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This week we have a great deal at Target- B1G1 50% Off on select Games & Puzzles. There are lots of Games included from Hasbro and we have tons of coupons to use right now thatย are still available to print HERE.. Plus we have that awesome new 10% Off All toys Target Cartwheel x4/12 to make our deals even better!

Most of the Games were regular price- but Kelley found a few that showed up differently at the scanner like Twister on sale for $15 and Operation for $11.99. Note that sale prices can vary by region- and unfortunately some will have Operation as high as $14.39 but it can’t hurt to give a quick scan to check just in case you have the lower price.

These little Angry Bird Jenga games for $4.99 were also included in the special purchase deal. We do have a $3.00 off any TABOO or any JENGA game from Hasbro to use that would make a great deal- and perfect for Easter Basket Fillers…

DEAL IDEAL: Buy 2 Angry Birds Go! Small Jenga Games ($4.99) = $9.98
-$2.49 (one will be 50% Off with Target deal thru 4/12
– .74 (use 10% Off All toys Target Cartwheel x4/12
-$6.00 (use two $3.00 off any Twister or any JENGA game from Hasbro
= .75 for 2 or .38 each after stack & deal!

As far as the games go- you can mix and match your deals however you wish- and the lowest price game will be free, so you will want to try and get similarly priced items in a transaction to make the most of the savings. So for example- here’s a couple ideas for you…

DEAL IDEA: Buy Candy Land ($7.99) & Chutes & Ladders ($7.79) = $15.78
-$3.89 (the Chutes & Ladders will be 50% Off with Target Deal thru 4/12
-$1.18 (use (use 10% Off All toys Target Cartwheel x4/12
-$4.00 (use two $2.00 Off Candy Land or Chutes & Ladders
= $6.71 for both or $3.35 each after stack & deal

There will be lots of ways to do this deal- but here’s a roundup of a few more Price Checks & Coupons for you that will hopefully help you to plan out your deals a little better & don’t forget to stack with that 10% Off All toys Target Cartwheel x4/12!…

Battleship $19.99 or Operation $11.99 (Sale thru 4/12)
$3.00 off OPERATION or BATTLESHIP game

Connect 4 or Sorry $9.99
$2.00 off one CONNECT 4, SORRY! or Trouble

Guess Who? or Clue $9.99
$2.00 Off when you purchase a Clue or Guess Who Game

Twister $15 (Sale thru 4/12)
$3.00 off TWISTER SKIP-IT game or Twister Original

Cranium $14.99

Bop It! Tetris $19.99
$5.00 off any BOP IT! game

Elefun & Friends Mousetrap $19.99 or Chasin Cheeky $16.99
$5.00 off MOUSE TRAP or CHASIN’ CHEEKY game

Monopoly $11.99
$3.00 off any MONOPOLY game from Hasbro

Scattegories $14.99
$5.00 off any SCATTERGORIES game from Hasbro

Pointing Fingers $19.99 or Funny or Die Game $14.99

Disney Princess Pop-Up Magic Castle Game $17.99 or Cinderella’s Coach Game $11.49
$3.00 off any Pop-Up Magic Disney Princess game from Hasbro

Also check your 4-6 Smart Source Insert – you may have many of the same coupons listed above to save on some ink!

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29 Responses to “Great Game Deals with B1G1 50% Off Sale & Stacks!”

  1. TERRI PROWELL says:

    Can you price match toys r us? Mouse trap is 10 this week there.

  2. Sara says:

    Thanks for posting this deal Kerry. Can I know DPCI for Angry Birds Jenga game? Im not able to find it at target.com.

  3. sky says:

    Target ad shows B1G1 50% off on puzzles, card games and board games. What is Angry Birds Go Jenga considered as to be qualified for B1G1 50%? It’s a GREAT deal but I don’t want to waste a trip to find out they cannot honor this deal. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. sky says:

    Terri – Yes, you can price match with Toys R Us, Walmart and Amazon (sold & shipped by Amazon only). I checked this information with 2 Targets which I frequently go to. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Kerry says:

    HI Sky- I don’t know which of the outlined things Target considers this to be, but I can say that they do tend to use the term “board games” for many games that I would not consider a typical board game. What I do know- is it comes up as “special purchase” on the self-check price scanners which means it should automatically prompt the second one to be 50% Off- they shouldn’t have to honor anything since it should already be programmed to do it automatically in the register. hth & makes sense.

