Feb 152013

So if you’re headed to Target today you should find Valentine’s Day items up to 50% Off. Decorative items, craft kits, party supplies, clothing and most other non-perishables should be at 50% Off, and bagged candy will likely be at 30% Off. You will likely have to scan if you are not sure of some things- since clearance stickers will be few and far between.


Food items are sometimes slower to clearance- but Kelley found the Pillsbury items like baking mixes and frostings already at 50% Off. While the holiday area is typically where you will find most items- be sure and check near the regular aisles of the store too. Kelley found a whole endcap of Nestle Tollhouse Valentine Morsels actually stickered 50% Off down to $1.74. If you have the Valentopia store booklet that was handed out in some stores over the last couple of weeks- there is a $1/3 Nestle Baking Items TQ in there and there is also a couple of MQs out there- a $1/2 Nestle Toll House Morsels 10 oz+ 2-3-13 RP x5/3 and a .50/2 Nestle Toll House Morsels.


Keep an eye out for other food and snack items on clearance like these Lay’s Chips Multipack 20 ct Snack Bags that Kelley found at 50% Off today in the Valentine area. Honestly they are really hard to tell that they are Valentine- well at least I think so – so maybe that will slow them down in disappearing. The only indication is the pink outline of a heart around all the different snacks on the front of the bag They were $3.49 for her down from $6.99.


HOME & HOUSEWARES: Be sure and check in home and housewares for select items to be 50% Off too. These items may not make it back to the holiday clearance section and may still be sitting in the Home area. You may be able to find NordicWare and other Valentine baking wares at 50% Off. Again there will likely no stickers and maybe not even signs, so be sure and scan. Sometimes it is strange what goes clearance and want doesn’t so the scanner can be your best friend. For example Kelley found everything above scanning at 50% Off EXCEPT the heart Pancake pan – so scan to be sure.

dollar-spotDOLLAR SPOT: Be sure and take a good look in the Dollar Spot too- as you should find all purple dot items down to 50% Off today. Many of the purple dot items will be obviously Valentine’s but look for other non-Valentine items too that will make for great Easter Basket & Stocking stuffers in the future. For example Kelley found Star Wars Puzzles that were Purple Dot and sure enough they are ringing 50% Off too and there is nothing Valentine’s about them.

THE NEXT DROP?: Typically everything drops down a bigger percent off in around 3-4 days, but some stores take longer than others and the good stuff tends to go quick – especially food items. If you are going Valentine clearance hunting today – let me know if you found anything good!

Feb 142013

Here’s what has been spotted on clearance this week along with any coupon matchups I could find. Remember- clearance can vary greatly from store to store- there is no guarantee you will find the same or for the same discount that those who contributed to this post have. But I try & list specific varieties, prices & other details when I can, since not everything gets stickered and sometimes it’s worth a quick scan to check.

Keep sending us those emails and photos of your clearance finds and we will try to include them in our Thursday roundup whenever possible. Contributions are always appreciated!

GROCERY:  There has been lots reported in grocery this week including Crystal Light, Betty Crocker, Smart Ones, Del Monte, Starbucks and more. Emily found Fiber One Chewy Bars for 50% off marked down to $1.47 and there is a .40/1 Fiber One Chewy Bars making them only $1.07 if you find the same.

There’s been lots of K-cup clearance reported lately on all kinds of brands. If you are lucky enough to find the Millstone- this particular brand only is also still prompting for a $5 Gift Card wyb 2 thru 2/16. Barbara and Amanda also let me know there were lots of other brands on clearance too including Green Mountain, Cafe Escapes, Donut Shoppe, Newman’s Own, Gevalia and more. While so far I am only hearing 15% – you may want to watch for bigger discounts that would make for a nice deal after coupon. Here’s a roundup of some coupons for what’s been seen in grocery….

-$3/2 Starbucks K-Cups 10 or 16 ct
-$1.50/1 Gevalia Coffee Single Serve Cups 12-18 ct
-$1.50/1 Maxwell House Cafe Collection Single Serve Cups Facebook Coupon
-$3/10 Weight Watchers Smart Ones Frozen Products
-$1/2 Crystal Light Drink Mix
-$1/1 Green Mountain Coffee, K-cup packs 01-20-13 SS x2/20


Feb 142013

You can grab a new coupon today valid for $3.00 off 10 Weight Watchers Smart Ones. The Smart Ones vary in price depending on product but usually start at around $1.99, but we sales and specials quite often. You also may want to watch for select varieties being found on clearance too!

