Jul 152010

So the Mountain Dew Offer is live. And to say thank you for their one million fans they are offering free bracelets. Is it awful for me to say that I am disappointed? I would have gotten much more excited over a coupon, any coupon, just a little coupon? Ah well… To grab your free “Dew Fanatic”Bracelet  just go HERE, click on the “1 million” tab and fill out the form. Offer ends tomorrow, July 16th at 6pm EST.

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Jul 152010


We can expect only 1 insert this Sunday – a Smart Source and you can take a look at the preview HERE.  I see some nice Purina coupon, but really haven’t gotten a good chance to look it over, but nothing earth shattering popped out at me. But… we’ll see what we can do with what we’ve got! 😉  Remember, when viewing the insert preview that inserts vary from region to region, some areas may not get certain coupons or your denominations may vary – but you can check out what you may see in your paper on Sunday HERE.

*If you do not get the Qs you hoped for in your inserts- or typically don’t buy a lot of papers- you can always use a clipping service. If you don’t have a clipping service yet- I reccomend My Coupon Hunter or  TheCouponClippers or you can search for coupons on eBay to see if any of these sources have what you need.  You can also try trading coupons here on the site on the Trades Page.

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Jul 152010

Sorry guys- dead for now. :(

Nivea Happy Hour is here again. This week it’s a free sample for Nivea Happy Sensation Daily Lotion. Go HERE to request yours. They are saying it will only be available to request until 5pm, so grab it while it’s up.

PS- I guessyou can get it after 5pm as it’s still up! Let me know if it goes down guys- TY 😉

-Thanks as always to April – my Nivea Happy Hour Alarm Clock!!

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Jul 152010

Here’s another awesome rebate for you where you can get $10 back by mail wyb $30 worth of any Olay, Venus, Covergirl, Secret, or Pantene Products! You can download & print the rebate form HERE. Items must be purchased between June 30th and September 17th, 2010.  The form will need to be submitted by 10/1/10.  Multiple receipts are allowed for this rebate too which is nice!     
Thanks Kristin of Couponing to Disney & to Trish! 

So, I’ve put together a few money making scenarios to go with it, obviously your scenarios will have to be shuffled around if you have price variations, with what coupons you have available to you, coupon uisage at your store, etc. If you are need of coupons, you can always use a clipping service like My Coupon Hunter or The Coupon Clippers and see what’s available or search for coupons on eBay. 


DEAL IDEA: Buy 10 Pantene Restorative Styling Products ($3.49) = $34.90**
-$5.00 (use five $1/1 Pantene Hair Care Amazing Brand 6-27-10 Target Regional Insert x8/30
-$10 (use five $2/1 Any Pantene Styler, Treatment or Hairspray – Parade, June 27, 2010
-$17.45 (use 5 B1G1 FREE Pantene Resotratives (up to $4.99) – Parade, June 27, 2010
= $2.45 -$10 MIR wyb Any $30 in Olay, Secret, CoverGirl, Venus or Pantene HERE x9/17
= $7.55 Money Maker after Qs & MIR. Can potentially be more, if your store allows you to use a Target coupon on an item made free by a manufacturer’s Q. Some will, some will not.


DEAL IDEA: Buy 9 Pantene Restorative or Other Pantene Styling Products ($3.49) = $31.41**
-$9.00 (use nine $1/1 Pantene Hair Care Amazing Brand 6-27-10 Target Regional Insert x8/30
-$18 (use nine $2/1 Any Pantene Styler, Treatment or Hairspray – Parade, June 27, 2010
= $4.41 -$10 MIR wyb Any $30 in Olay, Secret, CoverGirl, Venus or Pantene HERE x9/17
= $5.59 Money Maker after Qs & MIR.


DEAL IDEA: Buy 7 Olay Total Effects Body Wash ($4.79) = 33.53
– $28.00 (use seven $4/1 Olay Total Effects Body Wash 6-6-10 PG x7/31
= $5.53 -$10 MIR wyb Any $30 in Olay, Secret, CoverGirl, Venus or Pantene HERE x9/17
= $4.47 Money Maker after Qs & MIR. If you can only find the Olay TE Body Wash priced at around $5.50 in your area, it is not an MM, but you will get 7 Body Washes for close to free after Qs and MIR.


