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If you aren’t familiar with SavingStar, it’s a savings program that is available at select stores – and Target has now joined the list of retailers you can redeem SavingStar offers at! In the past SavingStar has been redeemable only by using a store loyalty card, but they are now offering a mobile app where you can redeem your offers by submitting your receipts through the app.

To get started, just go HERE and sign up for your FREE SavingStar account, enter your zip and choose Target as a store you shop at. Next you will need to download the FREE app via the iTunes store or google play store.


Once you’ve signed up, and confirmed your e-mail and have downloaded the app and are signed in, you can browse for current offers that interest you and add them to your list.


Once you’ve purchased the product(s) at Target, just tap on the Receipt icon in the top blue navigation bar in the app. Next choose Target as the store you purchased at, scan your barcode and then take a picture of your receipt to submit. Purchases must be made before the offer expires, although receipts will be accepted up to 3 days after an offer’s expiration date.

You will receive cash in your SavingStar account between 2-22 days, and once your account accumulates $5 you can cash out via paypal or bank account transfer- or you can choose to get an Amazon Gift Card or donate the money to American Forests. Just go HERE to sign up for your FREE account and get started.

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18 Responses to “SavingStar Offers Are Now Redeemable at Target!”

  1. Margo says:

    My list of stores does not show target.

  2. barbara says:

    kerry.. will the current app update itself for this.. or do we need to download another version..

  3. Judy says:

    Is the snout you get in savings star based on the amount before or after coupons? I wonder if cartwheel will affect the amount transfered to savingstar

  4. Kerry says:

    @Barbara You may have to update your app.

    @Margo – In your app or when you are signing up?

    @Judy- in their FAQ they are a little hazy about answering this question. They say that they don’t intend for savingstar to be used with manufacturer’s coupons, but then the very next line says that combining savingstar with in-store coupons is not a problem. Left me a little confused and I’m still trying to get a definitive answer. To me it seems more of a rebate scenario with the receipt submission- so I would think it should be fine..

  5. Donna says:

    Once again, those of us who “CANNOT AFFORD” a smart phone are left out. I am so tired of being poor!
    It seems the powers that be all just assume that “EVERYONE” has a smart phone. Believe me if I could afford one I’d have one.
    I don’t even make enough at my job to pay my bills, and that’s without having cable, using Magic Jack and every other trick I can think of to scrape by.
    Life can be so depressing when you’re poor.
    Sorry, I just had to vent.

  6. Margo says:

    Kerry, I am not get target in my app.


  7. Pamela H says:

    Everyone – If you do not see Target in SavingStar, you need to update the app. I had to upgrade manually to see Target and the other new stores.

  8. Kerry says:

    Margo -sounds like you will need to update your app- hth

  9. Pat says:

    Woo hoo, there’s also Walmart and Walgreens added to the app!

  10. Margo says:

    I updated it and it worked. Thanks.


  11. Kerry says:

    That’s great Margo yvw. :)

  12. Steph says:

    Like I figured, those of us who don’t have the “right” phone cannot participate. That is ok, I will just keep getting things at Kroger and CVS.

  13. Nicole says:

    Question, I don’t have a smartphone but was considering getting an inexpensive tablet I’ve seen some good brands for as low as $40 with android. Can I run programs like Savingstar and Ibotta on a tablet?

  14. ladybugpam says:

    aww, hang in there donna! keep couponing and building up your stockpile. soon you will spend hardly anything at all at the stores to get the things you need and you can use that money to go towards other bills and you’ll be able to make ends meet. my heart goes out to you. I remember how stressful it was to be broke. couponing saved us!

  15. Cindy J. says:

    How do you update the app?

  16. Margo says:

    Cindy Go to the App Store and click on updates. It should be there.


  17. Cindy J. says:

    Thank you!

  18. Anne says:

    I don’t have a smartphone, just a ipad 2. I was able to download the app and pull up my stores but it won’t let me scan the upc or i can’t seem to figure out how to scan it. There isn’t any button and hitting the next icon doesn’t do anything. Am i doing something wrong or is it because it’s not a smartphone? Thank you to anyone who can help :(

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