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IMG_21012014_181203We were all new to couponing at one time or another and I can remember just feeling overwhelmed in the beginning. But I hope this page helps to explain things a bit more and gets you started on the road to keeping more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Saving money by couponing goes way beyond simply clipping a coupon and using it on something you need. The best way to maximize your savings is to wait to use your coupons against a sale or a special deal and to buy several of the item if the price is right.

While I do maintain a stockpile, I don’t believe in letting my stockpile overtake my house. Sales usually cycle around every 3 months, so purchasing enough to last you through to the next sale is a good bet, especially if you are short on space. Be patient- building a stockpile takes time, it does not happen overnight, but little by little you will find yourself being able to grab something from your stockpile when you normally would have to run out for something.


coupon-insertsNEWSPAPER COUPONS: One of the most popular resources are the coupon inserts that can be found in the Sunday Newspaper. There are 4 main types- the PG- usually put out once a month by Proctor & Gamble, the RMNE or RetailMeNot Everyday insert and the SS or Smart Source Insert both usually found in most papers every Sunday, and the GM or General Mills which can usually be found every 4-5 weeks.

Every Saturday I post a Sunday Newpaper Insert Preview with highlights of what will be coming in the Sunday paper and I also list resources for obtaining inserts and coupons that come from them. You can go HERE to check out the most recent preview with a list of Resources.

PRINTABLE COUPONS: Another popular way to get coupons is to print them. There are several sites that consistently offer printable coupons: Coupons.com, Red Plum, Savings.com, & SmartSource are good places to start. Lots of manufacturer’s sites also offer coupons and a good way to check and see if there is a printable coupon for something you need is to check My Coupon Database. If there is a printable– there will be a link provided to lead you to where you can find the coupon.

OTHER COUPONS: Coupons come from many many sources. Many manufacturer’s place Hangtag Coupons or Peelie coupons found on products on the shelves or Tearpads usually located on a display or shelf near the item.You may even spot coupons in magazines or at the office of your doctor, dentist, pediatrician, vet and more. Once you start looking for these valuable little pieces of paper, you will be surprised at just how many places they turn up!


We couponers use lots of abbreviations and terms, and you will catch on soon enough, but if you are just getting started- here’s a few terms to familiarize yourself with…

$1/2 etc: One dollar off two items. (1st # = Discount/2nd # = Quantity required for discount)
B1G1: Buy 1 Get 1 FREE, or B2G1: Buy 2 Get 1 FREE and so on
PSA: Prices Starting at
GC: Gift Card (Target offers Gift Cards as a reward for buying specific items, see Special Deals Page for extended Gift Card deals)
ETS: Excludes Trial Size or , or ESS: Excludes Single Serving
MIR: Mail In Rebate (You can check my Rebates Page to see current offers available)
TMF-Try Me Free. Another form of a rebate or sometimes a satisfaction Guarantee
OOP: Out of Pocket. The amount you actually spend.
Q: Coupon, MQ: manufacturer coupon, TQ: Target Coupon
WYB: when you buy
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary-this means that it may or may not be the case in all instances.
x: Expiration Date of a coupon


There are several different ways to keep your coupons organized so you can easily find them. Many people use a binder method- where you can split up your coupons into pages with pockets and organize how it works best for you. Sometimes people organize by item type- ie Frozen, Snacks, Canned, etc, or some prefer to alphabetize. You have to do what works best for you. Some people like to just grab baseball card type album sleeves fitted into a binder to keep them organized. A binder is very nice in that it’s a way to have your coupons with you at all times which comes in handy for Target Clearance- it can be a time-consuming method- but wonderful if you can keep it up.

