Jul 242013


So many of you have been lucking out with Summer Clearance finds at up to 90% Off and others not so much. But here’s a few other clearance finds that may be “Hidden” or may have mistakenly been put back in the regular aisles along with other like items. While you may or may not have luck- keep in mind these items will not have any clearance stickers- so not obvious clearance to shoppers and it can’t hurt to check if you are stopping in Target anyway…

HULA HOOPS: Thanks to a heads up from Lou- Kelley was able to locate a certain kind of Hula Hoop that you may find mixed in with the other Hula Hoops in the regular aisle. If your store is at 90% Off, these will be as low as .39 cents. These will have the brand name “Squiggles” in Yellow on the Tag and have a wavy design. -Thanks Lou!


GARDEN HOSES: Glenda left a comment about finding Green Garden hoses in with the rest of the gardening items for 90% Off at her store. They are the Room Essentials Lightweight 50foot garden hoses. And while Kelley did not find any green ones- the Orange ones were also ringing up on clearance too. If your store is at 90% Off- these will be as low as .99 cents! -Thanks Glenda!


TOY TUBS: Thanks to Jennifer, Kelley found one of these awesome large Rope Toy Tubs in the regular Juvenile Storage aisle next to the other Circo tubs. The Label will just read “Rope Tub” with the little black & white sun and it will have Rope handles. These will be as low as .59 cents if your store is at 90% Off. Kelley only found it in blue- but she’s thrilled since even with grown boys, they are still great for putting athletic equipment in and containing other garage clutter. -Big Thanks to Jennifer of Ramblings of a Suburban Mom who also has a few other finds you may want to check out on her post HERE.


UP & UP STYROFOAM PLATES: Kristin left a comment to give the Up & Up Styrofoam plates a once over in the regular aisles as it seems that you may find 90 ct packages mixed in with the 110 ct packages. They look identical- just the number of plates are different. The 90 count are the ones that will be as low as .32 cents if your store is at 90% Off. Kristin also mentioned watching for The Skip Hop toys in the regular aisle that are packaged in a rectangular cardboard backing instead of a wavy shaped one.  -Thanks Kristin!

Jul 242013

Here’s some more price cuts at Target this week in grocery. There will be more from other parts of the store coming soon. Please keep in mind when viewing the following that it is possible for Price Cuts to vary by region, and some products may not be carried at all Target store locations. For the latest deals with Price Cuts you can sort the Blog by Price Cuts, or visit the Price Cuts Page for a running list sorted by category along with coupon matchups.


Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream 1 pint 2/$6 or $3 each
-$1 off Frozen Food Item $1 or more Target Mobile Coupon (text FRESH to 827438) x8/31
-$1/1; $1/2 Ben & Jerry’s Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream 6-30-13 RP x7/28
-$2.50/3 Ben & Jerry’s Pints
= as low as $1 after stacking TQ with $1/1 MQ
Johnsonville Grillers 32 oz Box $7.19
-$1 off Frozen Food Item $1 or more Target Mobile Coupon (text FRESH to 827438) x8/31
-$2/1; $1/1 Johnsonville Grillers 6-23-13 SS x7/31
= as low as $4.19 after a stack, or almost 50% off regular price of $7.99
Market Pantry Peanuts 12 oz Container $2.12
Other select Market Pantry Nuts are included in the Price Cut PSA $2.79
-$1 off Archer Farms/Market Pantry purchase $2+ Target Mobile Q (text FRESH 827438) x8/31
-10% Off Market Pantry Snacking Nuts Target Cartwheel x8/3
= as low as $1.01 for the Peanuts after coupon and cartwheel


Beanitos Chips 6 oz $2.50
-$1.00 Off any ONE (1) Beanitos Bean Chips
= $1.50 after coupon


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Rolos, Kit Kat Minis 8 oz Stand up Bag 3/$8 or $2.66 each
-$1/2 Hershey’s Pouches 8-or 10.5-oz. Target Coupon x8/17
-$1/2 Hershey or Reese’s Candy, Select Stand up Bags 8 oz+ 6-16-13 SS x8/30
= $1.66 each after stack
Milky Way or Snickers Bites Stand up Bags 8 oz 3/$8 or $2.66 each
-$1.50/2 Chocolate Candy Bites (Milky Way or Snickers) Target Coupon x8/4
-$1/1 Milky Way 7oz OR Snickers 8oz Chocolate Candy Bites Target Q Shopkick App x7/26

= as low as $1.66 each after Shopkick Coupon
M&Ms 11.4 oz Bags 3/$8 or $2.66 each
-5% Off M&Ms Chocolate Candies (excl. seasonal) Target Cartwheel x8/3
-$1/1 M&Ms 9.4oz+ All You Magazine July 2013 x8/31
= $1.53 after stack


