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old spice
This week thru 3/15 we have an offer for a FREE $5 Gift Card when you buy 4 select Old Spice products at $3.99 each. But be sure and take a look at your stores for possibly lower prices on select varieties of Old Spice. While Prices can vary by region- Kelley found some varieties included that were priced as low as $2.69 for an awesome deal!…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Old Spice Deodorant ($2.69) and 2 Old Spice Body Spray ($3.99) = $13.36
-$7.98 (use two FREE Old Spice Body Spray (up to $5.99) wyb Deodorant ETS 3-2 PG x3/16
= $5.38 – $5 Gift Card back for buying 4 thru 3/15
= .38 for all 4 or around .10 cents each

If you did not get the insert coupon, there is a printable to still make for a nice deal on deodorant…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 4 Old Spice Deodorant ($2.69) = $10.76
-$2 (use four .50/1 Old Spice Body Deodorant (ETS) zip 90210
= $8.76 – $5 Gift Card back for buying 4 thru 3/15
= $3.76 for 4 or .94 cents each after coupons and gift card

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43 Responses to “Old Spice Deodorant & Body Spray As Low As 10¢”

  1. Krystle says:

    Did this deal today, bought 4 deo’s and 4 body sprays, used 4 bogo qs (which rang up at full value $5.99). So after gift cards this deal was a MM for me! Yay! YMMV

  2. Megan M says:

    Same here! So I bought hangers and the t-shirts that were on sale. Great deal I might go back and get some body wash for my husband. :) I’m kind of bummed people are taking the target ads out of the newspapers for the coupon. I like having the ad to look through

  3. Sarah says:

    It was also a money maker for myself! I might need to go back and get more!!!

  4. Noemi says:

    :( my store wouldn’t even let me use the coupons becasue I was already getting a gift card with purchase. Never heard if this before at any target store. Hopefully I have better luck at the next one.

  5. denise says:

    At my store the $2.69 deodorant did not count toward this deal, but still an awesome price. Paid $7.38 oop including tax & received $10 gcs. I had a $3/$15 target mailer..thanks. I read the post & then headed out to do this deal.

  6. Melissa says:

    My cashier didn’t even scan the coupons she just looked at them and entered 3.99 four times , is that even legal? I thought you had to atleast scan each coupon and enter the price. Didn’t work out to well for me paid 17.71 (bought 8) should have waited until night time with the more lax cashiers who are lazy.
    Wondering if I should go back to target to let them know. Cause she didn’t write down that the value was 3.99 so I feel like the store will get 5.99 each coupon and made money off me

    Not complaining it didn’t AD just think it’s wrong if they give me 3.99 off but submit the coupon for 5.99 because she didn’t scan them or write the price in. I asked her and she said she didn’t have too that the computer will know it only deducted 3.99. How I don’t know

  7. melissa says:

    Maybe she was going to keep the coupon for herself if she didn’t scan it. I used to work for Target, they can’t tell you that you can’t use the coupon because of the deal they have. Also, they are supposed to fill in the amount of the coupon and only give you the 3.99. most of the time though you can get lazy cashiers that will just hit enter and give you the full amount. They can actually get in trouble for this. I went last week to do the secret deodorant deal and some nice person left about 7 coupons for the buy one get one old spice deal. Yay me. I also had 4 of my own. so I ended up with a lot. also the target computer will allow them to also scan the $1/2 old spice coupon that was also with the BOGO coupon. They may or not let you do it depending on your cashier but it is a really good deal if they will.

  8. Tiffany Rakauskas says:

    Mine were $3.99! Good deal though.

  9. christine n says:

    @melissa, if that $1/2 was an mq, then target policy specifically states you can not use and additional coupon of the same type on a bogo deal. Meaning you can not use an additional $ off mq on a bogo mq.

  10. denise says:

    @Melissa. I think it is up to your cashier and your store. I know at my local target often times they are not allowed to scan bogo coupons. You don’t always get the max value and when you do it is a bonus. The cashier was most likely following their protocol with their store.

  11. ling says:

    To Noemi, were you at Springfield target in VA by any chance? Because that’s what my cashier told me. I know how those deal work and of course he is wrong! He then asked for supervisor to come and she also insisted that I can’t use coupon with gift card deal. By the way, the very last time she refused to take my target coupon because I’m getting the item for free after gift card. She even radioed all the cashier not to take my coupons. I end up took my business to different target and reported my case to the corporate. So, this time I refused what she said and insisted to speak to the manager. The manager took care of the transaction without any problems. And apologies to me. The thing is I hate those employees who made up their store policy and treat the couponers rudely!

