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We have a few new Target coupons coming in the 4-13 Target ad, and there are mobile versions of them – two of which are now live & valid to use now! One of them is super hot- and valid for $10 Off a $50 Food & Beverage Purchase (you can text GROCERY to 827438) to get yours. (excludes alcohol, baby food, nutrition shakes and bars, pet food, target cafe, & starbucks café).

This coupon is a threshold coupon, meaning as long as you meet the $50 spending requirement before tax, you should be able to hand over the coupon first and then use other coupons for individual items along with it, including Target coupons for specific individual items. But ultimately additional Target coupons for individual items if you have them may be a ymmv and up to each store.

There will be so many ways to do a deal, and I’ll try and get a roundup of some different ideas for you soon, but for now- I can at least share what I plan on doing :)…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 1 Wrigley’s 5 Gum Single Packs PSA $1.29 & Buy (5) Hot Pockets ($2)
& Buy (3) Starbucks K-cups ($12) & 2 De Wafelbakkers Frozen Pancakes ($2.99) = $53.27
-$2.00 (One of the Lean or Hot Pockets will be free with Target deal thru 4/12
-$10 Off a $50 Grocery Purchase Target Mobile Coupon (text GROCERY to 827438) x4/19
-.50¢ off when you purchase 5 gum Target Coupon x4/26
 -$1 off four Hot Pockets or Lean Pockets frozen sandwiches Target Coupon x4/27
-.70 (use 10% Off Hot Pockets Target Cartwheel x4/12
-$2.00 (use two $1.00 off FROZEN DE WAFELBAKKERS PANCAKES (zip 90210)
-$2 (use two $1/2 Hot or Lean Pockets (scroll down page for link)
-$1.50/1 Starbucks K-cup Pack 10 or 16 ct 3-9-14 SS x5/19
-$4/2 Starbucks K-cup Pack 10 or 16 ct 3-9-14 SS x5/19
-.50 off 5 Gum Pack 4-6-14 RP x7/31
= $29.07 – $5 Gift Card Back for buying three Starbucks K-Cups- thru 4/19
= $24.07 for all after coupons & gift card or like saving over 55% Off regular prices
plus I will submit for the FREE $5 Starbucks eGifCard wyb 2 select Starbucks products x4/27

There is also another 4/13 in-ad Target Coupon that is available as a mobile & valid to use now…
-$1.00 Off 2 Easter Chocolate Candy Bags Target Mobile Coupon (text SWEETS to 827438) x4/19

We have one more coming too- to save $5.00 Off Apparel/Accessories Purchase $25+ Men’s Women’s or Kids (text APPAREL to 827438) x4/1 that is available as a mobile and valid to use now.

For more deal ideas with this coupon you can see my post HERE, and for the rest of the Sneak Peek for week of 4/13 with matchups – check out my post HERE.

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42 Responses to “Hot New $10 Off a $50 Grocery Purchase & $1/2 Easter Candy Target Mobile Coupons Now Live!”

  1. Jessica W. says:

    Can this be used with the Easter candy coupon?

  2. Tiffani says:

    Do you know if I bought 4 Starbucks coffee on a single receipt if I would get back two $5 Starbucks card(not the target deal) or do I need to do it separate?

  3. Kerry says:

    imo Tiffani- I would do it separate. The offer says 2 or more- so I really would do separately. jmo

  4. Kerry says:

    Hi Jessica- there’s a note above in the post that talks about using other TQs with it and my thoughts. hth

  5. Amber says:

    does any one know if this will be in the ad too??

  6. Evelyn says:

    The APPAREL does not work. The others did. Thank You.

  7. Lacy says:

    Can we use this coupon and buy Capri Sun and still get the $5 gift card for buying 3?

  8. Lisa says:

    What is up with the Target Coupon site? All week it has taken me hours just to print a few coupons. I cannot get it to work at all in FF. When I use Chrome, I have to reboot my computer every time I selection more coupons or choose coupons from another page. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I have been printing Target coupons for years and have never encounter an issue like this before.

  9. Mai says:

    Amber, both coupons will be in the ad. I work at Target and checked already.

  10. Kerry says:

    Hi Lacy – yes you can
    HI Evelyn- yes it’s not working yet
    Hi Amber- yes as noted in the post they will be in the ad as well. we will likely see printables too come Sunday 4/13. but the mobile gives you an option to use now.

  11. lisa says:

    Off topic, does someone know of an app for iphone that will allow texts from Target? I’m on a basic plan with no texting, so I’m trying to figure a different way to get the mobile coupons. Thanks.

  12. Janine says:

    I have a $5 off $35 grocery purchase. Can I combine two threshold coupons if I meet $50 first?

  13. Cheryl says:

    is pet food considered grocery item?

  14. Jamie says:

    @ Cheryl if you read the coupon it lists the exclusions and pet food is one of them.

  15. Stacie says:

    I have a question about the $5/$35, 10$/50$, etc. What is Target’s policy regarding these coupons? Shouldn’t these coupons come off first, before the other coupons? I had a $5/$35 the other day and the cashier told me that all the other coupons had to be used first, which is not what they did the week before. She called a manager over,who told her to take the %5/$35 off first, but that really the others should be taken off first. The cashier said something about trying to avoid fraud, and that they are always changing the policy. So, what is their policy??

