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As I posted yesterday- we have an awesome new coupon coming in the 4-13 Target ad for $10 Off a $50 Food or Beverage Purchase. But the great thing is this coupon is already live as a mobile and valid to use now and you can text GROCERY to 827438 to get yours.

This coupon is a threshold coupon, meaning as long as you meet the $50 spending requirement before tax, you should be able to hand over the coupon first and then use other coupons for individual items along with it, including Target coupons. But ultimately additional Target coupons for individual items may be a ymmv and up to each store.

As promised, I’ve gone ahead and done a few more scenarios for you. The deals listed below are all valid now, and in fact, a few of the sale prices or deals will only be valid thru 4/12. I hope the following help to give you some ideas & get you thinking and help you plan your trip a little better.

For more sales, deals and coupon matchups you can also check out the Weekly Ad Page for links to the current ad matchups & Sale Updates, and you may want to check out the Price Cuts Page & the Cheap Finds Page for some unadvertised sales & deals. So without any further rambling ;)- here’s what I came up with….

DEAL IDEA: Buy 4 Yoplait Greek 100 or Blended Yogurt Cups 5.3 oz ($1)
Buy (3) Starbucks K-cups ($12) & 4 Bear Naked Granola ($2.54) = $50.16
-$10 Off a $50 Food or Beverage Purchase Target Mobile Coupon (text GROCERY to 827438) x4/19
-$5.08 (use 50% Off Bear Naked Honey Almond Granola Target Cartwheel x4/13
-.80 (use 20% Off Yoplait Greek 100 or 20% Off Blended Cups Singles 5.3 oz Target Cartwheels x4/19
-$2.00 (use four .50/1 Yoplait Greek Cup HERE
-$1.50/1 Starbucks K-cup Pack 10 or 16 ct 3-9-14 SS x5/19
-$4/2 Starbucks K-cup Pack 10 or 16 ct 3-9-14 SS x5/19
= $26.78 – $5 Gift Card Back for buying three Starbucks K-Cups- thru 4/19
= $21.78 for all after coupons & gift card or like saving almost 60%–  plus you can also
submit for the FREE $5 Starbucks eGifCard wyb 2 select Starbucks products x4/27

DEAL IDEA: Buy 3 Archer Farms K-Cups 18 ct ($10) & Buy 3 Capri Sun 20 ct ($3.99)
& Buy 2 General Mills Reese’s Puffs  Cereal ($2.50) & 3 Lucky Charms ($2.50) = $54.47
-$2.50 (One of the GM Cereals will be free with Target deal thru 4/12
-$10 Off a $50 Food or Beverage Purchase Target Mobile Coupon (text GROCERY to 827438) x4/19
-$1/3 General Mills cereal items 9 oz.+ Target Coupon 3-2-14 SS x4/12
-$1.50 (use 5% Off Archer Farms Coffee Single cup Packs Target Cartwheel x5/3
-$1.00 (use two $0.50 off ONE BOX Lucky Charms cereal
-$1.00 (use two $0.50 off ONE BOX Reese’s Puffs cereal
= $37.47 – $10 (get back a $5 Gift Card wyb 3 Capri Sun 20 ct Pouches for $3.99 thru  5/3
& a $5 Gift Card Back for buying three Starbucks or Archer Farms K-Cups- thru 4/19
= $27.47 for all after coupons & gift cards or like saving 50%

DEAL DEA: Buy 4 Swanson Broth Cans & 6 Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom (.75 thru 4/19)
Buy 4 Stove Top Stuffing & 8 Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes (.99 thru 4/19)
Buy 2 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Deliciously Simple (2/$4 or $2 each PC thru 4/12)
Buy 1 Market Pantry White Vinegar 16 oz .92 & 2 Marie’s Dressing ($2.79 thru 4/12)
Buy 4 Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice ($1.66 thru 4/19)
Buy 2 Marie Callender’s Frozen Pie $4.99 (PC thru 4/19)
Buy 2 Welch’s Essentials Juice Cocktail 64 oz ($2 PC thru 4/19) = $50.50
-$10 Off a $50 Food or Beverage Purchase Target Mobile Coupon (text GROCERY to 827438) x4/19
-.75/1 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Deliciously Simple 12 oz Target Coupon x4/26