  12. Alison says:


  13. Melissa says:

    Every other time I use bogo qs they scan them and fill in the amount. I don’t expect auto deduct ( I know that it is a bonus)
    I should add ( and I emailed corporate over this) it was something I noticed as I was leaving ( 4 kids and all them were going every which direction just wanted toget out of there.
    The cashier who did my transaction did another transaction again with 4 body sprays and 4 deodorant. The lady who was purchasing them never handed over coupons , yet the cashier scanned some and auto deducted ( I could tell by the price she said the lady owed) (9.71)

    This time cashier actually scanned the coupons. The lady was about two people behind me in line. I’m fairly certain the coupons the cashier scanned were the exact coupons I handed over as she never put them in her drawer. She just set them down next to the register.

    I emailed corporate to at least let them know about it. The custmoer never handed the cashier coupons that I am certain of yet she had a total of 9.71 with the exact same products I bought
    Hopefully I get some sort of response back from corporate.
    I’m irked about not because she got a better deal but because she didn’t have coupons to begin with.

  14. ladybugpam says:

    Did anyone that DID NOT have the lower priced secret deodorants for $2.49 at their store for last weeks deal, find the lower priced old spice at their store for this week’s deal? Im just wondering if its worth it to.cut all the coupons? My store had higher priced secret($3.95) and didnt even have any of the new secret sprays in stock yet. I dont have high hopes for out for me either:(

  15. Noemi says:

    Ling: this happened to me in CA.

  16. Christine n says:

    @melissa is going to affect the store some they have to turn the qs back in to the manufacturer. So that casket will actually be causing the store to lose money as she only had one set of mqs from you and not from the other customer.

  17. Christine n says:

    Some = come and remove casket. Lol my phone is dumb. ^

  18. alma says:

    Megan m. If u want to just see the ad on the go my fav app is “shopular” . I seem to never find any ads in any newspapers so this is perfect less mess.

  19. alma says:

    Sadly first day of sale my target ..commerce ca…was completely sold out of spray. Oh well just got to be patient with some ppl i guess.

  20. Stacie says:

    I just came back from Target, very interesting. I bought two deodorants (2.69) and two body sprays ($3.99 each). The sign for the gift card was directly under the deodorants. However, it did not prompt for the gift card, only the body sprays prompted. I explained to the cashier that the deodorants should qualify for the gift card, and she called over a manager, who just took $5.00 off my order. There seems to be a lot of discrepancy among the different Targets, managers, and cashiers. They should just have a coupon policy, all employees should understand it, and implement it properly. With this transaction the cashier did not give me overage for the free items, but at other times I have gotten it. In my mind, it is to their advantage to give the full amount, because they will make more money. Maybe some employees do not realize that even when we get cheap, free, or overage items, the store is still being renumerated, plus $.08 for each coupon. I view my coupon as my tender, whereas some employees see it as “I am getting free stuff”, and it bothers them. Go figure.

  21. Aymie says:

    Are there any coupons for the deodorant itself and not just the bogo spray?

  22. Alicia says:

    2.69 deo did not count at my target. There was no sign but I took them up to try anyway and no go.

  23. Kerry says:

    Hi Aymie- the second scenario uses a printable for deo only- that’s the only one I know of at the moment.

  24. Trista W. says:

    On this deal: Buy 2 Old Spice Deodorant ($2.69) and 2 Old Spice Body Spray ($3.99) = $13.36
    -$7.98 (use two FREE Old Spice Body Spray (up to $5.99) wyb Deodorant ETS 3-2 PG x3/16
    = $5.38 – $5 Gift Card back for buying 4 thru 3/15
    = .38 for all 4 or around .10 cents each
    You are able to use coupons to get the body spray FREE, but do the body sprays actually count as a “purchase” since you are getting them free (with the coupon) and you’re not actually paying anything out of pocket for them?

  25. Julie says:

    There were no signs on the 2.69 ones at my store but I still tried them at the register and it was a no go.

    Golf mill location (Chicago Suburb)

  26. Kerry says:

    HI Trista- absolutely they count. They are still a purchase and you are still paying for them- just with coupons. hth

  27. Jana says:

    I tried this deal today in California and they would not let me do the deal. They showed me a memo from their corporate office that said I could not use any manufacturer coupons with deal, unless I bought 8 items and used 2 bogo coupons.They said I had to actually “pay for 4 items” to get then gift card. UGhhh. I dont get that, I am actually purchasing 4 items and paying for 2 with a manufacturer coupons. NOPE , they would not budge at all.

  28. Jessica says:

    I’m new at this….. How much of a moneymaker is this deal if you’re lucky enough to find the cheap deodorant in your store?

