Aug 302013


Here’s an update on that super high-value $6.00 off any one (1) Schick Hydro Silk Refill coupon that I posted about earlier. Several of you left comments that the 25% Off Schick Hydro Silk Razor Target Cartwheel x8/31 is in fact working on the refills at the register! This is great news since it makes for one heck of a nice deal at 85% Off with Triple stack!…


Schick Hydro Silk 4 ct Cartridges $14.99 (Regular Price)
-$4/1 Schick Hydro Silk Refill or razor ETS Target Coupon x9/18
-$2.75 (use 25% Off Schick Hydro Silk Razor Target Cartwheel x8/31
$6.00 off any one (1) Schick Hydro Silk Refill
= $2.25 after triple stack or like saving 85% off the regular price!

-Thanks for your comments to Jessica, Heidi & Bernice & to Claire for the pics!

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25 Responses to “Update: Schick Hydro Silk 4 ct Cartridges Just $2.24!”

  1. Sarah says:

    how much are the refills there like $18?

  2. Kerry says:

    price listed in the post Sarah- $14.99 for me- possible to vary by region though. hth

  3. Jessica says:

    The Schick cartwheel also applies to the refills!! I did the deal a few weeks ago. At my store the refills were like $13 and there were packages with a 5th cartridge for free

  4. Jutta says:

    Thank you, Jessica, I was wondering about that. I remembered seeing the cartwheel for the razor but it didn’t say anything about the cartridges. I guess I’ll have to go back to Target today!

  5. Amy Mac says:

    A few weeks ago yes, it did apply to refills as well. The current cartwheel is razor only.

  6. Heidi says:

    I did this today and used the Cartwheel coupon too (which expires tomorrow). $Paid 2.25 for a pack of refill cartridges originally $14.99. The Cartwheel that says razors DOES work on refills.

  7. Jennifer says:

    My store has been out of these razors for weeks and has not restocked. I am beginning to notice Target not restocking on items with stacked coupons…. I guess I will take these coupons to Publix!

  8. bernice says:

    i triple stacked it!!!! the cartwheel also applies to the refills….i paid $9.02 for 4pks of refills….and my store had a free blade in ea pk!!! needless to say…..i was super excited!!!!

  9. Miranda says:

    Also was able to use cartwheel offer. Total of $2.24 for the 5 pack of refills! Awesome deal!

  10. brooke says:

    mine worked on the refills plus the refills said 4 pack plus 1 bonus so 5 cartridges!!!

  11. Tiffany Rakauskas says:

    Ugh already used my Target coupon :((.

  12. jody g says:

    I must have used my target coupon also, no prints left…. perhaps my hubs can print it at his workplace.. hmn. I have so many razors, it’s rare to see such an amazing deal on refills!

  13. Naga says:

    I got two now. Thanks.

  14. Amy Mac says:

    Drat! I was just there. Back tomorrow I guess.

  15. melinda moses says:

    I left my coupons at target on the shelve for someone else to use I hope that someone grabs them up at this low price. I become deterred after seeing the price I thought well if I don’t use maybe someone else will :)

  16. stacy says:

    Does the target wheel work on more than one refill. So if I buy two would I get 25% off both or just one?

  17. Kerry says:

    Hi STacy- you can get 25% Off up to 4 hth

  18. SK says:

    OMG, I am beyond excited, for once something was priced lower than the average price of a product. These were tagged 12.49 regular price. Yeah… I picked-up 2 and they had 1 bonus cartridge…. between 10 of these I should be set for a while :-) My store is West Chester, OH.

  19. fran says:

    I live in San Francisco and the price of the cartridges were 17.49. i was able to triple stack but i paid a lot more than just $2.00 something like the person posted. My region is pretty damn expensive :(

  20. Amy Mac says:

    Got four today after much hassle with incorrectly programmed registers at one store. Not my usual store and they programmed their registers to limit to 2 coupons thinking that 2 MQs and 2 TQs equals the limit of 4. Ugh!

  21. Cici says:

    Always more expensive for me…

  22. Jenn says:

    Awesome deal! Cartweel worked on the refill for me too. I also used the ibotta app to redeem an additional $0.25.

  23. carrie says:

    My refills were 12.59 with the bonus cartridge so after the TQ and the MQ and the cartwheel I was at 44 cents!!! Since I print out the cartwheel (dont have a smartphone just a dumb one) and they keep it every time; I made another cartwheel print went back and did it again. My Texas store still had refills in stock when I left there. I triple stacked Edge too with a TQ, a BOGO and the cartwheel twice so we are now well supplied but with womens refills and mens shave gel. Maybe they will do something similar for mens refills. We women can stand Edge for legs anyway.

  24. Elizabeth says:

    Cartwheel % off is now only 10% as far as I can find. I guess the other one expired. :(

  25. Liz says:

    Does anyone know where I can go for cartwheel complaints? I went in for the deal and bought 3 when I saw they had tons of them and while one rang up at the correct discounted price the other came up at higher prices and all three ended up being a different price! Thanks Kerry for posting the deal!

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