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If you’ve been wanting a folding table for when extra company comes or for projects when you need extra space- now may be a good time to grab one at Target. One of the nice new cartwheels we got today was for 40% Off Folding Banquet Table & Chairs. There is actually a sale this week at Target and we still have a $5 off Home purchase of $30 or more Target Coupon x1/4 to save even more…

6-Foot Folding Banquet Table $35 (Sale thru 12/24)
-$5 off Home purchase of $30 or more Target Coupon x1/4
-$12.00 (use 40% Off Folding Banquet Table & Chairs (excl. Clearance) Target Cartwheel x1/8
= $18 after coupon & cartwheel, regularly $39.99

The chairs are also on sale for $11 (Regularly $12.99) and you can use the cartwheel on them as well as the Home Coupon if you meet the $30 threshold.

This savings program introduced by Target allows you to save even more when shopping in-store. Even better- these offers can be used with Target Coupons AND Manufacturer coupons for up to a triple stack! You can see my post HERE to help get you started.

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22 Responses to “Target: 6-ft Folding Banquet Table $18 (Regularly $39)”

  1. jasmin says:

    Will we also get the 10% discount that target is already giving out?

  2. Great deal! I have one of these tables and LOVE it!

  3. Julie c says:

    The table did not come up on cartwheel at the register. They said it is on a set of folding table and chairs. I also was unable to use the $5 coupon. They said it was doubling up. They ended up atleast allowing me to get the 40 percent though since it wasn’t clear.

  4. Tracy T says:

    Using a Target coupon and a cartwheel is not “doubling up.” I so wish Target would educate their employees on their coupon policy!!

  5. Betsy Wenzel says:

    Used the cartwheel, home coupon,10% for today on everything and 5% on red card….came to $14.73 before tax

  6. Nickilee Gabelbauer says:

    Thanks TT!! Going tonight for this deal.

  7. julie C says:

    Tracy, I thought she was wrong too but I had already stood there for 15 minutes trying to get the 40%. They kept telling me i had to buy the chairs too although cartwheel did not say that.

  8. lyndsey says:

    I got 2 today, 2 separate purchases, 15.50 each plus tax. Extra 10 percent off was automatically applied today too!

  9. Tal says:

    This cartwheel discount worked fine for me for two folding chairs only. My store had them priced at $9.99 each so that was a great deal.

  10. jennifer says:

    I had no problems with the Cartwheel, she did have to manually calculate the 10% though because it didn’t want to take after the $5 coupon was used. Great deal, thanks for the heads up!

  11. kathleen says:

    This worked great for me, bought 2 tables and plenty of chairs! The two tables were on clearance for $25 because they were missing the box. Plus target had the 10 percent off as well. I would go asap to target for this deal because the tables are going fast!

  12. Lisa says:

    The “doubling up” the cashier was referring to has to do with the 10% off discount they are doing this weekend. The discount excludes department coupons such as the $5 off home department coupon. I had no trouble using Target coupons that took $ off a specific item, but when I handed over a “$ off any frozen food item” the computer bumped it out.

  13. Nickilee Gabelbauer says:

    Worked great for me! With 10 percent, cartwheel, store coupon, pharmacy 5 percent coupon and red card paid 13.40 for three chairs and 14.70 for table. Did it a few times 😉 thanks TT

  14. naomi says:

    I wasn’t able to use the 10% either,register wouldn’t accept it .I guess because I was already using the $5 coupon.It only took 10% off my other items which is no big deal since I got it at an excellent price.

  15. Maria T. says:

    They need to ring the discounts in the correct order. Target coupon, 10% off discount, then Cartwheel, and the 5% RedCard discount comes off when you pay. My cashier accidentally did it out of order and it wasn’t working. She figured it out right away and did it in the right order and it worked perfectly.

  16. Amber says:

    Does anyone know if those cute green chairs work with the 40% off or is it just the black ones pictured on the cartwheel app?

  17. Stephanie says:

    I just got this deal this morning! I have been needing a folding table for years and this deal made me get off my butt and finally get it! Wish I would have seen it yesterday, as I would have saved even more money, but I did get it for $16.34…can’t complain!

  18. Nicole says:

    Just got the folding table tonight with cartwheel, $5 off home coupon & 5% saving red card… With tax I pd only $16.18

  19. Birdita says:

    Mine took the 40% off the $35, so that took down to $16 after $5 coupon then with redcard 5% got it for $15.20…Great deal. Thank you

  20. Stephanie says:

    Thanks! This was a great deal.

  21. Jennifer says:

    I saw this post yesterday on the way to Target, I did not have the coupon with me but I was able to add it to cartwheel and get a table. If I take my receipt back today can I get the difference?

  22. Kerry says:

    HI Jennifer- you can try and bring your receipt & coupon up to gs and see if they will do a missed coupon for you. it certainly can’t hurt to ask!

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