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UPDATE: Pretty sure this one is gone now folks ๐Ÿ™ Let me know if you see it come back

We have a nice new $2/2 Dial Personal Care Items ETS TARGET COUPON at zip 90210 *HERE on x4/2 that is valid on any Liquid Hand Soap, Bar Soap 10 pk, or Body Wash. If you donโ€™t see this coupon as clipped right away โ€“ just go HERE and type 90210 into the zip box, hit the arrow and then sort by personal care to find it fast. Since this coupon does not specify a size on the Hand soap you can use it on the liquid singles for a very nice deal…

Dial Hello Kitty Liquid Hand Soap 7.5 oz $1.49 or Regular Dial Liquid $1.47 (Regular Price)
-$2/2 Dial Personal Care Items ETS Target Coupon *HERE* x4/2
= as low as .47 cents for the hand soap

You can also try printing the $1/2 Dial Complete Foaming Hand Soap on Facebook. Some have trouble accessing this coupon- but if you can get it to work – you can stack for nice deal on the Foaming…

Dial Complete Foaming Hand Wash 7.5 oz $1.84 (Regular Price)
-$2/2 Dial Personal Care Items ETS Target Coupon *HERE* x4/2
$1/2 Dial Complete Foaming Hand Soap on Facebook
Buy 2 and pay .68 for both after both coupons or .34 each

dial-dealOne other thing to keep in mind is that we also have a current offer for a FREE $5 Target Gift Card wyb 4 select Dial Items. There is another Target Coupon and manufacturer’s coupons to stack so you could do something like this…

DEAL IDEA: Buyย 4 Dial Body Wash ($4.99) = $19.96
-$2/2 Dial Personal Care ETS Target Coupon *HERE* x4/2
-$1/1 Dial Body Wash 17 oz Target Coupon x4/5
-$2.00 (use two $1/1 Dial Body Wash on Facebookย 
-$1/2 Dial Body Wash 6 oz+ 2-16-14 RP x3/15
= $13.96 – $5 Gift Card Back for buying 4 thru 3/29
= $8.96 for 4 or $2.24 each after coupons & gift card

Also- be sure to check the ibotta app for an offerto Earn up to $1 wyb any Dial Body Wash 11.75 ozย  or larger to make this deal even better.

*ONE LAST NOTE- Some of you may still have some luck finding stray bonus packs of Hello Kitty or White Tea Foaming Handwash priced very low and included in the Gift Card deal for even bigger savings- but keep in mind these will be extremely scarce now. But you can take a look at my post HERE to see pictures if you are unaware of what I am referring to.

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35 Responses to “*Expired* $2/2 Dial Personal Care Target Coupon”

  1. Beth says:

    It links me to $1 off 1 now.

  2. Beth says:

    nevermind that was the target site coupon

  3. Kerry says:

    sorry to confuse beth- my links should be correct now- you just need the second Target coupon for the bottom scenario. all fixed

  4. Wendi S says:

    My store continues to restock the Hello Kitty and the white tea, as well as a huge kids bodywash for 1.48. I emailed you a pic of the kids body wash and shelf tag awhile back but never saw it posted. Did you ever get it? It’s only 24c without any coupons!!

  5. stacie says:

    omg…I don’t need anymore dial!! but its soooo tempting lol

  6. Wendi S says:

    FYI the original post you linked to says “$5 Gift Card Back for buying 4 select Dial Products thru 3/9” but I think it’s 3/29?

  7. Kerry says:

    Hey Wendi- I think you lucked out with your kids $1.48 body wash. I tried 5 stores- not same price – but thanks fo rthinking of me.
    re the other bonus packs- I think it’s a matter of not having it to restock – they are special limited time packaging- not a permanent product- so stock is limited distribution

  8. Kerry says:

    TY Wendi- fixed it- you have such an eye for detail – love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Stacie says:

    If you are buying the foaming hand soap, how can you use two manufacturers coupons?? Also, what is an ETS coupon??

