 coupon”.

  9. Angie says:

    Same issue – no link to print coupon even after share on FB and Twitter

  10. Angie says:

    One thing to possibly check is to see if the coupon link is hiding just a tad under the YouTube video box. I could BARELY make out a link, but I did find one. Only printed $1.00 though even though I shared on FB and Twitter. Just an idea!

  11. Jennifer says:

    thank you Angie, I finally found it! Took 3 times of watching that irritating video before I saw the tiny part of the link that was hanging out of the bottom under the box. They are making us work for it I guess…

  12. Betsy says:

    I could not see the link to share using IE. Switched to Chrome and link appeared after video finished. Printed 2 $1.50 coupons.

  13. Leeann says:

    Thank you Courtney, worked like a charm after I registered.

  14. mel says:

    Courtney, you are the best! Thanks!

  15. Alice says:

    Thank you Courtney!!

  16. Rebecca G. says:

    Thank you so much Courtney!!! It worked like a charm 🙂

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