Feb 042011

Here is the Ad for the Week of 2/6. I will add any more matchups as I find them. For all of you having trouble with those pesky weeds that can sometimes happen in the middle of snowstorms in winter- don’t worry, there’s a sale on weed control in the ad. ;)

If you can think of a mainstream coupon I’ve missed please let me know in the comments. If you are looking for a coupon matchup for something not in the ad, try checking the Coupon Database. It is always a good idea to PRINT the coupon policy and take it with you. If you are short on coupons you can use a clipping service (I highly recommend My Coupon Hunter or you can also search for coupons on eBay.

FREE $5 Gift Card wyb K-Y Yours + Mine 3 oz $14.99
-FREE Greeting Card wyb K-Y Couples Lubricant 2-6-10 SS & Watch for Peelies too
-$7/1 K-Y Brand Premium Product ETS
-$5/1 K-Y Couples Lubricant Manuf Site HERE
-$5/1 K-Y Couples Product
-$4/1 K-Y Brand Couples Lubricants- 01-30-11 SS
$3/1 ANY K-Y Product coupon

FREE $5 Gift Card wyb (2) Arm & Hammer Cat Litter 28 lb $9.99
-$3/1 Arm & Hammer Clumping Cat Litter, All You Sept 2010 x7/31
-$1/1 Arm & Hammer Clumping Cat Litter

FREE $50 Gift Card wyb PS3 160GB Game System $299.99

FREE $5 Gift Card wyb Mario Sports Mix for Wii $49.99 (available Tuesday)

FREE $10 Gift Card wyb iPod 8 GB Nano $145

FREE $20 Gift Card wyb iPod Touch 32 GB $295

FREE $80 Gift Card wyb Oreck XL Signature Plus II Vacuum incl. Handheld Vac $329

FREE $10 Gift Card wyb KitchenAid 3 Cup food Chopper OR 5 Speed Hand Mixer $39.99

FREE $20 Gift Card wyb Mr. Coffee by Keurig Brewer $79.99


Bertolli Frozen Meals, Assorted Varieties 21-24 oz $5.99
-$1.50/2 Bertolli Frozen Meals, 1-30-11 RP x2/27

Coca-Cola Products 2 liter 3/$4
Coca-Cola Products 12 pk 3/$12

Cookies, Valentine’s Day 10 ct $2.75

Dasani Water 24 pk 16.9 oz Bottles $4.50
Dasani Water 8 pk 12 oz $2.50

Dolci Frutta Chocolate Melting Wafers 8 oz $1.99

Foster Farms Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts $3.49 lb
-$1/1 Foster Farms Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast 1-2-11 SS x3/31

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats 16 ct $3.99

Little Debbie Snack Cakes 5-10 Ct, Assorted $1.50
Other Select Little Debbie Snacks $1.25

Market Pantry Milk 1 gal $2.69
Market Pantry Eggs Grade A 1 Dozen $1.29
*Milk & Egg prices vary greatly by region

Menage & Trois Wine 750 ml $8.49

Oroweat Dutch Country Bread 24 oz $1.99
Oroweat Bread, Selected Varieties $3.50

Asparagus 12 oz $1.49
Strawberries 1 lb $2.49

P.F. Chang’s Frozen Meals, Assorted Varieties 22 oz $7.09
-$1.50/1; -$1/1 P.F. Chang’s Frozen Meals for 2 12-5-10 RP x2/13

Quaker Life Cereal 21 oz $3.29
-$1/1 Quaker ready-to-eat cereal Excl. single-serve Comforts of Home Target Mailer x2/17

Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal 16 oz $3.29
-$1/1 Quaker ready-to-eat cereal Excl. single-serve Comforts of Home Target Mailer x2/17
-$1/1 Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal 1-30-11 RP x4/30

Quaker Oatmeal 8-18 ct $2.75
-$1/2 Quaker Instant Oatmeal Items (Excl Single Serve) Target Web Coupon x2/28
-$1/1 Quaker oatmeal, Excl. single-serve Comforts of Home Target Mailer x2/17
-$1/1 Quaker Instant Oatmeal Target Coupon Pharmacy Booklet x6/4
-$1/1 Quaker Instant Oatmeal, any All You Feb 2011 x3/31
-$1/1 Quaker Instant Oatmeal, Quick or Old-Fashioned Oats 1-2-11 RP1 x4/30