DEAL IDEA: Buy 5 CoverGirl Mascara ($3.94) & 5 CoverGirl 1-Kit Eye Enhancer ($3.14) = 35.40**
– $5.00 (use five $1/1 CoverGirl Cosmetics 6-27-10 Target Regional Insert x8/30
– $5.00 (use five $1/1 CoverGirl product, any – 06-06 OR 7-4-10 PG x7/31
– $15.70 (use five B1G1: FREE 1-Kit Eye Enhancer wyb Covergirl Mascara  7-4-10 PG
= $9.70 -$10 MIR wyb Any $30 in Olay, Secret, CoverGirl, Venus or Pantene HERE x9/17
= .30 cent Money Maker after Qs & MIR. Could possibly be up to a $5.30 money maker, if your store allows you to use a Target Q on an item made free by a manufacturer’s Q. Some will, some will not.


DEAL IDEA: Buy 4 Olay Total Effects Body Wash ($4.79) & 4 Pantene Restoratives ($3.49) = 33.12
– $16.00 (use four $4/1 Olay Total Effects Body Wash 6-6-10 PG x7/31
-$4.00 (use two $2/1 Any Pantene Styler, Treatment or Hairspray – Parade, June 27, 2010
-$6.98 (use 2 B1G1 FREE Pantene Resotratives (up to $4.99) – Parade, June 27, 2010
= $6.14 -$10 MIR wyb Any $30 in Olay, Secret, CoverGirl, Venus or Pantene HERE x9/17
= $3.86 Money Maker after Qs & MIR.

**Lynn brought up a good point in the comments about how Target receipts will show the price paid when using a Target coupon in the above scenarios. I do know what she is speaking of, however the receipt will still show (my register receipts anyway, not sure if the new POS receipts are different) the original price the product was before coupons. So here’s an example of how a product will show up (using example from when I purchased a Schick Razor:)

So it lists the Schick Hydro Razor as $2.99, and then the manufacturer’s coupon, but there is still the line there that shows Coupon off $6.99. Which to me – $6.99 would be the price I circle on my receipt. I agree, that it is disconcerting to have it show up on the receipt that way, but I should think since the rebate total is to be calculated before coupons, the receipt still reflects that original price as $6.99 and just shows a coupon used. But I do want to talk to a supervisor at the rebate center just to hash it over with them. I will let you know what they have to say.

UPDATE:  So I got one of 2 questions answered today. There are NO size exclusions on this rebate. So that means, if you need a filler just to put you over the top, a bar of soap or 2 would be perfect. I had zero luck at the rebate center, so instead I called Olay directly. The rep I had was wonderful, she put me on hold, called P&G Corporate to confirm, and the answer is that trial sizes are included and willcount toward the $30 purchase.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my update, in regards to the receipts & how they show Target Coupons, but that answer probably won’t come until Monday. While she agreed with me that you would just circle the actual retail price, even though it is not lined up, she wanted to do some further research to make absolutely sure.

more to come…. 😉

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Jul 152010

There is a great new coupon out for $1/1 any Miracle Whip.  Just go HERE and “like” them on Facebook.  You will then need to scroll down on the left hand side of their wall to find the coupon. You will also be required to allow their app in order to get the Q.
Thanks Mojo Savings!

Newly Added to the Hormel Site HERE
$.50 off any 2 Hormel Bacon Toppings
$.55 off any two Hormel Pepperoni Packs
$.75 off any one Hormel Fully Cooked Bacon
$1 off any one Hormel Always Tender Product
$2 off any one Hormel Party Tray

$2/1 Smart Balance Milk (there are 2 under zip 10038) PRINT

There have been several coupons added to the Campbell’s site HERE
$1 off any 4 Campbell’s Condensed Soups
$.50 off any two Campbell’s Spaghettios Pasta
$1 off two jars of Prego Italian Sauce
$1 off two cans of Swanson Premium Chuck Chicken Breast
$1 off two V8 100% Vegetable Juice (46oz or larger)
$1 off one Campbell’s V8 Soup
$.50 off any two Campbell’s Condensed “Great for Cooking Soups”
$1 off any two V8 V-Fusion juice 46oz Varieties

-Thanks Printable Coupons & Deals, PennyPinchinMom & Wild for Wags!

