Aug 292011

We have a new Price Cut on Chef Michael’s Wet Dog food of 4/$3 thru 10/22. There is also a manufacturer’s coupon available to print at for $1/3 that will make for a nice deal of about 50% between coupon and price cut…

Chef Michael’s Wet Dog Food 4/$3 or .75 each (PC thru 10/22)
-$1/3 Chef Michael’s Wet Canned Dog Food Manufacturer’s Coupon on
= $1.25 for 3 or approximately .42 cents each after Price Cut & Coupon

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Aug 292011, a daily deals site offering big discounts on all sorts of products and services is offering a collapsible water bottle from Water valued at $10 for only $5. These reusable BPA-free Water bottles come in an assortment of colors and include a carabiner clip and FREE shipping is included on this deal.

Plus- you can get a FREE $10 new member credit when you sign up HERE. That makes this deal FREE for new members, plus you will have an extra $5 in your account for another deal down the road! Just visit HERE to sign up and grab your FREE $10 credit, and check out this deal and others that Savemore is featuring today.

Fine Print: Expires March 1, 2012. Limit one voucher per person, and FREE shipping is included. Voucher will be available for redemption on 9/1.

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Aug 292011

I found a short-term price cut yesterday on all varieties of Hamburger, Chicken & Tuna Helper Meals for $1 each thru 9/3. Short term price cuts tend to be more regional than others, but if you find the same- there are plenty of coupons you can use to get it down even further… 

Hamburger, Chicken & Tuna Helper $1 (PC thru 9/3)
-$1/3; .75/3 Hamburger Helper Skillet Meals 8-14-11 SS x10/8

-$1/5 Hamburger Helper Skillet Meals 8-7-11 GM x10/1
-$1/3; .75/3 Hamburger Helper Skillet Meals 7-17-11 SS x9/10
-.80/4 Hamburger Helper Skillet Meals Manufacturer’s Coupon on
= as low as .66 cents each after price cut and a $1/3 coupon

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Aug 292011

Many of you know I have been a little crazy lately with a move. Well the good news is we made it and I am now on Florida’s West Coast. Even though all my furniture and belongings are NOT in one piece :( the important thing is WE are all in one piece, and it’s over. I have managed to keep the blog going through all this thanks to a couple wonderful people and I so appreciate all your help. And I appreciate the readers answering each other’s questions as I have been MIA off and on these past few days.

Of course I never know how to do anything without a little drama, but it could have been much worse. The last time I moved my husband had a heart attack at 39, so my little drama this time around is nothing! But- in a nutshell- I was supposed to be out of my house on Saturday morning- instead I got left behind. My hubby went to go fill my tank with gas and got stranded at the gas station because my car would not start. He had to leave with the movers, and there I was sitting in an empty house with one last load of belongings waiting to hear the verdict on my car. One tow truck, and the cost of a new starter, and 3 hours later, I just had another hour to wait it out until the car place came to get me.

Then I nearly got scared half to death from a nosy neighbor who just decided to walk into my house thinking we had all left because there were no cars there. I hear the back door slam, so I jumped sky high and there’s this guy standing there on my patio starting to peek in my windows! Sheesh! I was so mad and slow on my feet to react when it happened. I should have yelled – I should have called the police- I should have chased him out with a broom- instead – genious me says “Can I help you?”. Um- really “can I help you?” that’s what I had to say????!!! Anyway, I finally get picked up by the car place, go pay for the car, and got on the road and around 3-1/2 hours later I made it.

Most of my belongings made it fine- but I did lose my desk. It literally broke in half- and not in a good place either. It’s done, it’s finished and was joined by my jewelry chest, a picture frame, and a lamp. BUT I have fashioned myself a desk of cardboard boxes for now, I’m over the jewelry chest, the broken frame did not damage the picture that was in it- and I actually hated the lamp- so I am moving on. ;)

I even managed to get to Target yesterday too- even though I had to hobble around a bit- my knees and back are just not what they used to be! So without further delay- I will start posting what I found and be happy that we are all here, safe and sound and will cross my fingers that I don’t have to move again for a very long time! :)

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Aug 282011

Here’s a few new & revised cheap finds with all the new coupons. (The new coupons are all marked with an asterisk*). I’ll let you know if any of the ones listed below get any better with new Price Cuts or sales. Please Remember- all insert coupons have the potential to be regional & prices can vary by region too, but here ya go!

