Dec 152009

beechnutI was just poking around on the Similac Site- trying to see if I could find a MIR available on line without success, but I did notice this offer on their site for a Free Beech-Nut Starter Kit when you sign up for their E-Newsletter HERE.  When you sign up- you will receive Coupons for a free box of cereal and two free jars of food. They will also send money saving coupons every month. The Free Starter Kit offer expires 12/31/09.

You can also sign up for free with Similac (StrongMoms)  HERE and and get free samples of Similac Formulas and get coupons for any Similac formula you choose.

Many of the big companies are very generous with their samples and offers, and this includes providing them to local Doctor’s offices. Be sure and ask your Pediatrician if they have any Free samples to offer you- a lot of times the samples come with coupons.

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Dec 152009

babyI was pricing formula for a friend of mine while I was at Target today, and noticed a few price cuts and other savings in the baby section. Nothing earth-shattering but savings nonetheless, and wanted to make sure y’all knew about them since a couple of the PCs will be over on 12/19. I listed any coupon matchups I found for them.

Kandoo Wipes 50 ct. Tub $1.99 (PC 1/2/2010)
Kandoo Wipes Refill 250 Ct. $6.99 (PC 1/2/2010)
Enfagrow Vanilla Infant Formula 24 oz Can $17.99 (RegP)
     -$5/1 MQ- PRINT
Pedialyte 33.8 oz Bottle $4.29 (PC 12/19/2009)
     -$1.50/1 Pedialyte MQ PRINT
     -$1.50/1 Pedialyte (sign up required) PRINT
Pediasure 4-Pk of 8 fl oz. Bottles $9.49 (PC 12/19/2009)
     -$1.50/1 Pediasure MQ PRINT

Also to note: There were 2 different versions of the Similac coupon in the 12/13 SmartSource. Both Qs had the same offer:

Buy 2 Similac SimplePacs ($22.49 at Target) and get a Free Ready Right Now 8 fl oz 6-Pack OR a Free 16 Ct. Stick Pack (up to $10.50), BUT one was an instant MQ and the other was a mail in rebate.  If you can get your hands on both Qs- you can use the instant one at the register and then take the receipt and UPCs and do the rebate for the 2nd Free Product. That would be a total savings of around $20 and an even better deal if you have Qs for the SimplePacs as well. I do have 1 set of both Qs (the instant MQ & the MIR Q). The first person who comments that they would like them will get them.

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Dec 152009

Here’s a couple clearance items found in stores recently:

Pop Secret, 3 ct Box .54
-$1/2 Pop Secret products, any (2) from 11-08-09 SS (exp12/20)
-makes them 4 cents each! 

Wishbone Bountifuls (Tuscan Romano Basil) .88
-.75/1 MQ HERE
-makes them 13 cents each!

-Thanks to Mary & Lynette!

Keep in mind that not all items are clearanced at all stores, so you may not find the same deals. But it is always worth a price check! It could be that a clearance sticker just hasn’t found its way to the item yet. And same thing goes for sale items. The Swiss Miss Cocoa was marked $1.49 at my store, but a quick price check at the machine showed me that it was indeed 97 cents!

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Dec 152009

terminator3I hope everyone who wanted a G-Force Blu-Ray managed to snag theirs today!

Jackie let me know that she found a few more Blu-Rays priced at $9.99 at her store today- making them $4.99 after using the $5/1 Blu-Ray TQ you can print HERE. While I wish there were some children’s titles available- I am thrilled to be able to snag a few of my husband’s faves for so cheap.  She found the following additional titles today: Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines, Predator, Swordfish, and Taking Lives. You can see the others that I’ve listed in previous posts HERE and HERE.  

Thanks Jackie!

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Dec 152009

If you haven’t registered already- Kraft Food & Family has a great FREE newsletter that you can sign up for HERE. It includes a variety of recipes that change from week to week and they sometimes include a link to special coupon savings too. I just got the new one in my in-box and while it mostly focused on appetizers this week- there is a Chocolate Mousse Torte recipe that I am definitely going to try!

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Dec 152009
delmonteCertain varieties of Del Monte Veggies are on sale for .50 a can right now at Target: French Style Green Beans, Corn, Creamed Corn and Peas. You can register on the Del Monte site for a $1/4 coupon HERE. This makes them 25¢ a can!
-Thanks Amber!
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Dec 152009

puperoniThere has been a new MQ added to’s e-Centives site HERE for $3/2 Pup-Peroni Dog Snacks. I was excited at first- but it is specifically for the 25 oz size- which is a larger expensive bag. I will try to get a price for you soon. Also note- this Q shows on your screen as$2/2 but is $3/2 when you print it. It expires on 2/9/2010 and I will add it to the Master List HERE.

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Dec 152009

gladeGiveaways are so much fun, and this will be the first of many I plan to do on my Blog. I will keep this post as a sticky on top to make it easy for people to find and enter.

