Dec 232009

College Inn Broth $1/1 Printable MQ

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collegeinnGo HERE to print a $1/1 manuf. coupon for College Inn Broth (32 oz). This is a nice coupon and you should be able to get some cheap broth with it!

Dec 232009

Oscar Mayer Lunch Note Promise

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lunchGo HERE to make a promise to put a note into your child’s lunch box and receive a printable coupon for $1/1 Oscar Mayer Lunchables Combination with Water. When you make your promise- Oscar Mayer will also donate a lunch to a child in need. There are also cute little note design PDFs you can download and print.

Dec 222009

More Printable Blu-Ray MQs on SmartSource

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apesIf you haven’t noticed yet there are more Printable Blu-Ray MQs on to Stack w/ the $5 Off a Blu-Ray Target Q HERE. Stack the 2 together and you can get $15 Off the following Blu-Ray Collections:

$10/1 Planet of the Apes Collection PRINT
$10/1 The X-Files 2-Pack PRINT
$10/1 The Omen Complete Collection PRINT
$10/1 The Hannibal Lecter Collection PRINT

*Remember the $5 Off Blu-Ray Q is set to expire on 12/24

Dec 222009

Another Jergen’s MQ Added to e-Centives

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jergThere is another Jergen’s Q up on eCentives, but wanted to let you all know that it is yet another manufacturer’s Q.  This one is for $1/1 Any Jergen’s Moisturizer 10 fl. oz or higher. It expires on 1/5/2010. I will add it to the Master List.

Dec 222009

New High Value Printable Coupons

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therafluThere are some great new high-value coupons available HERE:
$2/1 Any TheraFlu Product
$2.50/1 John Frieda Luxurious Volume Product
Just use zip 34986 if you don’t see them.

Dec 222009

I was supposed to be wrapping presents tonight- but I got really caught up in trying to determine what is the source of the problem with those having trouble printing and found out something interesting that may help. I was reading on HCW that eCentives is User-Based, not computer based. Basically- if there is another user in your household, they can log on under their user name and print coupons as well.

That fact alone was very interesting- but I started thinking that maybe this may solve the problem for those who cannot print at all. By creating a new user account- you will be starting with a sort of clean slate and perhaps it is just some of your current settings that are interfering with your ability to print. I tried initially to just switch to my husbands user name and print with no success, so I started from scratch and here is how I got it to work.

I created a new user account for my husband on my computer with NO password AND made it an administrator account. I then set up my printer (chose my current printer I use as the default in control panel) I then went to eCentives- and was prompted to download the coupon activator and I downloaded it to my desktop- not a directory. After it was finished I closed all open windows and ran the activator from the desktop. When it was finished- I was able to print without any trouble.

When I accessed my browser (IE) for the first time it asked me all sorts of set-up questions and I sort of ignored all of them- setting up the most basic available. I also had to click the information bar below my browser to allow eCentives to run ActiveX.

It is worth a shot to try it & I hope it may work.

Dec 212009

Target Adds Their Own Juicy Juice Matchup

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juicyjuiceSo Target decided to put their own matchup for the Juicy Juice Q back up on e-Centives tonight. So there is now the Target Store Q:
$1/2 Juicy Juice (8 ct Juice Boxes or 46 oz Larger Bottle) PRINT
                        and a manufacturer’s Q:
     -$1/2 Juicy Juice any size any flavor (MQ on Target Site) PRINT (exp 2/15/10)
Oh they are just making me so dizzy!

Also to Note- the Bush’s Best Baked Beans MQ that was set to expire tonight has been recycled and still up with an expiration date of 1/20/2010.

Dec 212009

Printable Target Qs: Friskies Cat Food

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friskiesThere are Target Store Coupons up on that may have been there a while and I just did not catch them. Everyone should be able to print these- as they are not part of the e-centives! You can go HERE to print them. All 3 have an expiration date of 2/20/2010:

$1 Off wyb 6 Friskies Selects Indoor Wet Cat Food
     -B1G1 Purina Friskies Selects Indoor Cat Food, Any 5.5 Oz. Cans from 09-13-09 SS – valid up to $0.92 (exp 12/31)
$1.50 Off Friskies Dry Cat Food wyb two 3.15 Bags or One 16 lb. Bag
     -$1/1 Friskies Dry Cat Food 3.15 lb+ Bag PRINT
$1 Off Friskies Wet Cat Food wyb 15 cans (5.5 oz) or 2 Value Packs (12 ct) or One 32-ct Value Pack

Dec 212009

Problems Printing Target Qs

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frustratedI have heard from many of you who are still having issues printing Target Qs and I can just imagine how frustrated you must be! I have scoured around on the internet and am going to list a few other things that I have found that may solve the problem for some of you. Maybe it will just take one thing or maybe it will be a combination of things- ie- use a different browser AND turn off pop-ups etc… I have my ear to the ground folks- and I feel your pain- if I hear any other possible solutions I will definitely post about them. In the meantime- any readers who have had this trouble and found a solution- please share your comment as it may help another.

*Update your Java. I usually get a little orange Java icon on the bottom right hand side of my screen that tells me if an update is available when I click on it. This may be similar in other platforms- so look for the little orange coffee cup icon on your desktop.

*If you are using Ineternet Explorer- try another browser or vica-versa. I have heard they will not print in Google Chrome at all.

*Try turning off your pop-up blocker when you are on the e-Centives site.

Dec 212009

Toy Qs Back Up!

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santaspudWell that was weird- yesterday all the toy Qs disappeared off of and today they are back up! Go HERE to print out the $5/1 Mr Potato Head Spud Buds Q and pick up a Santa Spud at Target for $1.99. What a nice surprise for a re-set and I think I will pick up 2 more tonight!


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