Market Pantry Sparkling Chill Water 17 oz .80
-10% off Market Pantry Sparkling Chill Beverage 17 oz Target Coupon Summer Up x7/28
-$1 off Archer Farms/Market Pantry purchase $2+ Target Mobile Q (text FRESH 827438) x8/31
= buy 3 and pay .46 cents each after mobile Q
Market Pantry Pasta Sauce 24 oz Jar or Pasta, Select Varieties 5/$5
-$1/2 Market Pantry® Pasta sauce AND Dry pasta Target Coupon x8/17
-$1 off Archer Farms/Market Pantry purchase $2+Target Mobile Q (text FRESH 827438) x8/31
-$1/2 Market Pantry dry pasta or pasta sauce Target Mobile Coupon (text JULY4 827438) x8/7
= Buy both and use any coupon to pay $1 for Pasta & Sauce or .50 each

Jul 242013


Today you can grab a new coupon valid for $2.00 off when you buy any ONE (1) NUK Pacifier found at zip 34689. arget carries the 2-packs of NUK Latex Pacifiers 0 to 6 months for as low as $3.49, so $1.49 after coupon or like paying .75 cents per pacifier. The NUK coupons have not lasted very long lately, so grab it while you can!

Jul 232013


Some of you may find a new offer at your stores for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 2 Seventh Generation 100 oz Liquid Laundry Detergent thru 8/3. We also have a $2/1 Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent (can be found at Zip 01364) and a Target Mobile to stack to make for a nice deal…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Seventh Generation 100 oz (66-ld) Laundry Detergent ($12.99) = $25.98
-$1 off any brand Laundry Detergent ETS Target Mobile Coupon (text FRESH to 827438) x8/31
-$4.00 (use two $2/1 Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent (Zip 01364)
= $20.98 - $5 Gift Card Back for buying 2 thru 8/3
= $15.98 for 2 or $7.99 each after coupons and gift card

seventh-generation-dish-liquid-target-dealYou can also find a $1.00 off one Seventh Generation Dish liquid available to print at that same zip of 01364.

So just a reminder that you can stack this coupon with a Target coupon and pick up this Dish Liquid for as low as .94 cents with a current price cut that is set to run thru 8/3…

Seventh Generation Dish Soap 25 oz $2.69 (PC thru 8/3)
-.75 off any brand Dishwashing Item Target Mobile Coupon*
*(text FRESH to 827438 to get this coupon) x8/31
-$1.00 off one Seventh Generation Dish liquid zip 01364
= .94 cents after stack

Jul 232013


If you have not used your $1 off Archer Farms or Market Pantry purchase $2+ Target Mobile Coupon yet (text FRESH to 827438), we got a few nice higher value Carthweel offers on Sunday that would work well with this coupon. Mobile coupons can only be used once, but here’s a few more ideas for you with the new cartwheel offers…


Market Pantry Orange Juice 64 oz Carton $2.69 (Regular Price)
-$1 off Archer Farms or Market Pantry purchase $2+ (excludes dairy) Target Mobile Q x8/31
-.40 (use 15% Off Market Pantry Orange Juice Target Cartwheel x7/27
=$1.29 after cartwheel offer and coupon

Market Pantry Mayonnaise 30 oz Jar 2/$5 or $2.50 Each (PC thru 8/3)
-$1 off Archer Farms or Market Pantry purchase $2+ (excludes dairy) Target Mobile Q x8/31
-.30 (use 20% Off Market Pantry Mayonnaise Target Cartwheel x7/27
=$1.20 after cartwheel offer and coupon and price cut

Market Pantry Sugar 4 lb $2.39 (Regular Price)
-$1 off Archer Farms or Market Pantry purchase $2+ (excludes dairy) Target Mobile Q x8/31
-.13 (use 10% Off Market Pantry Sugar Target Cartwheel x7/27
=$1.26 after cartwheel offer and coupon

This savings program introduced by Target allows you to save even more when shopping in-store. Even better- these offers can be used with Target Coupons AND Manufacturer coupons for up to a triple stack! You can see my post HERE to help get you started.

Jul 232013


We got two new Target coupons for Kleenex multipacks on Sunday. Since they do not specify boxes, I decided to give them a try on the multipacks of Pocket Pack tissues. The verdict? Only the $1 Off coupon worked for me with no beeps, and attached right to the product as you can see from my receipt below. The above Go Pack multipack pictured is the only one I tried.


Prices can vary by region- but if you have the same price I do on the 8-packs, it’s a nice deal between coupon & cartwheel for these handy little packs of tissues…

Kleenex Go Packs 8-count Package $2.29
-$1/1 Kleenex multipack facial tissue 4-pk. or larger Target Coupon x9/21
-.07 (use 5% Off Kleenex Facial Tissue Target Cartwheel x8/3
= $1.22 for an 8-pack or like paying around .15 cents per pocket pack

Jul 232013

Several of you reported finding 90% Off Summer clearance at your stores today. If you are stopping in today you may just want to take a look to see if you have anything left. Keep in mind this section will not get stickered- and signage may also not reflect the full percentage Off, so it is always wise to scan, scan, scan!