-50¢ off Market Pantry® white vinegar Target Coupon x4/26
-$1.49 (use 15% Off Marie Callender Dessert Pies Target Cartwheel x4/19
-.79 (use 20% Off Stove Top Target Cartwheel x4/19
-.02 (use 5% Off Market Pantry Vinegar Target Cartwheel x5/3
-.65 (use 20% Off I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Target Cartwheel x5/3
-$1/2 Welch’s Chillers, Essentials Juice Cocktail Blends or Light Juice 64 oz 3-23 RP x6/23
-$2.00 (use two $1/1 Marie Callender’s Frozen Dessert Pie 26 oz+ 4-6-14 SS x5/18
-$1/4 Uncle Ben’s Rice Products 4-6-14 RP x6/1 or HERE
-$2.00 (use two $1/1 Marie’s Product (must sign up)
-$1.00 (use two .50/1 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spread 3-16-14 RP x4/13
-.80 (use two $0.40 off (3) Campbell’s “Great for Cooking” soups (zip 90210)
-$1.00 (use two $0.50 off (2) Swanson Broth (zip 90210)
-$2.00 (use two $0.50 off TWO Betty Crocker boxed Potatoes
= $25.50 for all after coupons or like saving over 50% Off regular price

DEAL IDEA: Buy 4 Quaker Big & Chewy Bars ($2)  & Buy 3 Capri Sun 20 ct ($3.99)
Buy 4 Mott’s Fruit Punch Rush, Wild Grape Surge or Strawberry Boom ($2.49)
& 2 Kettle Brand Chips 8 oz $2.29 (PC thru 4/26) & 4 Yoplait Go-gurt 8-Packs $2 each (Sale thru 4/12)
& 2 Keebler Simply Made Cookies, Assorted Varieties (Simply Made included) $1.99 (PC thru 4/19)
& 3 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, Select Varieties 6 ct $1.75 (PC thru 4/19) = $51.74
-$10 Off a $50 Food or Beverage Purchase Target Mobile Coupon (text GROCERY to 827438) x4/19
-.80 (use 10% Off Yoplait Go-Gurt 8 to 16 ct Target Cartwheel x4/12
-$4.00 (use four $1/1 Mott’s Fruit Punch Rush, Wild Grape Surge or Strawberry Boom.
-$1/3 Betty Crocker, Fiber One & Select Others Fruit Snacks 3-16-14 SS x5/10
-$1.50 (use .75/2 Yoplait Go-gurt, Kids Cup Yogurt or Trix Multipack Yogurt 3-16-14 SS x5/10
-$1/2 Keebler Simply Made Cookies 10 oz+ 3-2-14 RP x4/27
-$1.00 off TWO Kettle Brand Potato Chips
-$4.00 (use four $1/1 Quaker Big and Chewy Bars or (2) Regular Bars 3-23-14 RP x5/3
= $28.44 -$5 Gift Card wyb 3 Capri Sun 20 ct Pouches for $3.99 thru  5/3
= $23.44 for all after coupons & gift card or like saving over 55% Off the regular price

I also posted the scenario I’ll be doing yesterday- but if you missed it- here it is….