Feb 142013

For those of you who have the Stock Up & Save Get Your Year in Gear Section in your stores with bulk & bonus packaged items, I am hearing more and more about items starting to go on clearance. While there may not be a lot of amazing deals to be had quite yet with most being 15-30% Off, there’s always hope for bigger drops. So I thought I would do a roundup of some of the items that have been spotted in this section along with some coupon matchups to hopefully help you get prepared & help you grab some bargains when we see some bigger discounts in this section.

Most of the items we have coupons for seem to be just 15-30% Off, but I hear housewares and electronics have already been seen up to 50% Off. Emily reported Farberware, iPad Portfolio cases, smartphone accessories, Value Pack nutrition bars anywhere from 30-50%.


And Jessica reported finding her super jumbo boxes of Huggies diapers (originally $37.99) already marked 50% off!! Her boxes were already down to $18.98, while Emily’s sit at 15% Off, so again – it can vary greatly by store- but you will have to keep a close eye on this section as I have a feeling the clearance will move pretty fast in this area.

Keep in mind that what is in the Get Your Year In Gear sections can vary by store & region- quite honestly my section is tiny- so it’s just wild to see some of the pictures readers have sent in, And while certain shelves may be marked a certain percentage- it’s wise to check your stickers, and it can’t hurt to scan if you are especially interested.


Feb 122013

If you missed my post earlier- we got some great new high value coupons for Sally Hansen Nail Color Products today. I was especially surprised at how high the values were on a couple of them…
$3.00 off Sally Hansen Special Effects Salon Effects, Crackle, Magnetic, Lustre Shine or Gem Crush
$3.00 off Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

sally-hansenI’ve now gotten several e-mails, comments & pictures from readers about lots of Sally Hansen Clearance being found at Target. I hear there are quite a few varieties of the Salon Effects Nail Strips at 30% Off down to $4.90 and some are finding them even cheaper at 50% Off down to $3.48! The $3/1 Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips makes them .48 – $1.90 each depending on the percentage off at your store.

Also Sally Hansen Crackle & Magnetic Nail Colors for anywhere from 30-50% Off down to $3.12 – $4.36. The $3.00 off Sally Hansen Special Effects Nail Color Coupon is valid to use on either of these types, making them as low as .12 cents each depending on what you find at your stores! Happy hunting folks & I hope you find the clearance too!

-Thanks Katie, Shely, Jennifer, Vanessa, Lisa & Trena & to Christie & Tess for the pictures!

Feb 122013


Just a heads up to watch for possible clearance at your stores on select Old El Paso & Pace products. Emily found a whole bunch of this clearance in her Stock Up & Save Section of the store but it certainly can’t hurt to check the regular aisles too. She found 30% Off several Old El Paso products- vegetarian and fat free Refried Beans down to .88, Chopped Green Chilis down to .90 and more! She also found the Pace mild and medium chunky salsa on clearance for 30% Off down to $1.74.

The most exciting part of this clearance if you can find it, is that these items are all part of the offer for a FREE $5 Gift  Card wyb 10 select Mexican & Italian items and Emily confirmed that the Gift Card is still prompting despite the clearance. Even without coupons you can stock up super cheap, but there is a .60/3 Old El Paso products in the 1-27-13 SS x3/23 and a .60/2 Pace products 1-27-13 SS x2/24.

This Gift Card Deal is quite extensive and goes thru 2/23. If you would like more information on what’s included and more matchups- you can check out the Special Deals Page.

-Thanks so much for the picture & clearance heads up to Emily!

Feb 122013

There are three new high value coupons available to print for Sally Hansen Nail Color Products…
$3.00 off Sally Hansen Special Effects Salon Effects, Crackle, Magnetic, Lustre Shine or Gem Crush
$3.00 off Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips
$5.00 off Sally Hansen Salon Insta-Gel Strips Starter Kit or Salon Gel Polish Starter Kit

I have seen a few comments lately too about finding the Salon Effects Strips on clearance at Target, so you may want to keep your eyes out. As new colors and styles come in, Target frequently does do clearance and these coupons printed with a 30-day expiration date. But print now before they’re gone!