Kelley also found 90% Off at her store this afternoon and while it was slim pickings, she did find quite a few cake and cookie mixes from Pillsbury- Key Lime Cake Mix, Pink Lemonade & Orangesicle for .16 – .19 cents.You may also want to check your regular aisles for some of these Pillsbury mixes too- you just might luck out.


She also surprisingly still had quite a few of the Coppertone bonus packs that I posted about HERE- now at 90% Off at $1.39. She also found the Up & Up 3-Packs of sun Screen also now 90% Off down to $1.39! If you find the Up & Up 3-pack on clearance too- you can use the $1/1 Up & Up Sun Care item Target Coupon to get a 3-pack for as low as .39 cents!

Remember- not all stores follow the same clearance schedule- but with absent stickers, and possibly wrong signage- you will never know unless you scan some items to check! Let us know If you found /find anything good!

-Thanks for the heads up on finding 90% today to Amy, Linda, & Liz!

Jul 232013


As I posted earlier, if you did not get that Back to School Home Mailer from Target- no worries- since these coupons are now available as printables! (You can check out my post HERE for a list of the coupons along with matchups). One of the new stacks we have is for Mead Five Star school supplies, which means you can grab the 2-pocket folders for FREE at Target (be sure and check the regular stationary section for the folders)….

Mead Five Star 2-Pocket Folder .97 (Regular Price)
-$1/2 Mead Five Star School Supplies Target Coupon x9/2
-$1.00 Off when you buy TWO (2) Five Star Products HERE
-$1/2 Five Star Products 7-7-13 PG x7/31
= two FREE folders after stacking a TQ with a $1/2 MQ!

Jul 232013


Here’s a few more unadvertised short-term Sales & deals I saw at my store on Sunday. Please remember sales can vary by region and deals listed below are thru 7/27 only. For more on this weeks sales and deals- you can always check the Weekly Ad Page at the top of my site. This page always contains links to the complete current ad with a full matchup and my Best Deals of the week post.

Activia Yogurt 4-pk $2 (PC thru 7/27)
-$1/1 Dannon Activia Yogurt 4-Pack (or Share For $1.50/1)
=as low as .50 cents each after $1.50/1 coupon and price cut
Monterey Sliced White Mushrooms 8 oz $1.79 (Sale thru 7/27)
-$1 off Fresh Vegetable purchase of $1 + Target Mobile Coupon (text FRESH to 827438) x8/31
-$1 Off fresh Vegetable purchase of $1 + Target Mobile Coupon (text JULY4 to 827438) x8/7
=.79 cents after coupon and sale
Simply Balanced Organic White Grape Juice 64 oz $3.31 (Sale thru 7/27)
-$1 off Simply Balanced Food Purchase of $3+ Target Coupon x8/15
=$2.31 after coupon and sale
Market Pantry Shredded or Block Cheese 8 oz $2.25 (Sale thru 7/27)
-$1/2 Market Pantry® Cheese Items 5 oz+ (ESS) Target Coupon x8/17
-5% Off Market Pantry Cheese (Shredded and Block) Target Cartwheel x8/3
=$1.67 each wyb 2 after TQ, cartwheel and sale
Tyson Any’tizers Bruschetta 20 oz $4 (Sale thru 7/27)
-$1 off Frozen Food Item $1 or more Target Mobile Coupon (text FRESH to 827438) x8/31
-$1/1 Tyson Fresh or Frozen Chicken Product 3-24-13 SS x7/30
-$1/1 Tyson Any-Tizers Snacks 5-19-13 SS#2 x8/19
-$1/1 Tyson Any’tizers Snacks Bag All You Magazine June 2013 x8/17
-$1.00/1 Tyson Any’tizers Snacks, Any Bag – Tyson.com
=$2 after stack and sale (regularly $7.99)
Tyson Stuffed Mini Bread Bowls 16 oz or Mini Chicken Sandwiches 20 oz $4 (Sale thru 7/27)
-$1 off Frozen Food Item $1 or more Target Mobile Coupon (text FRESH to 827438) x8/31
-$1/1 Tyson Fresh or Frozen Chicken Product 3-24-13 SS x7/30
-$1/1 Tyson stuffed mini bread bowls, breakfast bowls or mini chicken sandwiches 5-5-13 SS x8/5
-$1/1 Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches, Or Stuffed Mini Bread Bowls, Any Box – Tyson.com
=$2 after stack and sale (regularly $4.99)
Simply Smart Chicken Nuggets 24 oz $5.49 (PC thru 7/27)
-$1/1 Perdue Frozen Product zip 34689
=$4.49 after coupon and price cut
Land O’ Frost Packaged Lunchmeat 16 oz $3.79 (Sale thru 7/27)
-$1/1; .55/1 Land O Frost Bistro, Premium, Delishaved Or Canadian Bacon 6-23-13 RP x7/23
-.55/1 Land O’Frost Bistro, Premium, DeliShaved, Or Canadian Bacon (Zip Code 03103)
-$1.00 off ONE (1) Land O’ Frost Lunch Meat Product
=$2.79 after coupon and sale
Tom’s of Maine Whole Care Toothpaste 4.7 oz $3.74 (PC thru 7/27)
-$1/1 Tom’s Of Maine Toothpaste or Mouthwash 6-23-13 SS x8/10
=$2.74 after coupon and price cut
Toms’ of Maine Wicked Cool Toothpaste 4.2 oz $2.64 (PC thru 7/27)
-$1.50/1 Tom’s Of Maine Kids Toothpaste or Rinse 6-23-13 SS x8/10
=$1.14 after coupon and price cut (regularly $3.09)