  10. Kerry says:

    Hi STacie- not sure what you mean- one is a Target Coupon and one is a manufacturer’s coupon
    also – ETS means excludes trial size

  11. VaughnF says:

    There’s $1 Ibotta rebate ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. wendi s says:

    Kerry I used to be an editor lol. Hope you know I don’t mean to be critical. I am your biggest fan and refer all my friends to your blog! Makes sense about limited time packaging. But I had my target check their handheld scanner to see if there was more in back and it said none, but then my next trip (same store) it was there on shelf e so I think they must have gotten more on a truck unless someone made a return. Im glad to be lucky on this deal!

  13. Kerry says:

    Hi Wendi- no you are always very polite- I am not offended and appreciate that you have my back in such a nice way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Nadya says:

    Will it work on foaming hand wash, when the coupon says ‘liquid’? :/

  15. Kerry says:

    HI Nadya – imo yes- it’s still a liquid form of soap. hth

  16. maegan p says:

    does this deal and coupons include kids dial body wash?

  17. Diana says:

    Hi. I was thinking of doing the Dial Body Wash deal. If I use 2 of the $2/2 Dial Personal Care ETS Target Coupon, then I won’t be able to use $1/1 Dial Body Wash 17 oz, right?

    This is what I was going to do

    DEAL IDEA: Buy 4 Dial Body Wash ($4.99) = $19.96

    – Use 2 $2/2 Dial Personal Care ETS Target Coupon
    -$4.00 (use 4 $1/1 Dial Body Wash on Facebook)
    = $11.96 – $5 Gift Card Back for buying 4 thru 3/29
    = $6.96 for 4 or $1.74 each after coupons & gift card

    Will this be correct way to do it? Thank you for the help.

  18. stacie says:

    would the 2 pack of dial bar soap be considered trial or travel size??

  19. stacie says:

    ooh wait nevermind lol

  20. Julie says:

    There’s a new ibotta offer for $1 on the dial body wash

  21. Kerry says:

    if you have 2 facebook accounts in your household for 4 prints of the Dial MQ then you can use all MQ regardless.
    The reason I list only one TQ is because the TQ states limit one per guest.
    hth & makes sense

  22. Kerry says:

    TY Julie & Vaughn I will add it in!

  23. Diana says:

    @Kerry Thanks for the reply and help!

  24. Kerry says:

    yvw Diana ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Heather says:

    Is the Hello Kitty soap with the regular hand soap? I can never find it and my daughter loves Hello Kitty. I’d love to stock up!

  26. Kerry says:

    HI Heather- for me it’s in the body wash aisle- my store has a small section of different kids body wash and that’s where my Hello Kitty hand soap is- they carry Hello Kitty body wash too- so maybe that’s why they put it there. worth a check if you are having trouble finding it

  27. shirley says:

    Can someone please help me? $1/1 TQ for Dial body wash 17 oz. I can only find 21 oz and 24 oz body wash.

  28. Jenn says:

    I was able to find the bonus pack of the hello kitty body wash and hand soap for $2.78 used the $1/1 body wash mq and $1/1 tq I also submitted for the ibotta rebate. I tried using the $2/2 tq for the liquid hand soaps on the foaming hello kitty hand soap and was told I couldn’t use it and it wouldn’t scan said no items matched

  29. Cynthia says:

    I bought 2 of the Complete foaming hand soap and the $2 Target coupon beeped, the cashier pushed it through after I pointed out the verbiage on the coupon.

  30. Tiffany says:

    I just bought the 2 foaming hand soaps. The 2$ Target coupon did not process through since the cashier said it only worked for the liquid soap not foam so be careful some of you guys.

  31. Monika says:

    is the coupon gone=/ ????

  32. Chantae says:

    The $2/2 Target Coupon didn’t work for me. The Target Store in Hoover, AL said that it wasn’t a real Target coupon? Hope some of you have better luck!!

  33. Liv says:

    Just scored MORE free dial foaming hand soap. My store had the white tea value packs still (in the back, I had to ask a worker to check the DPCI number). 2.14 each, bought 4, used 2 $2/2 Qs, got a $5 GC. 0.44 MM! Thanks!

  34. Miranda Melton says:

    Is there a reason you couldn’t use 4 of the facebook $1/1 Q’s?
    If you’re purchasing 4 dial body washes for the GC deal?

  35. Miranda says:

    Browsed the comments and saw a response already. Ignore above question.. thanks!

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