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars 28 ct $3.99

Smartwater 700 ml 10/$10
Smartwater 6 pk 1 liter $5.99

Starburst OR SweeTarts 14 oz Bagged Candy2/$4

Sutton & Dodge T-Bone Steak $5.99 lb

Vitamin Water 20 oz 10/$10
-FREE Zero Rhythm Vitamin Water 20 oz wyb 3 VW 20 oz Target Coupon Live Well Booklet x2/28
*Look for Blue B3G1 FREE Target Coupon hangtags


Valentine’s Day Cards .99-$6.99
-$1/3 Greeting Cards (Excludes Cards Under $1) Target Coupon PRINT x2/19
-$1/3 Greeting Cards Target Mobile Coupon x2/18
-$1/3 American Greetings, Carlton, Just for You Legit PDF prints BIG x2/10

Russell Stover Octagonal Box 4.5 oz $4.49
-.50/1 Russell Stover boxed chocolate, 2.875-5.5 oz – 12-12-10 SS x2/14

Russel Stover Heart Shaped Candy Box $9.99
-$1/1 Russell Stover boxed chocolate, 7.4 or or larger – 12-12-10 SS

Valentine M&M’s Heart .99
-$1/2 Any Mars Valentine Products zip 90210 on coupons.com
-$1/2 Mars Valentine’s Day Products

M&M’s 12.6 oz Bags $2.69
-$1/3 Milky Way, Snickers, Twix, M&M’s or 3 Musketeers 8.5 oz or + TQ PRINT x2/14
-$1/3 Milky Way, Snickers, Twix, M&M’s, Dove or 3 Musketeers 8.5 oz+ Target Mobil Coupon x2/18
-$1.50/2 M&M’s, Snickers Brand Minis or Twix Brand minis 9.4 oz+ 1-23-11 RP
-$1/2 Any Mars Valentine Products zip 90210 on coupons.com
-$1/2 Mars Valentine’s Day Products

Wonka Nerds 18.7 oz $4.49
-$1/2 Wonka or Nestle Bags Nestle Site HERE

Hershey’s Kisses 11 oz Bags $2.69
.50/1 Hershey’s Kisses 10-oz. or larger Target Coupon PRINT x2/14

Valentine Exchange Candy 12 oz Fun Dip $3.29
Ghirardelli 7.3 oz Chocolates $9.99
Mars Mix 16.2 oz $4.49
Valentine Exchange Candy 13.4 oz Skittles $3.29
Valentine’s Novelty Candy, Poker Chips, Cigars and More $4.99
Whitman’s Chocolates Heart Shaped 6.25 oz Box $9.99
Valentine Mailbox kit $4
Dinner Plates or Napkins, Designs Shown $1.50
Gift Wrap Bags or Tissue, Select .99-$1.99
Gift Wrap Rolls, Select $2.99
Microfleece Throw $4
Party Favors, Assorted $1.99
Pure & Natural boxed Candles, Assorted Scents $9
Valentine Card Tray Packs, Select $2.50
Valentine Table Ware Melamine Plates $1.99; Sippy Cups $2.99


SPECIAL PURCHASE FREE 32 oz Windex Original Spray wyb Viva 8pk Giant Roll Paper Towels $9.99
-.50/2 Viva Paper Towels Rolls or (1) 2 pk+ HERE
$1/2 Windex Glass Cleaners 1-9-11 SS2

AirWick 2 pk Oil Refills $4.59
-$1/1 Air Wick Scented Oil twin refill pack or (2) two single refills 01-02 OR 01-30-11 SS
-$1/1 AirWick Scented Oil Twin Refill Home Solutions

Cascade Action Pacs 16-20 ct OR 75 oz Gel Or Powder $3.99
-.50/1 Cascade Home Made Simple Booklet

Dawn 48 oz Liquid $3.99
-.50/1 Dawn Home Made Simple Booklet

Glade Plugins  2 pk Oil Refills $4.59
-$1/1 Glade 2-pk Scented Oil Refill HERE
-$1/1 Glade Plugins Scented Oil twin refill or two single refills, any – 01-09-11 SS

Hefty 38-60 ct One Zip Bags $4.29

Febreze Noticeables 2 pk $7.49
-FREE Febreze NOTICEables Warmer wyb Febreze Refill 01-16-11 PG – valid up to $3.29

Kleenex Facial Tissue 112-200 ct Box, 80-100 ct Upright 4/$5
-$1/3; .50/3 Kleenex Facial Tissue Packages or (1) Bundle Pack 1-2-11 SS x2/27
-$1/5 Kleenex Facial Tissues Singles on Coupon Network