You can also use a filing system for your inserts. You can use either drawers or a filing box meant to hold the complete insert and file them by date. Since I and other sites you may start to follow usually list where you can find a coupon- it is just as easy to go find what you need and cut when you are ready to shop. So for example – if I list the following coupon as a matchup-

-$1/3; .50/2 Campbell’s Microwaveable Bowls or Soup At Hand 1-8-12 SS x3/15

it means it can be found in the January 8th Smart Source Insert. The different amounts in the front mean that some areas will have a $1 Off 3 and some areas will have gotten a .50 cents off 2. The x followed by the date is when the coupon expires. But finding the best way to organize is a process – and you may go through several different ways before you figure out what method works best for you.


multi_coupon_nobleedTarget can be a great place to save money in several different ways. For starters- Target allows you to stack coupons- this means allowing the use of one manufacturer’s coupon AND one Target Store Coupon AND one Cartwheel Offer on EACH item. Target Coupons can be found in a variety of places….

TARGET INSERT COUPONS: Target store coupons can sometimes be found in the regular Sunday inserts on occasion. Target Insert coupons are always regional though and not everyone will get them. I do maintain a Target Coupon Page with a list of the available Target Coupons with matching manufacturer’s coupons you can stack.

MOBILE TARGET COUPONS: Mobile coupons are Target Store Coupons that can be sent to your phone to be used for in-store purchases at checkout. You can pull them up on your phone’s screen and the cashier can scan the bar code. These coupons are meant to be used only once but can be stacked with manufacturer coupons. You will need to have an internet-capable phone in order to retrieve the coupons. Keep in mind- text messaging & data charges will apply depending upon your phone’s plan. We don’t see many of these any more, but you can see a current list on my Target Coupon Page HERE.

cartwheelTARGET CARTWHEEL OFFERS: There’s also a savings program called Cartwheel by Target offering even more opportunities to get great deals! You can get as much as an additional 50% off, occasionally even higher, on items at Target including grocery, health & beauty, baby, clothing and much more. You can redeem all offers on your Cartwheel in one transaction and an identical offer can be applied up to a maximum of four times in a single transaction. You are allowed one Cartwheel offer with one manufacturer’s coupon and one Target coupon for triple the savings!

You can sign up thru email or your Facebook account and you will need a smartphone to redeem savings in stores, although you can bring a printed bar code with you in lieu of a smartphone. This bar code never changes, no matter what you delete or add to your cartwheel, so if you laminate it or find some other way to protect it, you can use it over and over.

IMG_21012014_181327OTHER TARGET COUPONS: Target also sends out various mailers with coupons – home mailers are random – there is no 100% fool-proof way to get one. Sometimes having created a baby or wedding registry may help, or spending on a REDcard helps, or filling a prescription, and the list of theories goes on. But none of these things are a 100% guarantee you will start receiving them and unfortunately there is no definite mailing list to get on. When you check out at the register you can check the coupons that print from the Catalina machine that you get with your receipt. Sometimes they are Manufacturer coupons, but sometimes they are Target Coupons!

You can always see a complete list of ALL Types of current Target coupons on my Target Coupon Page.


cash-rewardsThere are a couple of great savings apps out there for both iPhone and Android users to earn cash back for shopping in-store. The first one, ibotta, is a fun & easy way to earn extra money while shopping for buying products that most likely you were going to buy anyway. Plus, the Ibotta app offers lucrative Bonuses. The second one, Checkout 51, is also a fast and easy way to earn cash back on the brands you love, yet it also has some unique features and… you do not need to have a smartphone to take advantage of this great app! Watch the blog for new offers and matchups to be posted, plus you can read about each of them in more detail as follows…. for more info on ibotta, go HERE and for more info on Checkout 51, you can go HERE.


IMG_21012014_180857Another way to save at Target is by taking advantage of their Gift Card Deals where a Target Gift Card is awarded at checkout in return for buying a specified product or products. Gift Cards cannot be used in the same transaction you earned them, however they can be rolled into the next transaction. If you do more than one Gift Card Deal in a transaction you WILL receive both Gift Cards. There are usually several Gift Card Deals in the Target Ad every week, that usually only last that week. However sometimes quite a few Gift Card deals remain unadvertised and extend for longer periods of time.

