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There is a very nice deal to be had on Yes To Skin Care that some of you may be able to find at your stores. Target is offering a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 2 select Yes To items at Target thru 6/29. There are some lower priced Facial Masks & Treatments included at $1.97, but keep in mind at Target, one of the terms & conditions of Gift Cards is that you cannot earn a Gift Card if the sum of your qualifying purchases does not AT LEAST meet the amount of the gift card you are earning before coupons.

So in other words, if you try and buy 2 masks at $1.97 each, the register will NOT prompt for the gift card since your total will be only $3.94. And you also can’t buy 3 Masks to surpass the $5 threshold– that will NOT prompt one either. The sum of your (2) qualifying items must = at least $5 in order for the Gift Card to prompt. But these Masks will make great fillers and help to get you to get some nice savings on what are normally pretty pricey products…

DEAL IDEA: Buy Yes to Facial Mask ($1.97) & Yes to Shampoo or Conditioner ($7.99) = $9.96
-$2 Off Any Yes To Item Priced Higher than $6.99 on Facebook
=$7.96 – $5 Gift Card Back for buying 2 select products thru 6/29
=$2.96 for both after coupon & gift card or like saving 70%

or you can do this deal and no coupons are needed…

DEAL IDEA: Buy Yes to Facial Mask ($1.97) & Yes to Facial Towelettes 25ct ($5.99)
=$7.96 – $5 Gift Card Back for buying 2 select products thru 6/29
=$2.96 for both after coupon & gift card or like saving 62%

There are lots of other products included from several Yes to Lines- Yes to Tomatoes, Yes to Cucumbers, Yes to Grapefruit, Yes to Tomatoes & Yes to Blueberries. Aside from the Masks for $1.97, all product lines start at $5.99 and go up from there.

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14 Responses to “Yes To Skin & Hair Care Products as Much as 70% Off”

  1. Mallory says:

    Would it work if you bought two $1.97 facial masks?? That’d be a $1.06 MM.

  2. NikiJo says:

    Mallory- If you read what Kerry wrote in the post, she explains WHY you can’t do that….

  3. Sue says:

    cant get facebook coupon to print on either comp[uter

  4. Wendy says:

    Facebook coupon printed fine for me :-) Thank you Kerry!

  5. Kristin says:

    Do you know if clearance will trigger the gift card? My local store had some of the cucumber face wipe bonus packs on clearance when I was last there.

  6. Kerry says:

    Hey Kristin- it’s possible- clearance items aren’t automatically disqualified from prompting a gift card. it will come down to wheher or not that product DPCI is included. You can always bring the product up to GS or a register and they should be able to look it up in the system for you to see if it is a qualifying product. hth

  7. Jennifer says:

    It says right on the coupon that the product needs to be $6.99 or higher, so I don’t think any of the suggested scenarios will work.

  8. Kerry says:

    Hey Jennifer not sure what you mean? I am using a $7.99 Shampoo in my first scenario which is higher than $6.99. jlmk if I am not understanding something you are trying to say.

  9. Ann says:

    Does anyone to know if the Yes to Baby Carrots products are included?

  10. Kim says:

    There is the $1.00 off any Yes to Cucumbers item in the April All You Magazine exp 6/30

  11. Jackie says:

    My Target let me do the masks and get the $5 card. It’s marked right on the tag that it qualifies for the gift card.

  12. michi says:

    my target let me do this deal with the $1.97 mask rolled over 34 packsand ended up with a $17 gift card

  13. KhadijaR says:

    I could do deal at target..Thanks for the post!!!

  14. michi says:

    there are wipes to that are $2.99

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