Puffs Facial Tissue 56 ct Cube 4/$5
-.50/1 Puffs Facial Tissue Target Coupon 1-30-11 RP x3/31
-.25/3 Puffs singles or (1) one 3Pack – P&G Proud Sponsor of Moms Booklet x3/31

Quilted Northern Double Roll Bath Tissue 12 pk $5.49

Tide 100 oz Liquid OR 63 or 80 load Powder $11.99
-$1/2; .35/1 Tide Detergent 1-30-11 PG x2/28

Tide Stain Release 34 ct Duo packs OR 68 oz Liquid $11.99
-$3/1 Tide Stain Release 15-34 ct Duo Paks or 36-68 oz Liquid 1-30-11 PG x2/28
-$1/1 Tide Stain Release Product 1-30-11 PG x2/28

Up & Up Facial Wipes 30 ct $3.35
-.50/1 up & up™ Facial Skin Care ETS Target Web Coupon x2/26

Up & Up Party Cups 50 ct 18 oz OR Disposable 10 in Plates 50 ct $3.49
-.75/1 Up & Up Disposable Tableware Item Target Mobile Coupon x2/18

Up & Up Trash Bags, 13, 30 & 39 ct Select $6.99
Up & Up Cetirizine Allergy Tablets 30 ct $12.59
Up & Up Big Roll Paper Towels 6 pk $6.99

Ziploc Bags or Containers, Select $4.29
-$1.50/2 Ziploc Containers, any Weight Watchers Jan, Feb 2011 x3/31
-$1.50/2 Ziploc brand containers 1-9-11 SS2 x3/5


Claritin 24 hr Non-Drowsy Tablets 30+10 ct $17.99
-$5/2 (1) Claritin Childrens AND (1) Claritin Adult Target Coupon Pharmacy Booklet x6/4
-$2/1 Claritin 10 ct+ Target Coupon Pharmacy Booklet x6/4
-$4/1 Claritin-D Non Drowsy 15 ct+ 1-23 or 2-6-11 SS x3/6
-$2/1 Claritin-D Non Drowsy 10 ct+ 1-23-11 SS x2/20
-$2/1 Claritin-D Non Drowsy 10 ct+
-$2/1 Claritin-D Non Drowsy 20 ct+

Depend 18 ct $11.99
-$2/1 Depends For Men Or Women, Any – 01-09-11 SS
-$2/2 Depend Absorbant Products

Degree Deodorant 2pk 2.6-2.7 oz $3.99
-$1/1; .75/1; $1/2 Degree Men Or Women Deodorant Or Body Mist, Any – 01-30-11 RP

Dove Deodorant 2 pk 2.6 oz $3.99
-$2/1 Dove Deodorant Or Body Mist, Any (Excludes Trial and Travel Size) – 01-30-11 RP

Gillette Venus Embrace Razor $9.49

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manual Razor $9.89
-$4/1 Gillette Fusion Proglide Manual or Power razor 01-30-11 PG

Britney Spears 1 oz Fantasy Fragrance $19.99

Halle Berry 1 oz Reveal Fragrance $19.99
-$5/1 Coty Fragrances or Gift Set, regular retail $10 or more All You, Dec 2010 x3/31

Mucinex DM 14 ct $10.99
-$1/1 Mucinex, Children’s or Adult product, not valid for trial size -11-14-10 OR 01-16-11 SS
-$1/1 Mucinex-D, Any – All You Magazine, February 2011

Origin Co Q-10 200 mg Softgels 30 ct $10

Poise 42 ct $11.99
-$2/2 Poise Pads OR $2/2 Liners Manuf Site HERE

Q-tips 750 ct $3.99
-.30/1 Q-tips cotton swabs products 1-30-11 Unilever RP x2/27

Suave Professionals 14.5 oz Shampoo & Conditioner 2 pk $3.49
-$1/2 Suave Professionals Shampoo Or Conditioner Product, Any – 01-30-11 RP
-.50/1; $1/2 Suave Men’s Shampoo or Conditioner product 01-30-11 RP (if included)

Suave Kids Detangler 10.5 oz $3.49

Vaseline Intensive Rescue Lotion 24.5 oz $5
-$1/1 Vaseline Intensive Rescue Lotion 6.8-oz. or larger Target Web Coupon x2/28
-$1/1 Vaseline Intensive Rescue 1-30-11 Unilever RP x2/27
-$1/1 Vaseline Lotion 1-30-11 Unilever RP x2/27