For my first Giveaway- four winners will be chosen to receive a Free Product Coupon (valid up to $10.99) for Glade Lasting Impressions. The Qs all have a nice long expiration date of August, 2011. You can enter up to 4 times by doing one or all of the following:

1. Leave a comment on this post
2. Leave a comment that you Grabbed my Button
3. Leave a comment that you Tweeted about my Giveaway on Twitter 
4. Leave a comment that you Spread the word about my Giveaway on Facebook

I will use to choose 4 winners and I will notify the winners by e-mail. Giveaway will end  at noon on Friday, 12/18. Good Luck!

*Note: if you do not see your comment posted right away, and have never commented prior to today, don’t worry- I just need to approve it. Once  I approve a comment from a user, any comments you leave on my blog will automatically post from now on.

UPDATE: Giveaway has ended- thanks for participating! The winners were:

Laura C. ([email protected]…)
Alissa- ([email protected]…)
REagan S. ([email protected]…)
Dina- ([email protected]…)

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Dec 152009

olayIf you use these products regularly- this could be a nice opportunity to save quite a bit of money on them. Right now- Target is offering a $5.00 GC wyb a select Olay Skin Care item over $20.00.

There is also a $20 MIR for Olay when you purchase $50 worth of Facial Moisturizers, Treatments, and/or cleansers HERE. The MIR does not require the items to be on 1 receipt. The products included in the deal are all priced $23.99 and include Olay Regenerist & Olay Definity.  There are the following Qs out there for both:

-$3/1 Olay Regenerist Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser from 11-29-09 PG
-$3/1 Olay Definity Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser, from 12-13-09 RP

Here is a possible scenario idea for coming the least oop:

Transaction #1
(Buy 1 Olay Regenerist) $23.99
– $3/1 from 11-29-09 PG
= $20.99 (get back $5 GC)

Transaction #2 
(Buy 1 Olay Regenerist) $23.99
(Buy a Package of Olay Daily Facials) $3.73
= $27.72
– $3/1 from 11-29-09 PG
-$1/1 Olay Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser  11-29-09 PG
-$5 (GC from transaction #1)
= $18.72 (get back $5 gift card)

Total for both transactions = 39.71
-$20.00 (submit rebate found HERE)
-$5 Gift Card earned from transaction #2
=$14.71 for $50 worth of products after GC & MIR

If you have a receipt for another Olay product already- you can just omit the Daily Facials and subtract the $3.73. I just tried to work something in to let you reach the $50 purchase needed before Qs for the rebate.

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Dec 142009

Many of you have e-mailed me for help and advice on problems you have encountered on price matching. Its upsetting to know that some of you have run into trouble- but comforting to get those e-mails telling me you went back and stood your ground and got it solved.

Although I really enjoy a price match when it is on a gift card deal- it should also be a convenience – why go to 3 different stores just to get a better price on something when you can just bring the ads in and get it for the same price? I will try and offer some tips here and I will add this to the FAQs & Basic Info Page as well.

1. Always bring the complete ad in with you & make sure the ad shows the sale dates

2. Check out at customer service- you will more than likely end up there anyway- so why not start there. (they should not refuse to check you out at CS either. You can explain to them why you are there- because you don’t want to wait in 2 lines!)

3. You are entitled to a gift card regardless of a Price Match. There is no rule that states otherwise in their policy to date.  The only time I think this could be argued is if the ad specified you spend a certain amount of $ to get the gift card. So for example if it was Get a $5 GC wyb $10 worth of Oreo Cookies- and Oreo Cookies were $2.00 each at Target, but $1 each at Wags… if you wanted to price match- you would now have to buy 10 packages of Oreos instead of 5 in order to get the gift card.

4. If you are told that you are not entitled to a gift card- ask to speak to the manager. Many problems are solved by requesting a member of management. Not all, of course, but if you are still given a problem about getting your gift card- ask why and could they please show you where it says that you are not entitled to it if you price match.

5. If you feel there may be issues surrounding your purchase because of previous problems- locate the manager before you shop and express your concerns. You may as well know up front if management will refuse you and you get stuck purchasing something you normally wouldn’t if it weren’t for the incentives. But still ask that they validate the refusal by showing you this policy in writing.

6. If you are refused by management- although it is frustrating- my suggestion would be to e-mail corporate. You could call- but a written reponse that corrects the problem, can be printed out and taken to the store and shown to management instead of just taking your word for it.

As couponers we all must develop a thick skin at one time or another. I remember when I first started I was always shaking in my shoes and everytime a cashier said “no” I would run out the door! I have learned a lot of things since then- the most important one being- that I often know more about a store’s coupons, policies and procedures than the cashier who is handling my purchase. They are not the final word and nor should you settle for it if you know you are making a legitimate purchase.

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