Zatarain’s Rice Mixes .91 (PC thru 9/3)
*-$1/4 Zatarains Rice Mixes 8-28-11 RP x11/6
*-$1/3 Zatarain’s Rice Mixes
= .66 cents each after coupon

Cascade Complete Action Pacs 4 ct or All in One 3 ct .97 – $1.09
*-$1/1 Cascade 8-28-11 P&G x9/30
-$1/1 Cascade, Any 7-31-11 PG x8/31
= as low as FREE after coupon depending on price

All Small & Mighty Detergent 32 oz $3.99 (PC thru 9/24)
-$1/1 All Laundry Detergent ETS TQ Target School Year 8-7-11 Insert x9/3
*-$1/1 All Laundry Detergent 28 load+ 8-28-11 RP x10/9
*-.50/1 All Laundry Detergent
= as low as $1.99 after a stack

Nivea Women’s Body Wash $3.99 (Regular Price)
Nivea Women’s Gel Body Wash $2.99 (Regular Price)
*-$1/1 Nivea Body Skin Care Item Target Coupon 8-28-11 RP x9/24
-$1/1 Nivea Bodywash ETS Target Coupon College 2011 Mailer x9/18
-$2/1 Nivea Body Wash for Women 8.4-16.9 oz 7-31-11 RP x9/30
-$1/1 Nivea Body Wash for Women 8.4-16.9 oz All You August 2011 x8/31
= as low as FREE for the Gel Body Wash after a stack

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars .67-.79 (Regular Price)
*-B1G1 FREE Hershey’s Air Delight Bar wyb Milk Chocolate Bar 8-28-11 SS x10/9
= as low as .67 cents for both

Colgate Max Toothpaste- Assorted Varieties 4.6 oz $2.49 (PC thru 9/3)
-$1/1 Colgate Max Toothbrush, Toothpaste or Breath Strips 4.6 oz+ Target Web Coupon x9/13
*-.50/1 Colgate Toothpaste 4oz+ 8-28-11 SS x9/17
= .99 cents each after stack- but be sure and watch for the Bonus packs (comes with toothbrush) that are still being found at some stores on clearance!

Crest Whitening Toothpaste, 6.2 oz Assorted Varieties $2.49* (Regular Price)
*Watch for Bonus packs with a trial size toothpaste, whitestrip & $10 in MQs inside
-$1/2 Oral-B or Crest Toothpaste or Toothbrush ETS Target Coupon College 2011 Mailer x9/18
*-$1/1 Crest Toothpaste 4 oz+ or Liquid Gel excl Cavity, Baking Soda, Tartar 8-28-11 P&G x9/30
*-.50/1 Crest Toothpaste 4 oz+ or Liquid Gel 8-28-11 P&G x9/30
-$1/1; .75/1; .50/1; $1/2 Crest Toothpaste 4 oz+ 7-31-11 PG x8/31

= as low as .99 cents each after stack depending on coupons

Eveready Batteries (Located in the Dollar Spot at SOME Stores) $1
*-$1/1 Energizer Batteries or Flashlight 8-28-11 SS x9/30
-$1/1 Energizer Brand Batteries or Flashlight 7-31-11 SS x8/31

= FREE after a coupon if your store carries them (Eveready is an Energizer Brand)

Bounty Basic Paper Towels Single Count Roll .99 (Regular Price)
*-$1/1 Bounty Towels 6-roll ct or larger or any (2) Towels or Napkins 8-28-11 PG x9/30
*-.25/1 Bounty Towels or Napkins 8-28-11 P&G x9/30
-.25/1 Bounty Towels or Napkins 7-31-11 PG x8/31
-$1/1 Bounty Towels 6-roll ct or larger or any (2) Towels or Napkins 07-31-11 PG x8/31

= as low as .49 cents depending on coupon

Degree Travel Size Pure Satin or Shower Clean Ladies Deodorant .97
Degree Men’s Deodorant Assorted Variety of Travel Sizes .97
*-.75/1; $1/2 Degree Men or Women Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant 8-28-11 RP x9/25
-$1/1; .75/1 Degree Men or Womens Anti Perspirant and Deodorant 7-31-11 RP1 x8/28
= as low as FREE depending on your coupon

Hershey’s Syrup 18.5 oz $1.60 (PC thru 9/10)
*-$1/2 Hershey’s Syrup Bottles 17oz+ or Reese’s or Heath Topping 4oz+ 8-28-11 SS x9/30
-$1/2 Hershey’s Syrup or Toppings 6-26-11 SS x9/30

= $1.10 after coupon wyb 2

Ivory Bar Soap 3 ct .99 (Regular Price)
*-.35/1 Ivory Bar or Bodywash or Safeguard Bar or Liquid Hand Soap 8-28-11 P&G x9/30
-$1/2; .50/1 Ivory Body Wash or Bar or Safeguard Bar or Liquid Hand Soap 7-31-11 PG x8/31
= as low as .49 cents each IF your store carries the 3 count bar pack (not all do)