DEAL IDEA: Buy 1 Wrigley’s 5 Gum Single Packs PSA $1.29 & Buy (5) Hot Pockets ($2)
& Buy (3) Starbucks K-cups ($12) & 2 De Wafelbakkers Frozen Pancakes ($2.99) = $53.27
-$2.00 (One of the Lean or Hot Pockets will be free with Target deal thru 4/12
-$10 Off a $50 Food or Beverage Purchase Target Mobile Coupon (text GROCERY to 827438) x4/19
-.50¢ off when you purchase 5 gum Target Coupon x4/26
-$1 off four Hot Pockets or Lean Pockets frozen sandwiches Target Coupon x4/27
-.70 (use 10% Off Hot Pockets Target Cartwheel x4/12
-$2.00 (use two $1.00 off FROZEN DE WAFELBAKKERS PANCAKES (zip 90210)
-$2 (use two $1/2 Hot or Lean Pockets (scroll down page for link)
-$1.50/1 Starbucks K-cup Pack 10 or 16 ct 3-9-14 SS x5/19
-$4/2 Starbucks K-cup Pack 10 or 16 ct 3-9-14 SS x5/19
-.50 off 5 Gum Pack 4-6-14 RP x7/31
= $29.07 – $5 Gift Card Back for buying three Starbucks K-Cups- thru 4/19
= $24.07 for all after coupons & gift card or like saving over 55% Off regular prices
plus I will submit for the FREE $5 Starbucks eGifCard wyb 2 select Starbucks products x4/27

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26 Responses to “Deal Ideas for the $10 Off Grocery Target Coupon”

  1. Laura says:

    Thanks for some more deal ideas! I went once today and got:

    1 Angies Boom Chicka Popcorn ($2.50 sign said but rang up at $3.29), 1 Ken’s Dressing ($2.15), 1 Newman’s Own Salsa ($2.14), 7 Evol snack size burritos (clearance $1.26), 4 MP Smoothies ($2), 1 MP sour cream ($1.69), 4 Yoplait Greek 100 ($1), 4 California Pizza Kitchen Pizzas ($5.29 and $5.49)= just over $50
    -$4 (4x $1 MP Smoothie TQ)
    -$4 (2x $2/2 California Pizza Kitchen TQ)
    -$.80 Yoplait Greek 100 Cartwheel
    -$.09 MP Sour Cream cartwheel
    -$1 Angies MQ
    -$6 (4x $1.50/1 California Pizza Kitchen MQ)
    -$1 Ken’s Dressing MQ
    -$.50 Newman’s Own Salsa MQ
    -$7 (3x $1/1 Evol, 2x $2/2 Evol MQ’s)
    -$2 (4x $.50 Yoplait Greek 100 MQ’s)

    Minus 2x bag discounts and Target redcard and I paid $13.65!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Girl you are CRAZY – and I mean that in a good way!!! Thank you for the deal idea including the Capri Sun — the Boy Scouts will have quite a nice/different selection of snacks at their meeting next week! You ROCK!

  3. Kerry says:

    lol Carolyn :) – I don’t know what I was thinking when I started this post- but got sucked in and couldnt stop ’til I had ’em done. hopefully it helps give you guys some ideas

  4. Jenny says:

    would the easter m &m’s count toward the $50 total? trying to work out an easter basket scenario and the preferred candy in this house is m&ms.

  5. Sarah says:

    I am having a hard time printing coupons on the Target site. anyone else having issues? when I click the select to print they won’t show up in the side bar on the left and if I do get one to show up, it prints some that I tried to print last week. it is wearing me out! there are some good ones that I NEED!

  6. Jessica says:

    I could not find the bear naked granola that the cartwheel is for. My location had other flavors of it but not the one specified in the Cartwheel, so that threw me off yesterday when I used the mobile q. I’m going to go back next week and get essentials on one run and hopefully some treats in another run :)

  7. Sarah says:

    I just checked my laptop and it is doing the same thing!

  8. Denise says:

    (9) Capri suns $3.99 each
    a dozen Eggs $2.19
    (2) Home Pride Bread $2.29
    (2) Lemons $.59 each
    (1) Onion $1.19
    Quaker Oatmeal $3.99
    (1) can of olives $1.34
    Subtotal $50.34
    Used $10/$50 …making it $40.34 & received $15 in gift cards

  9. Denise says:

    I left my coupons at home. So this is what I did

  10. Dawn says:

    Yes Sarah I think a lot of people are having problems. Someone said to clear your history and try again.