Aveeno Baby Toiletries 10% off
-$1/1 Aveeno Body or Baby Product ETS
-$1/1 Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Products
-$1/1 Aveeno Body or Baby Product ETS 1-9-11 SS x2/28

Gerber 1st or 2nd Foods 2 pk, Select Varieties 10/$8

Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers 112-228 ct Club Pack $35.99
-$2.50/1 Huggies Diapers 48-ct. or larger Target Web Coupon x 4/9
-$1.50/1 Huggies 20 ct Target Baby Mailer x3/9
-$1.50/1 Huggies diapers (any jumbo pack+) 01-23-11 SS x2/19
-$1.50/1 Huggies Snug & Dry

Huggies Baby Wipe Refills 184 or 216 ct $5.39
-$1/1 Huggies wipes 64 ct+ Target Baby Mailer x3/9
-.50/1 Huggies Baby Wipes, 64 ct+ 01-23-11 SS x2/19 and at zip 90210 on coupons.com
-.75/1 Huggies Baby Wipes MQ on Target.com PRINT OR
-.75/1 Huggies Baby Wipes HERE

Pampers Baby Wipe Refills 180 or 216 ct $5.39
Pampers Baby Dry Diapers 112-228 ct Club Pack $35.99
-$7/2 Pampers: (1) Diapers AND (1) Wipes* Target Coupon 1-30-11 RP x3/31
*(Cruisers 92 ct+, Baby Dry 112 ct+, Swaddlers 160ct, Wipes 480 Ct)

-$1/1 Pampers 13 ct+ Target Baby Mailer x3/9
-$2/2 Pampers: Diapers or Pants AND Pampers Wipes 60ct+ 1-30-10 PG x2/28
-$3/2 Pampers: Diapers or Pants AND Pampers Wipes 60ct+ 1-30-10 PG x2/28

Up & Up Diapers, Club-Pack $19.99


American Songbook Now..37 CD $9.99
For Colored Girls DVD $16.99, Blu-ray $22.99
House of Payne Vol 6 $19.99
Life As We Know It DVD $17.99, DVD+Blu-ray+Digital Copy $24.99
Paranormal Activity 2, DVD $17.99; DVD+Blu-ray $24.99
You Again DVD $17.99; Blu-ray $22.99


SPECIAL PURCHASE FREE Just Dance Kids wyb Just Dance 2 for Wii $39.99

SPECIAL PURCHASE FREE Tuari Laptop Sleeve wyb Acer Aspire One 10.1 inch Netbook $199.99

Kodak C195 Digital Camera $79.99
Kodak M590 Digital Camera $119.99
-$10/1 Kodak Digital Camera (excludes 1-time Use) Target Web Coupon x4/2

Amazon Kindle 3G $189
Apple iPhone $199.99
Apple 16 GB iPad $499.99
AT&T Blackberry Torch 9800 Phone (2 yr Agreement & Feature Plan req) $29.99
Call of Duty Black Ops Xbox 360 Game $49.99
CD’s: Miranda Lambert, Revolution; Blake Shelton, $9.99
CD’s: The Best of; Kings of Leon, Come Around; Drake, Thank Me Later; Jay Z, The Blueprint 3 $9.99
CD’s: Justin Bieber, My World 2.0 $7.99
CD’s: 2011 Grammy Nominees $11.99
Flip Video MinoHD Camcorder $149.99
Flip Video Ultra HD Camcorder $$179.99
Garmin Nuvi 255 W GPS $94
Kodak SDHC 4 GB Card $12.99
Verizon Droid X Phone (2 yr Agreement & Feature Plan req.) $99.99
Xbox Live Points Card 1600 points $19.99