Kraft Dressing 16 oz Assorted Varieties $1.99-$2.04 (Regular Price)
-B2G1 FREE Kraft Salad Dressings 16-oz. or larger Target Web Coupon x9/10
*-$1/2 Kraft Dressings 14oz or 16oz 8-28-11 SS x9/25
-.55/1 Kraft Dressing 14 oz+
= as low as .96 cents each wyb 3 after a stack depending on your coupons

Meow Mix Market Selects Single Cups .47 – .56 (Regular Price)
*-$1/4 Meow Mix Single Cat Food Cups 8-28-11 RP x10/15
= as low as .22 cents depending on price

Oral-B Essential 55 Yard Floss .97 (Regular Price)*
*Can be found in both the Travel Section and the Regular Aisle
*-.75/1 Oral-B Floss or Floss Picks 30ct+ 8-28-11 P&G x9/30
-$1/1; .75/1 Oral-B Floss or Oral-B Floss Picks 30 ct+ 7-31-11 PG x8/31
= as low as FREE depending on coupon

Mr. Olive Sweet Relish 10 oz $1.55 (PC thru 9/10)
Mt. Olive Jalepeno Slices or Banana Pepper Rings 12 oz $1.87 (Regular Price)
Mt. Olive Dill Hamburger Chips 16 oz $1.42 – $1.64 (Regular Price)
*-$1/1; .75/1 Mt. Olive Pickles, Pepper or Relish 8-28-11 SS x10/9
= as low as .42 cents for the DIll chips depending on coupon and price at your store

Puffs Vicks Plus Lotion Tissues $1.84 (Regular Price)
-.50/1 Puffs Facial Tissue Excl. Puffs to Go Target Coupon 6-26-11 RP x9/15
*-$3/2 Vicks Product 8-28-11 P&G x9/30
*-$1/1 Vicks Product 8-28-11 P&G x9/30

-.25/3 Puffs Singles or one 3 pk 7-31-11 PG x8/31
-$1/6 Puffs Singles OR (2) 3-packs OR (1) 6-pack + 07-31-11 PG x8/31
-$1/1 Puffs 3 pk+ from Charmin Sensitive Coupon Booklet x6/30/13

= as low as FREE after a stack with a $3/2 MQ & two .50/1 TQs

Revlon Lower Priced Assorted Beauty Tools $1.57 – $2.99*
*Emery Boards, Clippers, Trimmers and more – unfortunately not available at all stores
-$5/2 Revlon Beauty Tools Target Coupon 8-21-11 SS x10/1
*-$1/1 Revlon Beauty Tool 8-28-11 SS x11/30
-$1/1 Revlon Beauty Tool 7-31-11 SS x10/31
= as low as FREE after a stack

Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara $2.24 – $2.99 (Regular Price)
Rimmel Glam Eyes Mono Eye Shadow $2.49 – $3.49 (Regular Price)
*-$1/1 Volume or Lash Accelerator Mascara or any Rimmel 8-28-11 RP x10/31
= as low as $1.24 cents depending on price

Temptations All Natural Cat Treats 2.47 oz Asst. Varieties $1.59 – $1.79 (Regular Price)
*-.50/1 Temptations Treats for Cats 8-28-11 RP x10/8
-$1/1; .50/1; $1/2 Whiskas Temptations Cat Treats 7-24-11 RP x9/3
= as low as .50 cents each after coupon

Tide 2x Ultra Travel Size (1 Load) or Sink Packets 3 ct .97-.99
*-$1.50/2 Tide Detergents, Downy, or Tide Stain Release 8-28-11 P&G x9/30
*-.50/1 Tide Detergent or Stain Release 8-28-11 P&G x9/30
-$1/1 Tide Detergent 7-31-11 PG x8/31
= as low as FREE depending on coupon

Tums, 3 roll 24 ct $1.76 – $1.92 (Regular Price)
-$1/1 Tums 24 ct+
= as low as .76 cents after coupon

For more current nice deals you can find at Target- see my Cheap Finds Page. If you are short on coupons or did not get what you hoped for in your inserts- you can use a clipping service (I highly recommend Virginia of My Coupon Hunter & Nicole of 4U2Coupon or for whole and uncut Inserts there is Katie of You can also search for coupons on eBay.