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Jul 152010

UPDATE: Okay folks – over now- will announce the winners in the am!

So today I noticed that Totally Target has reached 5,000 facebook fans. I really do appreciate the support, contributions and compliments on the blog from all of you. 😉 

To say thanks, I will be giving away a $20 Target eGift Card each to 3 lucky winners. An eGift Card can only be used on-line, but it will not expire so you can save it to use whenever you want, or use it on a daily deal or another free shipping special!  

Each reader can gain 2 entries by doing the following:

1. Comment on this post (I will not be able to count any e-mail or facebook entries- so please be sure to comment on this post.)

2. Become a fan on facebook HERE or leave a comment that you already are.

I will end this giveaway some time late tonight. Not sure when- but as long as the comments are open- you can enter! Three winners will be chosen using Random.org. Good Luck! :)

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Jul 152010

UPDATE: I have sorted out the rebate info -see my notes & info below.

Well, I am finally to the end of the Price Cuts, there sure were a lot this week! I found the Sonicare 5300, and the Sonicare Kids both on Price Cut at my store for $49.99. It’s a savings of $25 on the adult, and $20 on the kids, so a nice big drop, plus there are coupons available that will make it a very good deal. The Kids was not on the shelf, but hanging above where the refills are at my store. 


Softsoap Pumps & Foamwrks 8.5 oz $1.99
-$1/2 Softsoap liquid hand soap pumps Target Coupon College Essentials Mailer x9/19 


Beano Meltaways 15 ct $3.73
-$1/1 Beano dietary supplement ETS Target Q PRINT x8/28
-$1.50/1 Beano Meltaways 15 Ct.+ 4-25 OR 05-02-10 RP x8/28
=$1.23 after both coupons

Beano Tablets 30 ct $4.34
-$1/1 Beano dietary supplement ETS Target Q PRINT x8/28
-$1/1 Beano Product 30 ct or Higher PRINT 

Ban Deoderant 3.5 oz Roll-On Asst. Varieties $3.50
-.75/1 Ban Deoderant HERE 


Simply Venus 4 ct. Disposable Razor $5.49
-$2/1 Venus Embrace Disposables  -6-06 OR 07-04-10 PG x7/31 


Act Kids Mouthwash Asst. Varieties $2.99
-$1/1 Act Mouthwash Bottle 16.9 Oz. +, Any – 06-06-10 SS x7/31 


Sonicare 5300 $49.99 OR Sonicare Kids $49.99
-$10/1 Sonicare electric toothbrush handle Target Coupon PRINT x9/11
-$5.00 MIR for Phillips Sonicare Essence or Sonicare for Kids Model Toothbrush HERE
-$10/1 Philips Sonicare or Sonicare For Kids Rechargeable Toothbrush, Any – 06-13-10 SS x8/31
-$10/1 Philips Sonicare For Kids – All You, June 2010 x7/31
= $24.99 after a $10/1 MQ & $10/1 TQ, MIR and price cut 

Sonicare 3 pk Refill $34.47
-$5/1 Sonicare brushheads Multipack Target Coupon PRINT x9/11
-$5/1 Philips Sonicare Brush Heads, Multi-Pack – 06-13-10 SS x8/30  

UPDATE: The rebate that was discovered is only for Kansas Delta, but I was given another by Philips that anyone can use I have uploaded it so that everyone can access it. Both rebate details are listed below, (just in case you have Kansas Delta it is a better deal) and I have placed the MIR link that is good for everyone next to the Sonicare Price Cuts above too, but here’s the details on both, and the other models they cover:

