Jun 222010

I really did not find many Price Cuts in Grocery this week. It did not surprise me since there were so many last week. Still no New Target Ben & Jerry’s flavors- but there is a new Price Cut that will get you them for $1.25 each after coupons. Not much for coupons out there on these but I found what I could. 😉


Ben & Jerry’s Pints Ast. Varieties $2.50
-$1.50/2 Ben and Jerry’s ice cream products 1 pint Size TQ 4-25-10 Target Regional Insert x6/30
-$1/2 Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, or Sorbet, any pint – 06-06-10 RP x7/4
Buy 2 and use both coupons to pay $1.25 each wyb 2

Popsicle Brand Frozen Treats 20-24 ct Asst. Varieties $2.50
Klondike 4 ct Specialty Ice Cream Sandwiches and 6 ct Bars $2.50

Oscar Mayer Lunchables $1.39


Gulden’s Spicy Brown Mustard 12 oz Bottle $1.07
-B1G1 Gulden’s Spicy Brown Mustard, Any – 05-16-10 SS – valid up to $1.52 x6/30
= .54 cents each after coupon

Alexia Waffle Fries, Onion Rigs or Sweet Potatoes $3.14
Alexia Other Asst. Frozen Potato Varieties $2.33
-.75/1; $1/2 Alexia Select Sides – 05-23-10 SS x7/3

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Jun 222010

Welcome to the Knorr Report – my notes and musings on the sale and slightly odd happenings each week. Due to Father’s Day and being Aveeno-Rebate obsessed 😉 – I really do not have much to report this week. I did not spend the usual amount of time I do in the store aside from getting the new price cuts and doing my own shopping.

But I did notice the Huge boxes of Tide Stain release now marked down 30% at my store (but of course the Gift Card Deal is now over). But also the Tide Free 2x 75 oz Detergent is down 30% to $6.15. There are coupons available – even though the P&G Tide coupon isn’t that hot. But again- you may find a bigger discount at your store and it is something to keep your eye on in case it goes lower. Here’s a Tide coupon roundup:

$1/1 Tide Laundry Detergent ETS Target Q 5-16-10 SS x6/28
$1/1 Tide Laundry Detergent ETS Target Coupon 6-6-10 RP x7/17
-.35/1 Any Tide Laundry Detergent 6-6-10 PG x7/31
$1.50/1; $1/1  Tide Stain Release Target Coupon 6-6-10 RP x7/17
-$1/1 Any Tide Stain Release 6-6-10 PG x7/31 

TOTAL EFFECTS: I had several e-mails now about the Total Effects being lowered in many stores to $4.79 down from $5.50. This was good news for those with the higher price, but upon getting an e-mail from Susan- who used to have the $3.54 price but now found a $4.79 price on her latest Target trip- I took a look today and found the same thing. Now I didn’t scan – since there isn’t a bottle in sight TO scan 😉 – so I don’t know if the new sign is just missing or they have indeed raised the price. But just a heads up that the days of Free Olay Total Effects may possibly be coming to an end. Let m know if any of you folks noticed this drop/increase too.

And on a final note- guess what? The clearanced Knorr Alfredo Pasta Sides at my store have almost reached what I consider regular price! They are now clearanced to $1.14. LOL! Still no takers- whole shelf full of ’em. As soon as they hit 75% off they will actually be on sale imo. 😉 Okay- I am off to start in on the New Price Cuts!

Hope everyone is having a good week so far!

UPDATE: Woops! Just found one more thing in my notebook to tell you about. I found Coffee Mate on a 1-week only Price Cut of $1.48, and there are coupons for a good deal:

Coffee Mate Liquid Creamer 16 oz $1.48 (PC Until 6/26)
-.50/1 Nestle Coffeemate Liquid 5-2-10 SS x8/2
-.75/1; Any Coffee-Mate 15 oz or larger (sign in or sign up) 
B2G1 Free Coffee-Mate 15 oz or + HERE
$1.50/2 Coffee Mate 15 oz or + HERE
Use the .75/1 to get them for .73 cents each

