Nov 242013


We have some nice deals on board games with the Buy one get one 50% off deal in this week’s ad. The ad did not list prices, and there are lots of other games included not shown in the ad, so I’ve rounded up quite a few deal ideas for you with the games we have coupons for.

It really seems to be ALL games included- but if you have any doubts you can always bring the game in question up to a scanner. If it is included- it will come up listed as “Special Purchase” on the screen like shown in my photo above. You can mix and match or buy 2 of the same and stow one away in the gift closet! Please keep in mind prices can vary by region, but here’s what Kelley found at her store & some ideas for you…

DEAL IDEA: Buy Memory $4.89 (regularly $6.89) & Yahtzee ($4.89) = $9.78
-$2.44 (one will be half off thru 11/27)
-$4 (use two $2/1 Hasbro Yahtzee, Memory, Clue or Guess Who 11-10-13 SS x11/30
= $3.34 for both or $1.67 each

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Guess Who $7.79 = $15.58
-$3.89 (one will be half off thru 11/27)
-$4 (use two $2/1 Hasbro Yahtzee, Memory, Clue or Guess Who 11-10-13 SS x11/30
= $7.69 for both or $3.84 each, or over 60% off regular price of $9.99

DEAL IDEA: Buy Battleship $11.99 (Regularly $14.99) & Scrabble Jr $10.99=$22.98
– $5.49 (Scrabble Jr will be 1/2 off with sale thru 11/27
-$6 (use two $3/1 Hasbro Battleship, Life, Operation, Hungry Hippos or Scrabble 11-10 SS x11/30
= $11.49 for both or $5.75 each

DEAL IDEA: Buy Apples to Apples $14.79 (PC thru 11/30, regularly $21.99!) and buy
Apples to Apples Expansion Pack $8.99 = $23.78
– $4.49 (Expansion pack will be half off with sale thru 11/27
$3/1 Mattel Games wyb $15 Worth – Facebook Coupon (Pledge To Take A Game Break
= $16.29 for both after sale and coupons

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12 Responses to “Target: B1G1 50% Off Board Games = Memory and Yahtzee for as Low as $1.67 & Other Great Deals!”

  1. laura says:

    I love these types of sales to use as donation items.

  2. Casey says:

    Thanks for the match-ups!

  3. Casey says:

    Can anyone provide me with a link to how to determine if a coupon on this site is Target or a manufacture?


  4. Janice says:

    Any chance the on line coupons for these games is still avab.? We never did get it in our paper.

  5. Carrie R says:

    I can’t find the coupon… anyone have a link?

  6. Joan says:

    Isn’t everyone super excited about $1.67 games? I’m SO EXCITED!! These are gonna make great gifts for my toy/gift stockpile!

  7. kim says:

    Awesome!! I’ll be using all of my coupons ro get these for toys for tots. Time to stock up for them

    If you could donate just one toy, you’ll make a child smile on Christmas.

  8. Erica says:

    Can anyone provide us with the link to the coupon, is it a Target coupon or manufacturer coupon???

  9. Kerry says:

    Hey guys- there are no Hasbro printables at the moment- just the insert coupons listed above. the only printable I know of is for Mattel games- also noted in the post above. lmk if I am not understanding something someone is trying to ask.

  10. Carrie Rostek says:

    Trying to find the coupons you listed for the deal. I guess they are older and can’t be printed now….

  11. Red Goldfish says:

    How do I know if these prices are the same in my local Target? I’m in Brooklyn, NY. Some of the board game prices you posted above are showing for more money online.

  12. Kerry says:

    HI Red- Prices can always vary by region- online price doesn’t nec mean tha’s what the price is at your store. My suggestion is to find the one you want online- click on find in store- and then call your store and give them the DPCI so they can look up the price for you. hth

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