Feb 112013

Tracey sent this picture she took at her Tampa Target store today of some new clearance she found on Millstone K-Cups for 15% Off down to $9.34. We still have a current unadvertised offer thru 2/16 for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 2. And even though her store had taken down the Gift Card signs, the register still prompted for the Gift Card just fine.

If you find the clearance too, there are $1.50/1 Millstone Coffee K-Cups coupons in the 12-2 RP or 2-3 RP. After buying 2, and using 2 coupons, it would be $10.68 for 2 boxes or $5.34 per 18-ct box after coupons & Gift Card or like paying right around .29 cents per K-cup! Clearance can vary greatly from store to store, & some unadvertised deals can be regional, but I hope you find it too! 

-Thanks so much for the e-mail & picture to Tracey!

Feb 092013


Emily- sent me some more pictures from a trip to her West Virginia Target last night, and I just thought I’d share a few of her nice finds with you. While clearance can vary greatly by store, it certainly can’t hurt to look around if you have interest..

For starters I just can’t even believe all those Godiva Chocolate Bars! She found just a ton of these Godiva 3.5 oz Bars at her store on an endcap- all Milk Chocolate Hazelnut flavor and all 50% Off down to $1.74. She also found a few Godiva Dark Chocolate Caramel Bags 50% Off down to $1.99.

If you find this Godiva clearance at your stores- we still have a $1/1 Godiva chocolate Target Coupon x2/22, and some of you may also have a $1/1 Godiva Target Coupon that was in the Valentopia Booklet handed out at some stores a week or 2 ago.


She also found 2 varieties of Annie’s products being clearanced at her store – Annie’s Spirals with Butter & Parmesan and Arthur Macaroni & Cheese. Both were 50% Off down to .76 cents. There is a .35/1 Annie’s Macaroni & Cheese coupon HERE, I was unable to print it in FF, but I did finally get it to print in IE.

There is also a rebate for a free Annie’s Herb Kit when you buy any two Annie’s products on that same page, but you will need to join EcoBonus to have access to this rebate. *NOTE* Please be sure and note the terms when signing up for Ecobonus before you do so- as it speaks about sharing your information etc.


And last of all- I know many of us have had clearance hair color just everywhere at Target- but I wanted to note that I am hearing more and more about bigger drops.

feriaEmily just noticed a bigger drop on a couple of brands down to 70% Off at her store so it can’t hurt to keep checking in on it if you have interest. She spotted Clairol Nice n’ Easy or Color Blend Foam 70% Off down to as low as $2.04 and there is a $2/1 Clairol Color Product in the 1-27-13 PG x2/28 to make it crazy cheap if you find the same.

She also saw John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color take another drop at her store to 70% Off down to $3.04 and we have a $2/1 John Freida Precision Foam hair color Target Coupon x3/2 to make this hair color super cheap at $1.04 (regularly $11.99!)

Last of all- Emily found select shades of L’Oreal Feria Hair Color 50% Off down to $4.48. A new unadvertised offer started this past Sunday for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 2 Select L’Oreal Hair Color and Emily found that even though some shades were on clearance- they were still prompting for the gift card- so it may be something to check for at your stores. There is a -$2/1 L’Oreal Haircolor Product 1-6-13 RP x3/2 and there is also a $1/1 L’Oreal Paris Product coupon HERE.

-Thanks so much to Emily for all the info and pics- you rock!

Feb 082013


WOW! Jillian just let me know that we now have a new $1/1 Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Starter or Refill Target Coupon x3/8 to print! You can stack this with the $4/1 Glade Expressions® Oil Diffuser Starter to get a total of $5.00 off at Target!

These kits are just $5.99 regular price, so .99 after stack OR EVEN BETTER… several of you have found select varieties of these kits at 15% Off down to $5.08! That means just .08 cents after stack! :)

Select Glade Expressions Mist Starter Kits are also being found at 15% Off down to $2.54 and there are a couple printables still available to get these as low as .54 cents if you find the same!…

$2/1 Glade Expressions® Fragrance Mist Starter
$2.00 off any Glade Expressions Starter Kit

Thanks so much for the heads up on the new Target coupon to Jillian & for the clearance alert to Elizabeth, Omeshia, & Alejandra and for the pics to Emily!

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