Target also offers Special Purchase Deals. These are usually a B1G1 Free type of deal or instant savings when purchasing 2 or more of a specific product. Again several of these are advertised each week, but some are not and last for 2 or more weeks. I do my best to keep track of as many unadvertised longer-term Gift Card & Special Purchase Deals as possible on the Special Deals Page. On that page you can find the details, coupon matchups and some Deal Ideas so be sure to check it out.


Target has a price matching policy which they refer to as a Low Price Promise. This can be another way to save Gas, money & time, since Target will honor local competitor’s ads, however there are quite a few rules and restrictions. You can view Target’s official price matching policy HERE.


You can find the official Target Coupon Policy HERE. It’s always a good idea to print it out and keep with you when you shop.

387211_10151581781563120_690736138_nTarget will accept printable coupons with a scannable bar code except one that is for a FREE item when no purchase is required. Target does not accept competitor’s coupon or expired coupons.

Target does not give cash back – if the coupon is for more than the value of an item, the coupon amount may be reduced to meet the cost of the item. Target also has specific rules about using B1G1 coupons. You can check out this post HERE for more details and examples.


I hope you have found this page helpful, but if you have more questions or you have a deal you would like to share with me, you can contact me at [email protected].

680 Responses to “FAQ/Basics”

  1. vena says:

    Hey Kerry, Went to Target today and the cashier told me that they do not get paid for P&G

  2. vena says:

    Hey Kerry, Went to Target today and the cashier told me that they do not get paid for P&G coupons. I got the olay, she was very nice and took the coupon. LOVE YOUR SITE

  3. Jennifer says:

    I am wondering where you are located? I have noticed price cuts vary by area and was curious where you are located and if you know how far a radius the cuts would cover? Thank you very much.

  4. sonnet pichardo says:

    ok kerry i hope this is the right place to ask a question. Today I when to the pharmacy to get 2 NEW prescriptions filled. I know target throws the $10 GC every so often. Of course, I has not prepared for this trip since it was emergency rm trip. In all the trip went well the l asked the lady when i dropped it off if the still honor the $10 GC with prescrips and said yes as long as I have the coupon. I told nope I dont have one but dont the store have one this week in the ad. She said that i could check at the GS. I went there and the guy let me see this weeks ad. Nope there was no coupon. But ask them if they have one back there. so my prescripe is done and I ask her and she said no there wasnt one in this week ad but she has one back there. so as she went to the back to get one another lady asked if it was military and the lady said yes. so the other lady said that military are not allowed to get a GC becuase they have tricare for medical insurance. The 2nd lady told her to go ahead and do it this time but i cant get the deal next time. I told her that is weird what does insurance have to do with it. and she said it say it right on the coupon, but of course she didnt let me see. BUT i got the 2 $10 GC and still had to pay a co pay of 5.37 for the prescripes. My question to you is from your knowledge are military exempt from getting the prescription GC ? just so i know for next time when i am prepared and do show up with the coupon(s)

  5. Kerry says:

    @Jennifer I am in St. Lucie County- sort of south-mid-east FL. PCs can vary within 10 miles, but once you have been following the blog a while- you will probably notice an amount or percentage yours may be cheaper or more expensive which will help you start to learn what to expect in your own area when using my site. hth

  6. Julie says:

    How or where can I sign up to receive the target coupon books? Asked in the store – they didn’t know. Thanks so much.

  7. Beth says:

    LOVE your blog! I had something happen today that was new to me, but thought you might have some insight. I went to print my Target coupons before going to do errands today, and it only let me print 6 coupons *total*. I printed 2 once each, then 2 twice each… and then it wouldn’t let me print any other coupons, even though I hadn’t printed them at all. This is the first time that I’ve hit a “total coupon” ceiling rather than a “you have printed the maximum times allowed” ceiling… but 6 seems really, really low!

    Any thoughts/ideas?

  8. Jamie says:

    I have a question about the diaper GC deal this week. I also have the $5.00 GC when you buy 2 Huggies diaper coupons. Can I use this coupon with the store advertised GC deal and get 2 gift cards? Just wondering! Thanks!

