Apr 142014

We’ve got a hot new $3.00 Off on any THREE Kellogg’s Cereals coupon to print! This goes awesome with our new cartwheels from yesterday to stack for a great deal…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 3 Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats ($2.50) = $7.50
-$3.75 (use 50% Off Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats Target Cartwheel x4/19
$3.00 Off on any THREE Kellogg’s Cereals
= .75 for all 3 or .25 each after stack

And don’t forget – these cereals will also count toward the threshold you will need to meet to use that super-nice in-ad $10 Off a $50 Food or Beverage Purchase Target Coupon x4/19 (or text GROCERY to 827438 for a mobile- or get a printable version HERE). Even if you only have access to printables- and can get 3 prints of the $3/3- you could actually stock up on cereal and Capri Sun at a very nice price…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Kellogg’s Rice Krispies ($2.75) & 4 Mini Wheats ($2.50)
& Buy 3 Other Kellogg’s Cereals your choice (avg price $2.99)
& Buy 2 Hungry Jack Hash browns ($1.27) & Buy 6 Capri-Sun 20-pack ($3.99) =$50.95
-$10 Off a $50 Grocery Purchase Target In-Ad Coupon x4/19
-$5.00 (use 50% Off Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats Target Cartwheel x4/19
-$1.37 (use 25% Off Kellogg’s Rice & Cocoa Krispies 12-24 oz Target Cartwheel x4/19 (limit 2)
-$9.00 (use three $3.00 Off on any THREE Kellogg’s Cereals
-$1.00 (use two $.50 off ONE (1) Hungry Jack Hashbrown Potatoes (ad prints underneath) 
= $24.58 – $10 (get back two $5 Gift Card Back for buying three Capri Sun thru 5/3
= $14.58 for all after coupons & gift card from the Capri Sun or like saving over 70%!

Also take a look at your Checkout 51 Offers this week- you can pick 2 of your cereals from your offers and get back an extra dollar. (-Thanks Charlie!) Here’s the offers I had…
Earn $1.00 Cash Back wyb 2 Kellogg’s Smart Start ESS with Checkout 51 x4/16
Earn $1.00 Cash Back wyb 2 Kellogg’s Corn Flakes ESS with Checkout 51 x4/16
Earn $1.00 Cash Back wyb 2 Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes ESS with Checkout 51 x4/16

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24 Responses to “Hot New $3/3 Kellogg’s Cereal Coupon & Deals!”

  1. Jen says:

    Quick question on the $10 off $50 food purchase. When figuring out the total on something like the Stouffers offer of free market pantry bread with family meal purchase, do you consider the bread cost towards the $50 or does it not count since the register should zero it out once scanned? I hope that made sense:)
    ( above, I think you meant gift card from the *Capri Sun* not Starbucks)

  2. Tina says:

    You get Starbucks gift cards in this deal? Or, is it two Target gift cards? Thanks for posting the great deal idea!!! :)

  3. christine n says:

    The register will automatically make it free, so no, it will not count towards your $50 threshold.

  4. Kerry says:

    Yes Jen – Christine is right- anything that is on a special offer where it’s a freebie- don’t count the freebie in your total- because Target’s registers are not going too. hth

  5. Kerry says:

    Sorry to confuse Tina- was rushing to try and do a $10 scenario too- the two $5 GCs are from the Capri Sun.

  6. CharlieC says:

    Two suggestions: if you buy 2 boxes of Kellogs Frosted Flakes as part of the 3 other Kelloggs cereals, you can submit for a $1 back for the Checkout 51 offer. Also, if you use Kelloggs Family Rewards and have enough points, using 3 $1.50 off one kelloggs cereal, in place of one of the $3 off 3 coupons, will get you an extra $1.50 off. Do a combo of both and your total after coupons and giftcards will be $12.08.

  7. Kerry says:

    Thanks Charlie! I forgot about the kelloggs offers on checkout 51!

  8. Tatyana says:

    Can I do price match and the $10 off $50 food purchase?

  9. Kerry says:

    Hi Tatyana- not on a price match.
    the only thing that can reduce your total after a price match is made is a manufacturer’s coupon. hth

  10. emily says:

    do they give you cartwheel 50% off first then coupon $3?

  11. Kerry says:

    Hi Emily- you hand cartwheel last- but the register calculates the % off before coupons. so calculations above are correct. hth

  12. Amanda says:

    My target won’t scan the mobile coupon first, they scan my mq’s first. Will that matter?

  13. Jen says:

    How many time will cartwheel take of for one item in a transaction? If I got 3 boxes of the frosted min-wheats will it take 50% off all boxes?

  14. CharlieC says:

    @Amanda, I’ve been to some Target stores where they train the cashiers to scan in a particular order like that. I’ve successfully done this order where the Mobile coupon is scanned last and it still comes off without issue. If you are still worried about it, there is now a printable version on the $10 off coupon on target’s coupon site so, you could just print it and give that first.

  15. Amber Riley says:

    There is a Target coupon for the Rice Krispies for $1.00 off 2

  16. Christina says:

    I would like to know if it matters what order the $10/$50 comes in. If it happened to be scanned last, after all other coupons, would it still take the $10/$50 or does it have to be before all other coupons. Thank you.

  17. MELISSA says:

    I jdid the second deal, but a little different..



  18. Kerry says:

    Hi CHristina- I can’t say for sure- but if all other coupons being used were MQs then it may not matter. if you are using other TQs for specific items- then i believe it will not work unless $10 TQ handed first. hth

  19. Kerry says:

    Hi AMber- the one on T.com is an MQ- hth

  20. Kerry says:

    it will take off up to 4 in a transaction unless there is a limit stated- so just like I have in the deal idea above- it will take off 3 boxes.
    the rice krispies has a limit of 2- so it will only take the discount on up to 2 boxes of those. hth

  21. rebecca says:

    Does easter candy count towards the $50?

  22. Kerry says:

    Candy is fine yes.

  23. Amanda says:

    Thanks for your response @CharlieC. I have this all figured up and hope it works out. I have $10 gc from p&g deal and hope to have another $5 from the Unilever. So after coupons and gc’s I hope to pay out of pocket $8.94 plus tax and still get another $5 gc from the capri suns…

  24. Maureen says:

    Kerry – thanks so much for all of your match ups. I did 4 mini wheats, 2 rice krispies,2 post alphas, Stouffers, free bread, 5 pepsis, 2 brachs, 2 fruit snack, mushrooms, eggs, marshmellows, 2 digiorno pizzas – spent $15.86 after coupons including tax. I didn’t really have a plan and was surprised my total was this low!!!

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