B4G1 FREE ZONE PERFECT NUTRITION BARS DEAL: There are some lower priced items included in the special offer for B4G1 Zone Perfect Nutrition Bars including the Kidz Zone Perfect Nutrition Bars 5 pk at $3.99 and Zone Perfect Nutrition Bars 5-pk at $4.34. The Zone Perfect Nutrition Bars Single Bars 1.76 oz are also included at .99 cents, so only .79 cents each after special offer. Here’s some deal ideas for the multi-pack boxes…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 5 Kidz Zone Perfect Nutrition Bars 5 pk $3.99 = $19.95
-$3.99 (one will be FREE with B4G1 deal thru 7/27
-$4 (use FOUR $1.00/1 Kidz ZonePerfect, Any Multi-Pack
=$11.96 for all five boxes or $2.39 each
DEAL IDEA: Buy 5  Zone Perfect Nutrition Bars 5-pk $4.34 = $21.70
-$4.34 (one will be FREE with B4G1 deal thru 7/27
-$3.50 (use TWO $1.75/1 Zone Perfect Multipack via e-mail if you are new to register HERE
-$2 (use TWO $1.00 off ONE (1) multipack of Zone Perfect Bars
=$11.86 for all five boxes or $2.37 each

GILLETTE VENUS RAZOR/CARTRIDGE DEAL: Aside from the Venus & Olay mentioned in the ad, the offer for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb a Razor AND cartridge also includes the Pro Skin and Spa Breeze. Since these 2 varieties offer a 4-ct cartridge refill, you can use your Target Coupon to stack…

DEAL IDEA: Buy Gillette Venus Razor $8.99 and Cartridge $15.99 = $24.98
-$5 off Venus Razor AND 4 ct+ Refill Target Mobile Q (text SUMMER to 827438) x8/31
-$5/1 Venus Razor (ETS and Disposables) 6-16 RP or 7-7-13 PG
=$14.98 - $5 Gift Card wyb both thru 7/27
=$9.98 for both items after stack, sale and gift card or like saving 60% off

Target: FREE Right Guard Deodorant or Body Wash!
Target: Huge Triple Stack on Schick Hydro Silk Razors
New Suave Professionals Coupon & Target Deal
Target: New Price Cut on Pepsi Mini Cans + Nerf Deal
Target: Enfamil Expecta Prenatal Supplements $5.99
New Huggies Wipes & Diapers Coupons to Stack

Target: Buddig Originals 29¢ After Coupon thru 7/27
New 25% Off Merona Shorts Target Cartwheel & Deal
Target: L’Oreal Healthy Look Hair Color $1.99 thru 8/3
Target: Summer Clearance Up to 70% Off
New Target Deals on Nestle Foods with New Coupons
Target: Degree Deodorant as Low as 54¢ thru 7/27
New 10% Off Gerber Formula Target Cartwheel Stack

Jul 222013


Among the new printable Target coupons today was a very nice high-value $2/1 Right Guard Deodorant or Body Wash.  The Xtreme Body Wash & Deodorant both sell for $3.49 regular price at my store. If you find the same price at yours- they will be FREE after stack!…

Right Guard Xtreme Deodorant or Body Wash $3.49
-$2/1 Right Guard Body wash or deodorant ETS Target Q x9/18
-$1.50/1 Right Guard Xtreme Deodorant/Personal Care 7-14 RP x8/3
= FREE after stacked coupons!

There are a couple other Right Guard Coupons to stack with too..
-$1.50/2 Right Guard Total Defense 5 Personal Care 7-14 RP x8/3
-$3.00 off 3 Right Guard Sport Deodorant Products

To see all the new Target coupons along with matchups, you can check out my post HERE.

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