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UPDATE THURSDAY 7/25: So today there were only a very, very few comments of some stores dropping to 70% today. It appears most stores did not drop to 70% though so it’s looking like for the majority of us it will be next week. Reports of 70% came from Seth in Cleveland, Ohio, Sabrina reported 70% in Oswego Illinois, and Rosemary was 70% off at Bolingbrook, IL. (-Thanks for your comments folks!) But let me know if any more of you found the drop at your stores!

I have gotten lots of questions asking about the progress of the Big Summer Toy Clearance, and as usual, I can only speculate. While we have been seeing clearance toys for weeks now anywhere from 30-70% Off, usually around the end of July we see a big drop on lots of toys all at once to 70% Off. So the big question is- will it happen tomorrow? Tomorrow is the last Thursday in July after all and next week would put us at August 1st. But I have to admit I am a little perplexed this year as to whether the drop will actually happen tomorrow or not.


Kelley checked in at her store today and saw two aisles starting to be filled strictly with clearance toys and marked with signage of 30% or More. While I always feel like they should sit in their own aisles for a bit and drop to 50 then 70 – sometimes that doesn’t happen. For example, last year my store moved their clearance toys to their own aisles on a Tuesday and 2 days later there was an aisle full of 70% Off toys. So if you’ve been chomping at the bit, you may not want to risk it and show up tomorrow just in case.

Not all stores may have the room to move toys in their own aisles either- so be sure and check all around the toy department and if you have your eye on something particular- you may also want to scan to check just in case. Even if for some reason the toys do not drop until next week, the bottom line is- the toy shelves have to be reset – and all these clearance toys will need to be sold or eventually salvaged – so keep a close eye on them!

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64 Responses to “Update on the End of July Target Toy Clearance”

  1. Rene S says:

    Checking in from Waukesha WI east side store: no signs of any movement or markdown today. Scanned a number of Lego clearance toys and they were still scanning 30% off. Nothing was moved, with the exception of some clearance end caps.

  2. Jamie says:

    I was told today in a Kansas City area target expect next Thursday and clearance toys would not be in their own isle just mixed in everywhere else.

  3. Jessica S says:

    Some 70% off in Florence, AL. Board games, light bricks, couple leap pad games, spider man car, discovery kids toys but most stuff is still 15-50%. Hopefully next week!

  4. Tiffany says:

    I live in Cleveland, Ohio and my Target is still at 50%…I scanned all of the toys….Seth which Target in Cleveland is 70%?

  5. cajun-lorelei says:

    Quick update! No luck @ my Target adventure this afternoon & this was the least I’ve ever spent there ~ lol! I only bought 2 cartons of clearance punch & some kids’ yogurt. Talked to a couple of employees& they were just waiting on the “word” to mark down further, (many toys were still only @ 30%), but they didn’t think it would happen til next week. 🙁 So, all of you who are lucky enough to be @ 70% off right now, enjoy, & we hope to join y’all next week! 😀 Oh & no luck w/ the hoses or any of the summer stuff mentioned for 90% off either. My store had a display w/ beach towels/blankets by the escalator, but they were still only ringing 30% off! 🙁

  6. Janine Zaucha says:

    Nothing at my Cleveland Target. Everything was still 50% off.

  7. Stacy says:

    My Target (Sterling Heights, MI) had toys 70% off yesterday and most of the aisles were empty! They had a few toys in a very small area that was marked 50% off but rang up 70%.

  8. Rhema says:

    I was at target in southside indianapolis, in yesterday, and they were still marked 30%.

  9. Jo says:

    The target in west Carmel, IN went to 70% today.. I got the Laugh and Learn puppy, baby wanna wlk doll, baby alive all gone doll, leap frog guitar, Grover remote, and several leapfrog books for 70% off. It was not in a separate aisle.

  10. KEOSHA says:

    The target in Fayetteville Ga and Morrow Ga was also marked down today for 70% off. I didn’t get anything really just a few Disney rings for the kids birthday party. They weren’t bunched together like usual they were in their original spot. Some items weren’t even marked correctly. Hope everyone has better luck than me.

  11. Gretch says:

    How is it today?

  12. Jennifer says:

    Anyone been today??? I am going later, but would live an idea what’s happening!!!

  13. Ashley says:

    My stores in Tampa were 70% off today!!

  14. Gretch says:

    Just got back from the store. Toys are marked down to 70% off in Palm beach, Fl!!!

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