  16. Jenna says:

    I was having issues printing coupons off Target’s site too. I went in and deleted all my cookies/cache, and it’s working fine now. Try that and see if it helps you too!

  17. Jenna says:

    Oh and Lisa. I don’t have a smartphone, I just have a prepaid phone and I still text to Target and they send a link back, I just type it into Chrome and print it off!

  18. Heather Ledbetter says:

    The Target coupons have been giving me trouble too! I emailed them and they said it wasn’t on their end…Hope it works itself out soon. Also, does the total have to be $50 after coupons? I guess I just have to scan the mobile coupon first…Sometimes they want to do everything in a certain order though, and they do paper coupons and then cartwheel, and then mobile coupons, which makes the mobile coupon not work. Sad.

  19. Amber says:

    HEATHER i emailed them too about the coupons… if you delete your history it works

  20. Lisa says:

    Thanks Jenna and Amber. I deleted my history in chrome a things are working great!

  21. Cherri says:

    I just got back from Target. My total before any coupons was approx $65.00 and did not include any of the excluded items. I pulled up the $10 off of $50 mobile coupon first and the cashier couldn’t get it to work but she was nice enough to manually give me the coupon. I was then able to use my other coupons to bring the total ever lower. Thanks to my Target cashier!!

  22. melissa says:

    if i spend $100 can i use two of the $10/50 together? i easily spend that much when i buy groceries.

  23. Mar says:

    Just an FYI, the $5 gc easter candy coupon beeps and says something like “conditions not met, other offers have already been used” (or something to that effect), when you combine it with the $10/$50.

  24. traynai says:

    Are detergents included in the 10 off 50?? Sorry, new to this. :/

  25. Kerry says:

    @Trayanai – no it’s food and beverages only.
    As far as combining 2 threshold/dept purchase coupons together- imo they are not to be combined-
    @Melissa- imo the verbiage in the coupon really tries to convey that they should not be combined on a $100 purchase like that- the coupon says $50 or more – so I would not try and do one $100 trip and use two coupons
    @Stacie- this is not addressed in the policy- and unf you are at the mercy of your store – but I would always try and hand it over first- honestly if you are using just other MQs along with it and no TQs- the register may see your total as apporopriate after MQs 1st anyway.

  26. Cynthia says:

    Can I stack two different Target mobile coupons for the same item? (i.e. I had one mobile coupon from Target with a $1 off coupon for Trident gum for 1 pack, then I have another mobile coupon for $1 off two Trident gum packs). The Trident was on sale for 2 packs for $4.00. I bought two packets of Trident but paid $3. I thought it was going to be $2 for 2 packs…$1 for each pack…after using both mobile coupons?!?

    Maybe I can’t stack two different Target mobile coupons?? Please shed some light.

    Thank you.

  27. melissa says:

    Are you able to use cart wheel and text coupons more than one transaction ??

  28. Kerry says:

    Hi Cynthia- you would have needed to buy 3 to use both mobile coupons. At target- most of the time you don’t have to buy 2 to get the sale price- so you could have bought 3, and paid $4 after both mobiles. hth

  29. Mai says:

    FYI @ my Target, guests aren’t allowed to use the $10/$50 q twice when they spend $100 in one single transaction. The coupon states $50 or more, therefore you will only get $10 off one time. To save more split your purchases into 2 different transactions totaling $50 each. This will avoid a lot of confusing and frustrations on both parties. HTH

  30. Stacie says:

    Thanks, Kerry. I did check their coupon policy, and you are right, they do not address it. If I decide to do this, I think I will go to Customer Service first, and ask them about it. If you are using just MQs, they should use it first. I view coupons as my tender, just like cash. I am paying less(hopefully a lot less) but Target is still getting their money because they are reimbursed for the coupons. They make more with coupons because they get the $.08 for each coupon. It is a win-winI The problem with Target is all the inconsistencies there are with how they process/handle coupons.

  31. Megan Michele says:

    Could coffee be used toward the $10/$50 grocery?

  32. M says:

    Yes, I think. Coffee is beverage.

  33. Juanita says:

    the apparel coupon i got is live!

  34. Laura says:

    APPAREL works now

  35. Kerry says:

    Thanks Juanita- I updated the post

  36. monica says:

    is candy considered grocery?

  37. Kerry says:

    imo candy found in grocery dept is grocery- and usually causes no issues. i don’t know how it will behave on easter candy though. hth

  38. liz says:

    I used the $10 off $50 grocery coupon, which the cashier was reluctant to scan first but she eventually did. The $5 gift card wyb $20 easter candy is NOT compatible with the $10 coupon. the supervisor took $5 off my order for me, but just beware that the register is not accepting them in conjunction. All in all, I did end up with $54 in groceries for $16 so I’m happy!

  39. Amanda says:

    does anyone know if the 10% hot pocket cartwheel in fact does work with lean pockets? It says on the cartwheel that excludes lean pockets. Thanks!

  40. Kerry says:

    woops- my bad- only valid on hot pockets. – I could have sworn we had one for each but no- there is only one for the lean. sorry about that.

  41. Tatyana says:

    How can I get $1/2 Easter Candy Target Mobile Coupon?
    Thank you

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