  9. Serena says:

    I went to Target yesterday and spent more then I normally do to prepare for our camping trip. When I handed the lady my coupons she had to look and read almost every one and questioned a lot of them. (I had an item for every coupon I used) She seemed to scatter them around her also. Which was very annoying. Well when I got home and looked over my receipt I noticed a few big value coupons missing off the receipt, which I am VERY annoyed about because then I wouldn’t have bought the product without a coupon. What do you do in this case, How can i prove if I go back in with my receipt that I had a coupon for that item? I can’t figure out which $1 coupons are missing as well, I know I had more then what was rung up on the receipt.
    I just keep thinking of how much more I should have saved and it’s frustrating me.
    Please help on what I should do in this case. Thanks 🙂

  10. Yvonne says:

    I have a question about Target Mobile coupons. Can each mobile coupon only be used once? And is it once per person/once per transaction/once per item? I use and refer your site all the time! Thanks!

  11. erika says:

    can you use a catalina from target with a manufacturer coupon?

  12. brenda says:

    How many purchases can you use with a mobile coupn? is it one per phone

  13. Kerry says:

    1 mobile coupon per cutomer. once you use it’s done. That is the way they meant for them to be used

  14. Coreen says:

    @sonnet pichardo: with regard to using the Target GC coupons for prescriptions, all government supported health plans, including military, medicare, medicaid, etc., are excluded from receiving a GC when filling a scrip on the plan, per the language on the coupon. There was a pharm c/o in this week’s flyer so maybe you can read the fine print this week. This isn’t a Target policy but a government policy. I used to work for a health plan that processed a lot of federal health claims, and my understanding was that it was meant to keep the playing field level so that Target wasn’t “bribing” people to get their prescriptions filled at their pharmacies instead of somewhere else. I have a friend on medicaid, and she can’t get the GC’s when she fills her scrips either. Hope that helps.

  15. Kim says:

    I took advantage of the $1/1 Sally Hansen printable combined with the $1/1 Sally Hansen Target coupon. I had two of each coupon and got two bottles of nail polish. The register took the first two coupons and then had trouble on the last two. The checker questioned them and finally took them. Is is okay for me to buy two? Will it always have trouble with either buying two of one item or using 2 coupons for one item?

    Then….I found some Revlon mascara on clearance for $3.74. I had the $1/1 Target coupon and then a $2/1 manuf. coupon. It wouldn’t take the manuf coupon because it says “Revlon Color Cosmetic”. How do you know what they consider “color cosmetic”…or did it just kick it back because it was a second coupon for one item?


  16. Kristen says:

    I am wondering how to get on the mailing lists for various coupon mailers from Target–I know my mom just got a booklet and I see some mentioned here but I don’t know how to arrange to get these. Any ideas?

  17. Angela says:

    I have been following your blog for some time now and I have to say I love it! I am really upset at the Target on Bay Area Blvd in Houston. Yesterday, I went to grab a couple things I needed and printed my Target coupons, along with clipping my manufacture coupons. I get to the register where the cashier has started to scan my items, she sees my coupons in my hand and very rude asked me ” Are those coupons” I said “yes” she stops scanning and tells me to give them to her without any explanation, I gave them to her, she started to take things out of the bag and looking for them for each individual coupon I had without having scanned the rest of my items, the lady behind my was really nice and I felt so bad because she only had one item (by this point the cashier is looking for each item I have a coupon for before she scans it) the lady behind me tells me she doesnt think the coupons are being taken off, thats when my cashier decided to explain what she was doing to her not me, she tells her this is our new policy I have to do this now. I didn’t have a problem with what she was doing, had she explained it I would’ve helped her arrange the items accordingly. She was incredibly rude about the entire thing and when I got home I realized she didn’t scan a couple of my coupons $16 worth to be exact!!! The worst part is most of the coupons she did not scan were Target coupons! I am just so upset and I could not find a complaint email/ number on their website. I think if this is going to be their new POLICY as she said, everyone should know to avoid the surprise at the register. It added an extra 30 minutes to my transaction where I had only about 15 items. I didn’t notice the total because I purchased some ink that was $60 and since I started couponing recently I haven’t really mastered the price thing. I can assure you that I wont be going up to the register without knowing my total.