Bissell CleanView Helix Bagless Vacuum $75
Bissell Lift-Off Multi Cyclonic Bagless Pet Vacuum $149
Burpee Garden Seeds $1`
Charcoal Grill/Smoker $69.99
Dirt Devil Easy Lite Cyclonic Quick Vac $35
Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker $24.99
Hoover WindTunnel Rewind $99
Hoover WindTunnel Pet $139
Kingsford 32 oz Lighter Fluid $3
Kingsford 16.6 lb Charcoal $7
KitchenAid Nonstick  9 inch Cake Pan or 10×15 Cookie Sheet $7.99
KitchenAid 12 pc Nonstick Cookset $119.99
Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix 8 qt $4.49
Miracle-Gro Shake n’Feed Plant Food 4.5 lb $9.99
Ortho Weed B Gon 32 oz $8.49
Oster 3 qt Fondue Pot $24.99
Oster Belgian Waffle Maker $17.99
Plastic Planters 6 inch $1
RoundUp Extended Control Pump & Go Weed Control $19.99
Smith & Hawken Wreath or Lg. Basket $34
Smith & Hawken Doormat or Med. Basket $18
Smith & Hawken Boot Tray $22
Solar Stake Lights, Styles Shown $9.99
Sunbeam 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker $17.99
Suncast Hose Hideaway $45; Hose $20; Deck Box $69; Hose Storage Bowl $25
Target Home Bookcase, Style Shown 2 Shelf $59; 5 Shelf $99; 3 Shelf or Desk $79
Target Home Accent Furniture, Select Pieces $65
Target Home Love Wall Art $9
Target Home 4×6 Frames $11
Target Home Patio Furniture; Club Chair $134, Coffee Table $89, Loveseat $179
Target Home Madaga Gazebo $274, Loveseat $179, Coffee Table $79, Chair $89
Target Home Casetta Dining Table $134, Four Chairs $349, Umbrella $79, Base $34
Target Home Planters $9
Target Home Seat Cushions $12
Target Home Outdoor Umbrellas, Styles Shown $75


Gilligan & O’Malley Cami & Panty Set $15, Robe $17
Gilligan & O’Malley Chiffon Chemise $15
Gilligan & O’Malley Lace Bra $12, Panties $4
Hanes Cotton Panties 6+2 Pk $6
Hanes Wirefree Bras 2pk $12
Hanes Socks 10+2 pk $8
Merona Watches, Styles Shown $10
Sterling Silver Earrings, Styles Shown $10; Rings $15
Sterling Silver Pendants $20; Necklaces $8
Xhiliration 2 pc Cami & Shorts PJ Set $9
Xhiliration Boyshorts or Bikini Panties $2.50


Fruit of the Loom Boxer Briefs 7 pk $16.99
Fruit of the Loom Crew T-Shirts 8 pk $15.49
Graphic Classic Fit Tees $7
Hanes Premium Bagged Socks 6+1 pk $7.50
Jerzees Short-Sleeve Tees $4
Levi Strauss Authentic Signature Jeans $21.99-$24.99
Merona Classic Fit Jersey Polo $9
Merona Boxers 1 pk $3.50
Wrangler Jeans, Select $17.99


Cherokee Girls or Boys Ultimate Tees $4
Cherokee Boys Graphic Tees $5
Cherokee Boys Denim, Select $12
Circo Girls Tunic $5, Leggings $4
Circo Girls Mix & Match Tees $5
Circo Girls Denim, Select $8
Converse One Star Boys & Girls Shoes, Select $18
Fruit of The Loom Girls Underwear 9+1 Pk $6
Hane’s Boys Crew T-Shirts 5+1 pk $6
Hane’s Kids Crew Socks 6+1 pk $3.79
Legendary Gold boys Denim, Select $8
Levi Authentics Signature Boys Denim, Select $14
Mossimo Girls Denim, Select $12-$14
Xhiliration Girls Ballet Flats $9

Thanks so much for help with the ad Student Saving Bucks!
-Join Me at BeCentsable’s
Grocery Gathering

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Feb 042011

There is a $4/1 Scrabble Flash Game up on the Hasbro Family Game Night facebook page.  You will have to “like” them and there is a limited number of coupons available.  The actual coupon may take a few tries to load but you might want to try refreshing the page if the coupon does not appear for you.  These were priced at $19.99 during the holidays but I think the regular price is about $27.99. 

-Thanks for the heads up on the coupon Printable Coupons And Deals!

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Feb 042011

There’s a few more new coupons on coupons .com. I see them all at zip 90210 if you don’t…
$1/2 Oscar Mayer Deli Creations
$1/2 Stove Top Stuffing Mix
$1.50/1 Package of Philadelphia Cooking Creme
$1/1 People Cooking with the Stars Special Issue

I believe the $5/1 Zantac 24 ct or Larger is also available to print again HERE

.75/2 Pepperidge Farm Rolls or Buns AND Manwich Manuf. Coupon on Target.com PRINT


$1/1 Robitussin Product HERE
$1/2 Sunshine Cheez-it or Crispix Cereal
$1/2 Keebler Crackers
$1/1 Green & Black’s Bar
.50/1 Breakstone’s Sour Cream
$1/1 Chex Cereal
$1/1 Green Works Laundry Detergent
$1/2 Famous Amos Cookies

-Thanks Steph at Printable Coupons And Deals!