  29. Bonnet Riddles says:

    The cheap deodorants are 2.69. I bought 4.
    The sprays are 3.99. It came to 26.72 before coupons, (with 2 $5 giftcards).
    My Target took the full value of 5.99 off, (which they are not supposed to do and can get in trouble for but I see them do this ALOT they are either not trained to do it correctly or just don’t care.) My total would’ve been 2.76 plus $10 in giftcards, (but I bought other stuff too.)

  30. Kelli says:

    So, what did I do wrong? I got 2 deodorants and 2 body sprays.
    The deodorant was $2.74 each, the sprays rang up $3.99. I tendered my 2 bogo
    Coupons, got my 5 dollars target card but my total was 7.98 plus tax.
    How could I have gotten to 38 cents?

  31. Kerry says:

    Hey Kelli- I can’t say for sure without seeing your reciept but – it sounds like the cashier deducted your deodorants as the freebie instead of the Spray- she should have done it the other way around. van take it back next time you are in and have them fix . hth

  32. Melissa says:

    Update. Corporate emailed me back. Going to give them a description of the cashier along with my reciept number and any other info I think might help them in their ” investigation”. Said they would update me as to their findings.

    For the record : I told corporate I did the old spice deal and 4 coupons with it and they didn’t once say ” you shouldn’t have been able to use coupons” so who ever said their target store showed them an email from corporate stating otherwise chances are it might have been made by the store itself. If in doubt always call corporate. Because for only one store to have that email is a bit odd

  33. Amber Riley says:

    I have 2 targets in my town and one store had them priced at $2.69 and the other store had them priced at $3.99 so strange.

  34. Dana says:

    My local target had the 2.69 deodorant. They also had a few 2.69 body sprays on price cut. Here’s what I did: 4- deodorants @ 2.69= 10.76
    2- sprays @ 2.69 = 5.38
    2- sprays @ 3.99 = 7.98
    Grand total before coupons: 24.12
    I used (4) bogo coupons which scanned at full value which deducted 23.96.
    My oop cost was .16 and received (2) 5.00 gift cards.
    I did the exact same transaction again. Between both I spent .32 and received 20.00 in gift cards. It was a good day!!

  35. Kara Locke says:

    @Noemi and @Ling I live in Columbus Ohio and the same thing happened to me. She just flat out refused to scan them (she tried to throw them away) and said I shouldn’t be able to get something free while getting a gc in return. I tried to talk to a manager but ended up leaving after waiting 30 mins. I emailed corporate waiting for their input.

  36. Aymie says:

    Kara- it sounds to me you got a cashier with a case of the jealousies. There is no rule stating that you cannot use a coupon just because you are getting it free. If it were me I would fight hard for this one.

  37. Sarah C says:

    Kara i’m in Columbus as well, what Target were you at?

  38. Christine says:

    Can anyone post the UPC for the 2.69 deodorants that are prompting for the giftcards?? Thanks!

  39. Stacie says:

    I feel like this is”Target Adventure” week! I went to my other Target today. I got two deodorants for $2.69 each, and two sprays. I was a little nervous because the other day the deodorant did not prompt for the gift card. I was so happy when it prompted this time. Alas, my joy did not last long. The cashier started deducting the deodorant as the free item. Whaaat?1?! So, I told him he was deducting the wrong one, and he said that since I was getting free items, the lower priced item should be deducted. This was a first for me. I explained to him what the coupon said and that the body sprays were the free items, so then he did it right. In the end, it worked out. I paid $7.22 for two deodorants, two body sprays, one P3 pack, and four boxes of pasta. Plus, I got the gift card.

  40. Rachel H. says:

    I did this today with 3 deodorants for $2.69 and one body spray for $3.99. Used the BOGO coupon which took off the full 5.99 and used a $1 off 2 deodorant coupon from the paper! The computer prompted just fine and I paid $5.04 and got a $5 gift card! Wish I had more than one newspaper subscription!!

  41. melanie says:

    The $2.69 deodorant was not included at my store (tried even though it wasn’t marked but no GC) so I bought 2 $3.99 deodorant and 2 body sprays. I handed the cashier 2 BOGO coupons and she handed them right back and said they won’t work because I didn’t buy the body spray. I pulled the body spray out of the bag and showed them to her and she said “Oh! The manager told us they took the body sprays off the shelf. Someone must have restocked them by accident.” HMMMMM…… she went ahead and scanned the coupons. Wonder how often that happens when the shelves at Target are empty when coupons are available – are they sold out or removed by the management????

  42. Laura Bussey says:

    I did this excellent deal 3x yesterday & was happy to get the full AD on all of my transactions. I also rolled the GCs & my last trans left me w/ 6 cents on the previous GC, so I paid nothing! It was so much fun & I’m going back for more tomorrow, but am doubtful stock will be there. :(

  43. Laura Bussey says:

    Forgot to say that my stores didn’t have the $2.69 deo, but it was still an incredible deal! 😉

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