  18. couponsensei says:

    Have always preferred Target. Now, imagine my surprise today to realize their ad matching does NOT apply to produce, the bakery and meats. I was surprised and disappointed. Corporate confirmed…even if the competitor ad states Chicken breast .89 /lb and no brand stated, you cannot get the chicken breast at Target for that price because Target “brands” the chicken as market pantry. Seems like a little shady there. Same goes for a loaf of french bread or even a watermelon (the example the guest svcs person gave). So, keep this in mind if you plan to ad match – try just going to the original store or another store that ad matches. I was so disappointed…

  19. I love your site! I was wondering if there’s a way of knowing a coupon on the Target site is a Target or a Manufacturer’s coupon? I hate when I print off a coupon thinking I can stack it with a Manufacturers only to print it and find it IS a manufacturers. 🙁 any suggestions?

  20. ME says:

    @ Cheryl – If you go under the tab “Target Qs”, Kerry lists out all the coupons available on the Target site and whether it is a Target Q or a Maunfacturer Q…HTH!

  21. April says:

    I am very new to couponing and got a bit excited last week and reached my max print limit on the Target site. I figured it would reset on Sunday. I was able to print two coupons after Sunday, but since then, have been getting the “reached your limit” message. Does anyone know what the limits are per household or when they reset them?

  22. Carolyn says:

    I have the same question as April. I didn’t know there was a coupon print limit (other than 2 prints per coupon per computer), but I have gotten the following message just now on the Target coupon website: “We’re sorry. You’ve reached the limit of coupons you’re currently eligible to receive.” There are some coupons on the Target site that I would love to get before they disappear, but the website will not allow me to print on either of my computers tonight. Kerry, can you explain this policy to us? Has anyone else out there had this happen before? I’ll make sure to only print the coupons I really want if this is going to be a recurring problem. Thanks to any one who can offer help or an explanation!!! 🙂

  23. Sheila says:

    Kerry- I have never had a problem at Target with my coupons, except the print limits. I miss great ones frequently because I didn’t print them off fast enough, and everyone else snatches them 🙂
    I was wondering, do you know exactly when Target posts the new coupons for that week? Midnight? 4am? I will set my alarm!
    P.S.- at Walgreens today the cashier accused me of stealing because of using coupons. “You are getting that for free! That is just wrong! I bet you don’t even use it!” When I explained that some of the items would be going to Joplin MO, she said “yeah right”. I was using some MQ, but paid for some of my stuff with catalina’s from WG that were from previous transactions (perfectly legal).
    I am just surprised by some of the attitudes that we are encountering now that TLC airs “extreme couponing”.
    This lady really believed that I was wrong to get $$ off.

  24. Kerry says:

    Hey SHeila- they usually reset around 3am EST on Sunday, sometimes a bit later. Re cashier behavior- couponing sometimes requires a thick skin but as long as you are using your coupons properly, there is nothing to fear or defend. But if I were you in the instance you describe- I would have asked to see a manager.

  25. Erica says:

    Hi, I went to my local target this morning in Louisiana and found that the Banana Boat lip balm had a tag for a price cut making it $1.79 and it was, according to the sign which specified “Banana Boat lip Balm”, supposed to be by 2 get a $5 gift card. I asked one store manager if what I was reading was correct and he said yes and there was no limit to my purchase there were just no rainchecks. When I got to the check out the computer wasn’t prompting my $5 gift card. Long story eventually the manager was called and said it was a misprint on the sign and would only allow me to purchase but 2 lip balms. What are your thoughts and what would you have done in this situation??

