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One of the many new Target Coupons today was an great coupon for Axe: $2/2 Axe Products Target Coupon x12/7. This coupon goes great with a current offer at Target for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 3 select Men’s Axe, Degree or Dove personal care products.

All products on this deal are from Unilever which always limits you to 2 identical coupons per shopping trip, but you can mix and match your products to get an awesome price…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Axe Deodorant ($3.99) & 1 Degree Deodorant ($3.99) = $11.97
-$2/2 Axe Products Target Coupon x12/7
-$4 (use two $2/1 AXE Bodyspray 4 oz, Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant 2.7 oz, or Deo 3 oz (limit 2)
$1.50/1 Degree Adrenaline Deodorant (limit 2)
= $4.47 – $5 Gift Card Back for buying 3 thru 11/9
= better than FREE after coupons & gift card!

For more details and matchups on this ongoing deal – check the Special Deals page.

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29 Responses to “New $2/2 Axe Target Coupon = Better than FREE!”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I have tried to print from two computers and the redplum coupons won’t print on either one. It freezes my computers up and I have to shut down and restart. Any suggestions or is anyone else having this issue?

  2. Kerry says:

    Hi Jennifer- have you tried using a different browser to print?

  3. Veronica S. says:

    Same here.

  4. melody says:

    I thought you had to buy 3 axe products? Is it 2 now?

  5. Chantell says:

    Try google Chrome and updating your JAVA. That did the trick for me.

  6. melody says:

    Never sorry

  7. Chantell says:

    Does it matter if you mix and match them for this offer?

  8. Tarri says:

    @ Melody, she has three products listed there that are all on the same deal for the buy 3 get $5 gc.

  9. Wendi S says:

    Chantell, many people have reported mixing and matching successfully. Just be aware that there are a few proudtcs that are tagged on the shelf with the GC promo but are not working, so you might want to avoid those or take a pic of the shelf tag and be prepared to go to customer service. Last time I tried, neither the Degree clinical nor the bonus Axe deodorants (with a travel size product shrink-wrapped to them) were working. You can look at the original deal post that Kerry links to at the end of the post above for more details.

  10. Wendi S says:

    Chantell actually the details I mentioned are in the comments of this post: . In addition there’s some good info in the comments here too:

  11. Megan R says:

    The degree coupon is only $1 for me, instead of $1.50. But still, a great deal! Thanks!

  12. Megan R says:

    Oops! Didn’t see the other degree coupon for $1.50 further down the page!

  13. Kristi says:

    The Degree coupon linked is $1 off now instead of $1.50 off- not sure if this has changed since it was posted. Just FYI :)

  14. Kristi says:

    If you follow the link on the Nov 2 post that lists the coupon roundup, that will take you to the $1.50 off coupon!

  15. Kerry says:

    Thanks Kristi, fixed link in post!

  16. Meredith says:

    I just printed the $1.50 degree coupon. There are two degree coupons on the site. I for $1.00 and the other one for $1.50.

  17. Selby says:

    My Raleigh, NC area Targets have the Axe and Degree marked at $3.89! Great deal!

  18. Michelle says:

    I tried this deal earlier and did not get a gift card. I bought exactly what it listed and used the exact coupons and the sale didn’t prompt the cashier to give me a gift card. I’m in Mooresville NC.

  19. Kristi D. says:

    Is anyone else having trouble printing the Axe coupons? I have tried using Internet Explorer and Chrome and both of them say that I have already printed the number allowed, although I have never printed the coupon before. Just wondering if anyone else had this problem?

  20. maricela says:

    Can’t do it… my Target does not accept printed mfg coupons :(

  21. Richard says:

    did this deal 2 axe and one orange degree they were 4.39 at my target . the gold bonus pack of degree did not work all coupons worked fine .target in Inglewood ca . ps Halloween clearance all wiped out

  22. Tina says:

    I tried this and Target said the Degree wasn’t part of the deal. So I returned it and still got a good deal on the Axe, I suppose. I wanted that $5 gift card!

  23. Sara h says:

    Thanks! Even though this deal was not advertised at my store, it worked. Made $1.46 after the gift card!

  24. Chantell says:

    OKAY. I did this today and I got two sets of the bundle. 4 Axe Apollo deodorants (not with the freebies those cost $3.99) and 2 Orange degree adrenaline. My gift cards prompted no problems for me. I organize all my coupons by item and the cashier really appreciated that because, he said they are being more strict about it, since there have been a lot of fraudulent cases. Just an FYI :) I also bought the 2 Dixie plates, the 2 vanity fair napkins, 6 Lindt chocolates, 1 international delight, and 10 bags of candy and only spent $12.03 with taxes and after 2 GC ( I separate my first transaction to use the GC’s on second) Cheers!

  25. Debra says:

    Can I use the -$4 (use two $2/1 AXE Bodyspray 4 oz, Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant 2.7 oz, or Deo 3 oz (limit 2) with the -$2/2 Axe Products Target Coupon x12/7 And buy 3 Axe deodorants?? My husband will only use Axe.

  26. Adriana says:

    I did this deal 3 times :) bought 2 axe and 1 degree(orange) My target had the axe for $3,84 and degree for $3.89. (1) I paid $4.07 (.93cent MM) (2) paid $4.07 (.93 MM) (3) paid $4.17 (.83 MM) on this last transaction the axe was $3.89. So I made $2.69 :) I had gotten the axe and degree with the bonus packs but it didn’t prompt the gift card :( But awesome deal anyway! Also got some candies for 1.49 x 3=4.47-$2($2/3 candy coupon) paid $2.47 for 3 bags :)

  27. Nazek says:

    Debra yes u can but u wont get them free since the third axe has no coupon on it

  28. Jennifer says:

    I updated my java yesterday and it seemed to help. Today, it isn’t working again. I am using google chrome. I follow the links and try going there directly. It freezes all three computers up. Nothing like spending an hour trying to print a $2 coupon! UGH!

  29. Stephanie says:

    The ones with the bonus items on them have a different bar code on the packaging. That is why they don’t prompt for the gc.

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