  11. Chrissy says:

    Sarah, what worked for me tonight was closing out of my browser, opening a new window and they there were. I was using chrome.

  12. Sarah says:

    thanks everyone! worked like a charm.

  13. maggie m says:

    Does anyone know if easter candy is included in the deal?

  14. Rebecca says:

    Maggie m, I got a few items of Easter candy and the deal worked for me.

  15. michelle says:

    Could I purchase candy? would they count it towards grocery? Just curious because I have a few free product coupons towards skinny cow ice cream or candy, does anyone know if skinny cow products would count towards the $50? Or if Easter candy in general would count as grocery?
    Thanks in advance! :)

  16. michelle says:

    haha ^^ sorry guys, just noticed the post right above mine….duh!

  17. Teresa says:

    I’m just wondering, on the TQ, our store only allows one web coupon on a particular item but I see a lot use 2. Is it just up to the store to allow you to use more then 1TQ? Example : California Pizza, 1TQ and any other MQ, cartwheel, mobile but not 2 TQ .

  18. maggie m says:

    Thank you Rebecca

  19. AJ says:

    Has anybody thought of the idea of price matching after you use the $10 TQ???

    I have a couple of things that I could price match, never heard of anybody doing it this way.

    I doubt that they’ll let me, I’ll have to ask first.

  20. lea says:

    Aj I work as a cashier at target and price match would be done before coupons are scanned

  21. melissa says:

    I tried using the spend $20 get $5.00 gift card first then the 10/50 and my total before tax was 53 and it said didn’t have eligible items when she knew I did so she hand punch the text coupon. Then I used my cart wheel and the paper coupon. She proceeded to tell me she couldn’t do the paper because the system wont let you after you do the cart wheel so I had to go to the cs desk and they did them for me but she couldn’t understand why the cashier would have said that. Any ideas on the policy on this subject ??

  22. Kerry says:

    HI Melissa- I am not sure what you mean about paper coupon? DO you mean a paper version of the $10 off coupon? if so you can only use one r the other not both. Re Qs for individual items- you should be able to do that- but the register usually wants those first. If you have coupons for individual items you can try going to GS and doing missed coupons. hth

  23. Vanessa says:

    This is what I did (and I did it Sunday 4/13 so the Bear Naked Granola deal is expired):
    2 Quaker Big Chewy Bars ( $1/1 mq)
    2 Kellogg’s Mini Wheats ($1/2 mq + cw)
    1 Special K Flatbread ($1/1 mq +cw)
    2 Market Pantry Juices ($1/2 tq + cw)
    2 M&M’s ($1.50/2 mq + $1.50/2 tq + cw)
    2 I Can’t Believe Butter) $1/2 mq + 75/1 tq + cw)
    1 Market Pantry bagels (cw)
    1 Eggo Bites ($1.50/1 mq + cw)
    2 Crystal Lights ($1/1 mq + $1/2 tq)
    4 Yoplait Greek Yogurt ($1/2 mq + cw)
    1 case Market Pantry water (cw)
    2 Fruit waters (75/2 tq)
    1 Bear Naked Granola ($1/1 mq + cw)
    Total BEFORE all coups and cartwheel: $51.19
    Total AFTER: $13.25 (using my Target card to save 5%)
    Submitted $1.00 for Eggo Bites through IBotta
    Submitted $0.25 for Yopurt through Checkout 51
    FINAL TOTAL: $12!!!!!

  24. lainey says:

    Has anyone bought the Stouffer’s frozen family size meal for $6.99, then you get free Market Pantry frozen bread & there’s a coupon for $1.50 off 30-96 oz meal in the SS2 4/13. Just wondering if the free bread will make any of the other discounts not applicable

  25. Kerry says:

    HI Lainey- yes you can use coupons on the Stouffers. hth

  26. Heather says:

    Melissa… At my target you have to use all coupons prior to scanning your cartwheel app. That way the percentage it takes off is off the adjusted price of items and not full price. When they press the cartwheel button it specifically asks if all coupons have been scanned.

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