    Thanks Erica

  26. Kerry says:

    Hey Erica- it is because you need to hit a $5 mark to make the deal work. Your total before coupons cannot be less than the gift card being earned. see my post here

  27. Debbie says:

    Hi Kerry, I’ve been following your blog and have learned so much, thank you! I had a question: you showed a pic of Zyrtec on sale for $4.76. I just came back from my Target where I paid $5.48 for the same package (minus my $4.00 coupon). Do individual stores have different sale prices? Thanks! Debbie

  28. Kerry says:

    Hey Debbie- absolutely- different regions of the country can have different prices. I am in S Central Florida. I try and warn about it often that sale prices can vary by region but it is hard to put that on each and every single post but I do try. Even my 2 local stores can differ from one another.

  29. Traci says:

    Hi Kerry,

    Do you know which insert had the Target coupon for Downey, Tide and Bounce. I cut these out of one of my inserts and wanted to do a deal again and I have extra inserts that I was going to go through to find them. They were all together, on one page of some insert.

  30. Kerry says:

    yes I believe that was 5-22 RP Traci. You can always reference the target coupon page too. I keep a running list of all Target coupons from all sources here:

  31. Danielle says:

    Hi Kerry I wanted to know if you or anyone else was having problems with the type of printer and not being able to print off the target coupons. I used to be able print the coupons and now I get a message saying they do not allow me to print from my type of printer I have a cannon print fax and scanner all in one. I am super frustrated since I always would try to print off coupons I could use but now it is not allowing me to since I apparently have the “wrong type of printer?” Any thoughts or suggestions from your followers would be helpful!

  32. Maggie says:

    Hi Kerry I love love your blog! I just have a question about the target coupons you print at the Target website. How many of the Target coupons can you use? I printed two of the Magnum ice cream and combined with two manufacturer coupons, but the cashier said I was only able to use ONE Target coupon because the bar code numbers were identical?? He even accused me of photo copying the coupons! What can I do about this? The Target coupons all has the same bar code numbers for each item, but then why are we able to print two? Thanks!

  33. Kerry says:

    Hey Maggie- printable TQs carry the wording of 1 identical target coupon per transaction. Some stores are strict about this- others may let you use 2 identical in one transaction. But if your store chooses to uphold the wording, I would have just done a second transaction and would have asked for a manager if they refused. Nicely explaining to management that T.com allowed you 2 prints and all it says is one per transaction, and you would prefer not to make 2 trips for ice cream, hopefully they will see the reasoning. Overwhelm them with kindness & smiles- like they say- you catch more bees with honey. 🙂

  34. melissa says:

    My Target Qs say limit one coupon or offer per transaction. I know the policy says they will accept 1 TQ and 1 MQ per item but this is confusing to me. I am really new to couponing and just want to make sure I know what to say if I have a problem in the store. Thanks!

  35. Kerry says:

    Hey Melissa- only printable Target coupons usually say that. if you are using a printable your store may only allow you to use 1 identical TQ per TRANSACTION. if you are using a Target insert coupon they do not say that, and you may use 1 target coupon and 1 manufacturers coupon per item in your transaction- so if you have 4 items in your transaction, you can use 1 TQ & 1 MQ for each item. If a coupon is for $1/2 then that coupon covers 2 items. hth

  36. melissa says:

    Wow that was fast! Just to clarify, if I try to use a printable TQ then I can only use that and not stack with a MQ also?

  37. Kerry says:

    Hey Melissa- no you can always use 1 TQ & 1 MQ per item, but if it is a printable- then your store may only allow you to use 1 set of coupons in a transaction. hth

  38. melissa says:

    Okay. Thanks. I tried to use a printable TQ the other day and stack it with a MQ but it didn’t go through. Since I wasn’t confident I really understood their policy I didn’t question it. Thanks for your explanation.

  39. Jennifer says:

    Just a heads up on how the coupons show up on Target’s receipts. Target coupons subtract the amount off the item so they do not always show as a coupon used. Also if a mq does not scan it goes in as a mismatch and will only show as a misc coupon at the end. if you want to know if all went through you need to keep track of what you began with. Ask them to help you match up the coupons on the receipt as well. As for how many coupons can be used, target web coupons state one per transaction so most will follow that statement. Quantities can be limited per store and it is based on household quantities and stock in store. The actual numbers are determined by the location itself not Target corporation. Hope this helps.