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Jun 222010

So I went to Target this morning to finish up my Aveeno Rebate and while I was there I checked on a tip from a reader about the Solo Grips Cups being on price Cut 2/$5. She was right and it’s a nice deal at .50 cents after coupons – so thanks to Brigitte! Too bad I was so obsessed with completing my rebate and forgot to clip the $1/1 Solo before I went! LOL :)

Solo Grips Color Cups 24 ct $2.50 (Price Cut until 7/10)
-$1/1 Solo disposable tableware item Target Mobile Q x7/10
-$1/1 Any Solo Product 6-20-10 SS
= .50 cents after both $1/1 TQ & MQs

BTW: If you don’t have the $1/1 insert Q there is a printable .75/1 Solo Cups Plates or Bowls HERE – & you can pick them up for .75 cents after both Qs.

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Jun 222010

If you have still not been able to catch this one – it is available again and you can get a FREE sample of Nivea Happy Sensations Body Lotion by going HERE.

-Thanks Mojo Savings!

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Jun 222010

There’s a BIG coupon up on coupons.com right now for $2/1 Huggies Baby Wipes 320 ct or larger HERE. I see it at 90210. You could do the following deal with this new coupon and basically be getting a very big box of wipes for around 50 cents.

DEAL IDEA: Buy Huggies Diapers ($8.99) and 320 ct Wipes ($8.99) = $17.98
-$3.50/2 wyb Hugggies Diapers AND Wipes (184 ct +) TQ PRINT 
– $3/1 Huggies Little Snugglers or Movers
-$2/1 Huggies Baby Wipes 320 ct or larger PRINT
= $9.48 for both after coupons 

-Thanks CommonSenseWithMoney!

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Jun 222010

I have been meaning to post about the new Febreze rebate for a days now- time just seems to get away from me- but now is a perfect time to do so since the Febreze Special Purchase deal has rolled back around at Target. Febreze is offering a $10 rewards card when you purchase $20 of your favorite Home Collection products. More info can be found HERE and form can be downloaded HERE. And the offer expires September 6th. And here is the Target Deal:

Deal & Prices Valid until 7/10 (Prices may vary by region)
*Honey Suckle Orchid Luminary $13.09 *All Other Luminaries $14.99 *Refills $4.99
-$5/1 Febreze Luminray Starter Kit (RedPlum MAILER version & likely regional)
-$2/1 Febreze Luminary Starter Kit Home Made Simple Booklet

Just like last time, the Honeysuckle Scent seems to be the only one at $13.09- the others are listed at $14.99. There are no mainstream coupons out right now that I am aware of but I did list the 2 you all were so kind ebough to note in the comments.  It is also possible that the 7/4 P&G may contain coupons to go along with this deal- but I can’t guarantee it. If  anyone gets a super early P&G please let me know if there are any Febreze Luminary Qs in it. TY! 😉 

A couple of deals right now using no coupons and just the rebate would look like this:

A. Buy Febreze Flameless Luminaries Starter Kit ($13.09) & 2 Refills ($4.99) = $23.07
-$4.99 (Free Refill from Special Purchase Deal
-$10 Rewards Card wyb $20 in Febreze Home Collection products HERE
=$8.08 for Luminary Starter & 2 refills after rebate & special purchase deal

B. Buy 2 Febreze Flameless Luminaries Starter Kits ($13.09) & 2 Refills ($4.99) = $35.17
-$9.98 (Get 2 Free Refills from Special Purchase Deal
-$10 Rewards Card wyb $20 in Febreze Home Collection products HERE x9/6
=$15.19 for 2 Luminary Starter Kits & 2 refills after rebate & special purchase dealIf y’all have the RedPlum $5/1 Mailer coupons, these could turn into pretty nice deals!

Re. Scenario A & the rebate: As far as the Target receipt on this one goes- although this item will show as “FEBREZE FREE” under the package subtotal- it still initially gets rung in and the full price of $4.99 will be listed on your receipt for you to circle for the rebate. You are still purchasing it, so it should count toward the rebate just fine. If you have any doubts though and want to be absolutely safe- you can do scenario B. Let’s just hope there are coupons in the 7/4 P&G to turn this into a great deal!

