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Valentine’s Day clearance should now be at 70% for some of you, and if you didn’t find it today there is a good chance you will find it tomorrow. It is always a good idea to check the prices at the scanner even if your signs say 50. Some stores just don’t manage to get all or any proper signage up and you will never know if you just walk away.

Everything non-perishable was scanning at 70 for Kelley, however, candy & food was still stuck at 30% Off for her. It’s unusual that it has not dropped to 50 yet with Easter waiting in the wings, but it may just be in her area- so once again scan if you don’t see signage.


Valentine’s Day clearance is a great way to stock up for things you might need for next year. For example there were many class-exchange card kits this year with no candy in them that will make for cheap  Valentines next year.


Another thing to try and hunt for would be things that would make great Easter Basket Stuffers like these cute kids cups down to $1.19 if your store is at 70.


Despite candy and food being stuck at 30% Off- she did find these Star War Jelly Belly packs at 70% off down to 30% Off. These would also make great little Easter Basket items if you find them too.


You can check Bullseye’s playground as well- but Kelley found that all of her dollar spot items had gotten moved back to holiday like these super-cute beanie knit Tsum Tsum caps down to .90 cents.


And be sure to scope out other areas of the store. While many items that are Valentines get moved to the holiday clearance section- sometimes things get left behind. So check in the regular departments just in case. She found some super-cute Tees still hidden in the apparel dept like these Shopkins Tees down to $2.69, reg. $8.99


And Modern Lux Valentines girls’ Tees down to $3.89, reg. $12.99.


Also cruise the pet department too. Almost all her stuff had gotten moved back to holiday- but she did find these bandanas down to $1.49, reg. $4.99.


One last area to check would be Health & Beauty. She found a couple things hiding among regular-priced items like these Bathery poufs. They come in pink as well- but it looks like it is the same DPCI for both. Just look for the lips on the loop and the tags also say “Be Mine?”. She found quite a few mixed in with the regular poufs – so you never know!


She also found a couple of these Valentine’s day cosmetic bags mixed in with other ones- down to $2.39, reg. $8.99.

So be sure and take a look around the whole store just in case you find some things hiding too! And you can also check out my post HERE for some other tips and things to look for this year.

As far as a next drop to 90% Off- if history repeats we should see it as early as Sunday, February 19th. But remember, there is no set schedule and stores can differ – so keep a close eye! Happy clearance hunting folks!

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