  40. Holly Mann says:

    Hi Kerry. I love your website! Thanks for all the great deals! I haven’t had ANY problems with couponing at Target. It has been wonderful. But I mistakenly misunderstood the coupon policy (as I am so used to how it works with Walgreens and in a hurry, didn’t review the policy). An example: I bought Suave Lotion yesterday. I bought (4) of them at $2.69 each. I used two B1G1 Free MQ. I then used (2) $1/1 MQ. I also used two $0.75 TQ. It said on the B1G1 Free coupon that it would be free up to $3.00 and the guy didn’t price adjust it down – just deducted $3.00 even though it was $2.69 (I didn’t see this until I got home). I had four other Nexcare coupons which caused overages of $0.13 each but nothing was price adjusted down for the Q – just gave me overages. So basically I didn’t realize you are not allowed to use a B1G1 Free Q and then also a MQ on the free item. I have always done this at Walgreens without a problem. I definitely wouldn’t have done it if I had known. Does your store allow “overages” or do they adjust the coupon down? If yo have any insight or advice I really appreciate it. Thanks Kerry!

  41. Holly Mann says:

    PS- I just read another comment from a month ago where you told the commenter it was up to the store or the cashier and their discretion regarding the B1G1 and the MQ. Thanks!

  42. Kerry says:

    Hey Holly- glad you foud your answer and yes it is a ymmv. T’s Q policy does not cover the issue- therefore it is up to the store.

  43. Jennifer Hearn says:

    @Kerry, I just noticed that you live in St Lucie. I do too and was wondering which store you prefer for ease of couponing and better deals….Traditions or Jensen beach?

  44. Lindi says:

    I was just wondering if you knew whether I would be able to use a manufacturer coupon for a free box of John Frieda hair color and a target store coupon for $5 off a box of John Frieda hair color? And if so, is there a trick as to which coupon to use first? Thanks for any help on this.

  45. Traci says:

    Hi Kerry,

    Just wanted to let you know about a deal I came across. There is a Oscar Meyer Angus hot dog coupon on target.com and a brinks coupon here http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=yffibin68244465&bt=vi&o=87345&c=SV&p=J8UVIcAv If this link does not work let me know and I can forward you the email I recieved from my local grocery store that is a mf coupon, so I was thinking its a buy 3 get 1 and the mf coupon is for a dollar of 2 so couldn’t you use 2 of the mf with the store one?

  46. Amie says:

    Did you see that Target Portraits is running a 50% portrait purchase deal? The minimum is $79.99 (before the coupon) So you can spend as little as $40 for a ton of prints! Also- Target Portraits does not charge sitting fees. Great Father’s day gift idea!
    Here is the link to the printable coupons: http://www.targetportraits.com/coupons/coupons.html

  47. Crystal says:

    Is there now a print limit for the Target Web coupons? I can only print 2 of the same and the coupon “disappers”. I had to get on our other computer to print a couple more of the ibuprofen & foil coupons.

  48. Tida says:

    Hi Kerry,

    I had a question about your post related to the Crystal Light drink mix earlier this week and the Neutrogena Men Razor Defense shave gel. I know you stated you can stack a target and mgf coupon but once you print the target coupon, it states that you can only use one coupon or offer per transaction. Does that mean you can not combine the target coupon and mfg coupon? how did this work for you?


  49. Kristina says:

    I have a question regarding using more than one of the same target coupon per transaction. For instance, if I print the .50 off I “Can’t believe its not butter spread” Target coupon two times to match with another coupon for 1.00 off one Manufacturers coupon – can I use both Target coupons in one check-out or do I need to go twice and check out twice?

  50. Colin says:

    I am new to your site, but why are some coupons listed in red and others in blue?

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