Sonicare Toothbrush Rebate for KANSAS Delta Dental Subscribers x12/31
MIR for $5wyb Sonicare ProResults or Series Brush Heads HERE
MIR for $10 wyb Sonicare FlexCare+, HealthyWhite or Essence HERE

IF your insurance is through Kansas Delta Dental, then you can go HERE to print a MIR form to get $5 back on Sonicare ProResults or e-Series brush heads (2 single packs or 1 multi-pack).  To receive the rebate you must submit the rebate form, the original sales receipt and the original prrof of purchase (bar code) from the package.  The offer is NOT valid on Professional Trial Models or Sonicare Essence e5800 and is valid only in the USA.  Allow 8-10 weeks for delivery and there is a limit of one rebate per person or address.  This offer is ONLY good for Kansas Delta Dental Subscribers and must be postmarked by 2/28/11. 

Sonicare Toothbrush Rebate for EVERYONE x12/31
MIR for $5 off Phillips Sonicare Essence or Sonicare for Kids Model Toothbrush HERE
MIR for $10 off any Healthy White Model Toothbrush HERE
MIR for $15 off any FlexCare Plus or FlexCare Toothbrush Model w/wo UV Sanitizer HERE

In order to get this rebate you will need to purchase one of  the above items between January 1 and December 31, 2010.  Not valid on trial units, and rebate requests must be postmarked by 2/28/10.  You will need to mail in the rebate form HERE along with the original dated register receipt with purchase price and date circled and the UPC Bar Code from the package.  Allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.  There is a limit of THREE rebates per individual or address.  Addresses with PO Boxes or outside the USA are not valid.

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Jul 152010

Mountain Dew has reached 1 million fans on Facebook and to celebrate they will be posting a unique offer for their Facebook fans.  Today is the day this special somethin’ should go live.

They had this to say on their facebook page:
“Whether you are a green DEW drinker, avid Diet fan, DEWmocracy supporter, or even a Pitch Black fanatic… THANK YOU! We just reached 1 MILLION fans! To show our appreciation, we will be offering a unique offer for just our Facebook fans. Stay tuned… more to come.”

 You might want to “like” them on Facebook and keep an eye on it today in case it is a freebie or a really great coupon!  I’ll be out this morning, but will check on it when I get back,  but you can tune into their facebook page HERE.

Thanks Savvy Spending & Mojo Savings!

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Jul 152010

So I am on the last of the Price Cuts in Health & Beauty, (the rest should be a long shortly) and was looking for a coupon for Poise. I went to the site expecting to find a $1/2 Liners, and instead when I signed in, I printed to makes sure it was still available and Voila! Out popped a $2/1 ANY! Pleasant surprise. I was able to print it twice.  I found the 36 ct. Light Liners on Price CUt at my store for $2.60, so they would be .60 cents after this coupon.

I’m not sure if there are smaller packages available cheaper at regular price, but if anyone popping in Target today happens to notice, please let me know if you find something even cheaper!

Poise 36 ct Light Liners $2.60 (Price Cut until 7/31)
-.75/1 Poise product, any – Parade, June 20, 2010 x9/30
-$2/1 ANY Poise Liners PRINT
(sign in or up and choose to print the Liners Q)

= .60 cents after Price Cut and $2/1 coupon

*Price Cuts can vary by region, but price check your items if you don’t see signs just in case!

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Jul 152010

There is a new manufacturer’s coupon available for BioTrue, that was actually meant to allow you to purchase a trial size for free, yet I have not seen a trial size show up in my store yet. But the coupon specifies for 2 oz. or larger, so you can use it on the 4 oz size which sells for $4.99 at my store (prices may vary by region), and get it for .99 cents.

BioTrue 4 oz. MultiPurpose Solution $4.99
-$2/1 Bio True multi-purpose solution Target Coupon PRINT x8/28
-$2/1 Bio True multi-purpose solution 2 oz or larger HERE
= .99 cents after coupon

*If you are a CVS shopper, there is an ECB deal right now on the 2 oz. size- buy it for $2.99, use the $2/1 MQ, spend .99 and get back $2.99 ECB

-Thanks Minnesota Coupon Adventure!

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