Aug 122014

tissue-dealWe got a nice,new high-value 75¢ off up & up® Facial Skincare, Facial Tissue or Shave ETS Target-Coupon x9/20 on Sunday. This week thru 8/16, Target is offering  up all the Up & Up single boxes on sale for 4/$5 or $1.25 each.

We also have a 5% Off Up & Up Facial Tissue ETS Target Cartwheel x10/11, which makes them just .48 cents per box after stack & sale.

One other thing to note is that while most printable Target Coupons have a limit of one per guest- this particular Target Coupon has a limit of 4.

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8 Responses to “Target: New Stack & Sale on Up & Up Tissues = 48¢”

  1. Shana says:

    It only let me print it twice, not four times.

  2. Katherine says:

    You get two prints per computer, as with most coupons.

  3. bill says:

    This coupon is not showing up on my Target Coupon page.

  4. Kerry says:

    Hi Bill- if you use the direct link I have in my post it will be right on top. hth

  5. JoAnn says:

    Awesome donation to my daughter’s classroom. Thanks, I never would have seen this on my own!

  6. Lindsay says:

    My latest Pharmacy Rewards booklet included a 10% off up & up facial tissue item which could also be used.

  7. Katie says:

    What does limit of 4 mean when you can only print it twice? Does it mean you can use one coupon to take .75 off 4 of them? Or you can copy it so that 4 of them have the same bar code?

  8. Kerry says:

    Hi Katie- almost all Target printable state in their terms (upper right-hand corner) a limit of “one coupon or offer per guest”. This is whether you can print it once or hundred times- they are stating that you are limited to one per shopping trip. But this particular printable has a limit of 4 in the terms- meaning- if you had two computers in your household to get 4 prints – you could go buy 4 boxes of tissues and use four target coupons in one transaction. hth

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