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Feb 042011
If you are expecting, or a new Mom, you can get a FREE sample of Enfamil. Just click on “get free sample” in the banner and you can print a certificate, which will be good for a sample of formula to be redeemed at your doctor’s office. There is a limit of one sample per household per doctor visit, and only available while supplies last. Don’t forget to ask your doctor for any other free samples they may have available. I remember getting samples of Dreft, coupons & more. It can never hurt to ask! ;)  

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Feb 042011

If you have a Staples nearby, you will want to check out the coupons HERE including one AWESOME one for a FREE 12 pack of Staples Sticky Notes!  There is a limit of 2 per customer and no purchase is required!   The coupon is only good today and tomorrow (2/5), so if you are interested in picking up some FREE sticky notes, you should go ahead and print the coupon and head to Staples.

- Thanks Passionate Penny Pincher!

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Feb 042011

Here is a great deal you might want to grab quick as I am not sure how long it will last. Right now you can get a $10 Deal Pulp credit for only $1!  That is a 90% savings! This was the same daily deals site that offered the $10 Target Gift Card for $7 (no longer available) so this is definitely one to get in on- ou never know what deals they will be offering next!

Fine Print: Limit 1 per person. No expiration date. Cannot be purchased using DealPulp credit. Cannot be purchased as a gift. Credit is redeemable beginning February 5, 2011. Once the deal ends, your $10 DealPulp credit will automatically be added to your account.

-Thanks KeepingCents!

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Feb 042011

Right now you can sign into your Gifts to Grow account HERE and enter the code XK6JT33PRDRAK6W to get 10 more FREE points! If you are new to Pampers Gifts to Grow- you can check out more recent codes HERE.

If you haven’t joined Pampers Village yet, you can join this community of parents HERE and participate in the Pampers Gifts to Grow Rewards Program. This rewards program offers points for purchasing Pampers products and allows you to trade in your points for free prizes. Different value point codes are found depending on which packages you buy- but you can also come across free codes like the one above.

-Thanks The Freebie Junkie!

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Feb 042011

There’s a new promotional offer from Annie’s! Now thru 4/3 (or while supplies last), you can get a FREE Kid’s Gardening Kit when you buy any 2 Annie’s Homegrown or Naturals products.  You will need to fill out the form HERE and enter the UPC bar codes. 

Purchases must be made between 1/5/11 and 4/30/11, and the kit includes seeds and your choice of either Kid’s or Adult’s gardening gloves.

-Thanks Sea of Savings!

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Feb 042011

Thanks so much to everyone who entered the quick giveaways this week! Congratulations to the winners and I look forward to doing more giveaways soon!

Amber (poppypunkchic77@), Kelly (joshuaschwartz@), Heather (hrulli@), Brandi (brandilabarre1@), and Rosanna (rosieposiefrances@)

Eileen (careygirls08@)

Sherri D. (sherridunsmuir@), Susan (sgrudzien@), and Jackie (jackie.ledesma@)

Rose B. (rbrannan@), Jesse (jjdaul@), Andrea W (annwwins@), Neljo M (acouponaddict@), and Jennifer D (jennd318@)

Stephanie (sltyger@), Tamara (taj_laneal@), and Sarah (sjbrady_17@)

Please look for an email from me confirming that you have won within 24 hours. If you are a winner, you have 48 hours to respond with the required information. Winners must reply to their notification e-mail within 48 hours, or their prize will be forfeited and another winner will be chosen. So please keep an eye out for my e-mail and be sure to check your spam folder just in case it goes there instead!

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Feb 042011

If you are looking for the perfect way to pamper yourself or someone else this Valentine’s Day, then you will want to get in on this Bath by Riley deal on Eversave. You can get a Valentine’s Day Gift Box with all kinds of bath treats that (retail value $50) for just $25 AND you can get FREE shipping!  It gets even better if you are new to Eversave, since you will also get a $2 credit when you sign up HERE which means new sign ups can grab this deal for as low as $23!

Fine Print: Expires Jan 31, 2012. Code is available 2 days after purchase at 12:00 PM EST. Free shipping included. May buy up to 3 Saves for gifts and repeat purchases. Use 1 code per order, not to be combined with other offers.

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