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Aug 282011

It appears some of you may have had a nice surprise in your Red Plum today.  I got a few emails & comments reporting some nice Nivea Target Coupons in their Red Plum! Please remember all Target insert coupons are regional and not everyone will get them. But I did see a few auctions when I did a search for Nivea Target coupons on eBay if you’re interested. Here’s a list of the new coupons along with any matchups I could find…

$1/1 Nivea Body Skin Care Item Target Coupon 8-28-11 RP x9/24
-$2/1 Nivea Body Lotion Facebook Coupon
-$2/1 Nivea Good-bye Cellulite Product 2.5-6.7 oz 7-3-11 RP x9/11
-$2/1 Nivea Body Wash for Women 8.4-16.9 oz 7-31-11 RP x9/30
-$1/1 Nivea Body Wash for Women 8.4-16.9 oz All You August 2011 x8/31
-$1/1 Nivea For Men Body Wash 16.9 oz ETS 7-31-11 RP x9/30
-$1/1 Nivea Body Lotion 8.4-16.9oz ETS 7-31-11 RP x9/11
-$3/1 Nivea Good-Bye Cellulite Product HERE or at zip 90210 HERE
-$1/1 Nivea Sun-Kissed Radiant Skin at zip 90210

$1/1 Nivea for Women or Nivea For Men Body Wash Target Coupon 8-28-11 RP x9/24
-$1/1 Nivea For Men Body Wash 16.9 oz ETS 7-31-11 RP x9/30

$1/1 Nivea For Men: Facial Care or Shave Target Coupon 8-28-11 RP x9/24
-$1/1 Nivea for Men Face Care or (2) Shave Gel .5-7 oz ETS 7-31-11 RP x9/30

$1/1 Nivea Lip Care Item Target Coupon 8-28-11 RP x9/24

- Thanks Kristy, Agnes and to Cammy of Super Saver Coupon Book for Houston & to Ms. Rita!

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Aug 282011

There are some new coupons up on Red Plum this morning. Sometimes Red Plum coupons do not last very long, so I would print what you want now before they disappear.

-$1/1 Garnier Fructis Style Product ETS
-$1/1 Tums 24 ct+
-.55/1 Jimmy Dean Sandwich, Bowl or Jimmy D’s Product
-.50/1 All Laundry Detergent 28 load+
-$1/3 Zatarains Rice Mixes
-$1/1 BC 18 ct+
-.50/1 Ferrero Rondnoir, Rocher, or Raffaello
-$1/1 Nutella 13 oz+
-$7/1 NicoDerm CQ 14 ct+, Nicorette Gum 100 ct+, Lozenge 72 ct+, Nicorette mini Lozenge
-$1/1 Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner, or Treatment ETS
-.75/1 Newman’s Own Salad Dressing
-$1/1 L’Oreal Paris Everpure
-$1/1 L’Oreal Paris Skincare
-$2/1 Disney or Marvel Vitamin Products
-$1/1 Surf Laundry Detergent

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Aug 282011

You can get a beauty bag filled with samples when you go HERE while supplies last. There are a few questions you will need to answer and you should allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

The last time Target had a beauty bag sample there were some great samples and the bag also had some really nice coupons inside!  These will probably go fast, so you might want to head on over if you have interest!

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Aug 272011

Tanga has a nice deal going on today. They are offering a Rolling Stone Magazine 1-Year subscription for just $3.99! Their suggested retail price is $101.75, and their listed price on Tanga is $25.99, BUT at checkout, you can use coupon code STONE -this will bring your total down to only $3.99. You can also bump it up to a 3-year subscription for $11.97. That is an awesome savings!

Keep in mind that when more & more people get in on Tanga deals, sometimes it does drive the price up, so grab it now while it’s still at the low Price.

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Aug 272011

UPDATE:  Over now folks!

Welcome to my weekly $25 Target WOW Gift Card Weekend Giveaway! Every week I will be loading $25 onto an extra fun Target Gift Card. These special gift cards all have some kind of fun twist to them and are now retired and can no longer be purchased in store or on

So I know for most of you- your children are back in school, and the last couple of weeks have probably been super hectic trying to get the kids ready for it.  After all that hustle and bustle, a little quiet time to decompress and relax is just the ticket!  So this week I have a “Pampering In Progress” Target Gift Card perfect for any Mom, or gal you know who needs a little spoiling! This WOW Gift Card is actually a plastic box that contains a comforting package of Kaori Almond and Vanilla Bath Salts! And the best part? It will also come loaded with $25 on it for the winner to spend to pamper themselves even more! :)

HOW TO ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY: For this giveaway, I am allowing 2 entries per reader. Please leave a separate comment for each entry. Facebook & e-mail entries will not count, so if you want your chance to win, please be sure to leave entry comments on this post.

Entry #1: Just simply leave a comment on this post.
Optional Entry #2: Like TotallyTarget & leave a comment on this post saying you did or already do.

This Giveaway will end on Sunday 8/28 at 11:59 pm EST, and I will pick one winner by random when it ends. I hope you enjoy these weekly Wow Target Gift Card Giveaways and check back every weekend to see a new one and get another chance to win! Good Luck everyone! :)

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