  6. majorie says:

    Sky I just did the deal and it worked just fine

  7. Lauren P. says:

    @ sky-I just got back from Target and I did the Angry Birds Go Jengo deal. It went through without any problems. They rang up as B1G1 50% and the coupons scanned just fine. It actually took off $2.50 for the B1G1 50% and Cartwheel took off $0.75, so I wound up paying $0.73 for both.

  8. Sara says:


    Can you tell me the DPCI or item number for Angry Birds Jenga game?

  9. Cynthia says:

    Has anyone checked to see if any of the travel games are included?

  10. Tameka says:

    @Terri Prowell beware, I tried to do this deal this morning with the Pointing Fingers game. I tried to price match it to the website as it is $9.99 on there and $19.99 in store. They priced matched the 50% off one. So they tried to charge me $19.99+$9.99. I told them to keep it! And the Elefun and Friends game is $12.99 at my Target.

  11. Bethany says:

    What’s the DPCI for that angry birds go game? I’m having a hard time trying to look it up on target’s website to see if we have any in stock before I head down there.

  12. Jessica J says:

    Is it possible to use the $5.00 off of an Angry Birds Go game coupon instead of the Jenga coupon for an even better deal?

  13. Kerry says:

    @Bethany, Sara the dpci is 087100915

    @Jessica- the $5 coupon does not apply- it specifies which sku #s that it is valid on- neither of which are the smaller 4.99 games

    re price matching & cartwheel / or price matching on b1g1 50% Off-
    cartwheel is not supposed to be applied after a price match is made- they are also not supposed to price match on special purchases or GC deals


  14. Sky says:

    Thank you everyone for your post on Angry Birds Go. I picked up two today. What a GREAT deal. ๐Ÿ™‚
    FYI: you can print 2 of the Jenga coupon from Target.com and Coupons.com so total of 4

  15. celine says:

    The Cartwheel says a limit of 4. Is that for the week or per day?

  16. Dani says:

    Thank you so much! Got a couple for my nephews and will be donating one to a special little boy ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Sophie says:

    Sky, you can print 2 more jenga coupons on hasbrorewards.com, so you can get 6 total per computer.

  18. Amy R says:

    I has two $5 off Angry Birds Go! Coupons and they worked with this deal! Using those and two $3 off coupons worked out to free.

  19. Kerry says:

    Hi Amy- the $5/1 Angry Bird Game coupons are not valid for the smaller games.

  20. Anne says:

    ok i cant finde the jenga/taboo coupon anybody knows if its still there?

  21. Kerry says:

    Hi ANne- I think it’s gone now- but if it was the Jenga you were interested here’s another link that will work
    I’ll update the post with the link too. hth

  22. tina says:

    So Kerry does that mean if you price match you cannot get the second game at 50% off?

  23. Jennifer says:

    I found the travel size battleship and connect 4 at my target here’s the breakdown
    $4.99 ea
    -$2.50 (bogo50%)
    -$3 battleship coupon
    – $2 connect coupon
    -10% cartwheel
    =$1.74 plus tax OOP for both ๐Ÿ™‚ (.87/ea)

  24. lynne says:

    Well the Target website only let me print 1 coupon for 3.00 off Jenga ๐Ÿ™

  25. Kerry says:

    Hey Jennifer – I’m pretty sure all the MQs out there state that they are not valid on travel games in the fine print.

  26. Erika N says:

    HOping I’m not to late but I cant seem to find the Jenga coupon anywhere has anyone seen it recently?

  27. Jennifer says:

    I just bought Guess Who? (13.49) and Elefun (12.99) both manufacturer coupons worked fine as well as the 10% off on cartwheel however I didn’t get the 50% off one of the toys. Did I miss something? Were one or both of those not included in the B1G1 50% Off?

  28. Kerry says:

    they should have been Jennifer- I would bring your receipt up to GS and ask them to check the signage in the dept. it says all games. hth

  29. Carol says:

    My Target is a smaller store, so I wasn’t sure what games I’d find, but I think I came away with some great deals. I was able to get Sorry, Connect 4, 2 of the Angry Birds Go sets, Diggin’ Rigs play-doh set, and 2 4-packs of play-doh for $21.07 before tax (using a coupon and Cartwheel on all and the 50% promotion on the games). Based on regular prices, it worked out to be a 63% savings. Now I have a birthday gift and some Christmas gifts to stash away.

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