UPDATE: Hey all- just spent some time talking to P&G. So – even though I & the rep I spoke to are pretty sure it is not listed anywhere on the site or the form- the information she has in her system shows the offer terms as a limit of 1 per name, address or envelope. Also- the Rewards card is basically a debit card with $10 on it- and should be accepted at any store that accepts debit cards. HTH 😉

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Jun 222010

$1/2 Various General Mills Cereals PRINT
(Cheerios, Chex, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs and Cookie Crisp)
$1/2 Archway Cookies PRINT

.75/1 Any flavor of Chung’s For 2 Entrees PRINT
$1/2 T.G.I. Friday’s® Snacks 4 oz or Larger Bags PRINT
$1/2 Bags of BURGER KING™ Snacks 3 oz or + PRINT
$1/1 JAMBA Fruit Sorbet Bars 4pk box PRINT

.75/1 Marzetti Slaw Dressing (Re-Set) HERE
$1/2 Dixie Ultra Plates Package AND Dixie Napkins Package HERE
(Manuf. Coupon on CVS site- does not print with any logo or anything though)
.75/1 Hungry Man XXL Sandwiches
.50/1 New York Brand Frozen Product HERE
.55/1 Johnsonville Summer Sausage
.55/1 Johnsonville Breakfast Links, Patties, or Roll Sausage HERE

-Thanks for most of these Printable Coupons & Deals!

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Jun 212010

Hey all- Okay so I posted a coupon the other day that you could print for $1/1 Bullseye Barbeque sauce (no longer available). If you printed it the other day- you can pick up Bull’s Eye Barbeque Sauce for 25¢ thanks to a new price cut.

There is another working coupon for $1/1 Bullseye Regional Flavors, & I now have confirmation that these flavors are included in the price cut. These flavors may not be available at all stores, but you can check near the meat case if you don’t see them on the regular shelf aisle.

Bull’s-Eye Barbecue Sauce $1.25 (Price Cut until 7/17)
$1 off One BULL’S-EYE Regional Barbecue Sauce PRINT
(Carolina, Texas, Memphis, Kansas City)
= .25 cents after coupon!

-Thanks to Saving with Amy & Hillbilly Frugal for verifying the regional flavor inclusions!

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Jun 212010

Some of you may find this new home mailer in your mailboxes soon if you haven’t already. Before you ask the most popular question of the year, month, week, day, hour, minute… 😉 “How Do I get a Home Mailer?”… Unfortunately I do not have a concrete answer for you. There truly is no guaranteed way to get one. But if you want to read about all the theories you can click HERE. This will sort the blog by the category “Home Mailers”  and you can read through all the posts and comments about this topic.

Big thanks to Veronica of Fabulous Daily Deals  for the pic and a list of the coupons. I will do a matchup for this mailer soon and get it added to the Target Coupon Page. They all expire July 22nd and there was also a $5 Off a $50 Purchase coupon on the back cover.

$1/1 Dole Bagged Salad
$1/1 Fresh berries
.50/1 Splenda
$1/1 Hidden Valley Ranch dressing
$1/1 Breyers ice cream 1.5 qt.
.50/1 Market Pantry marinade 12.25-oz.
.50/2 Cheez-It crackers 6-oz. or larger
.50/1 Bottled Water 12-pk. 8-oz.
.75/1 Gatorade 8-pk. 20-oz.
$1/1 Lipton iced tea 12-pk. 16.9-oz.
$1/1 Pretzel M&M’s 9.9-oz. or larger
$1/1 Kretschmar fresh-sliced deli meat 1-lb.
$1/1 Gold’n Plump All Natural fresh chicken
$1/1 Quaker granola bars Multi-pack
$1/1 Quaker True Delights granola bars 5 or 6-ct.
$1/1 Skittles or Starburst 13-oz. or larger

UPDATE: Hey all- I’ve done a matchup and got this added under the Home Mailers Section of the Target Coupon Page HERE. 😉

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Jun 212010

FYI –  Emily let me know that she upgraded her Safari and in doing so is no longer able to print her Target coupons. And she pretty much got a (sorry nothing we can do about it) e-mail when she contacted Target. Seems as though the New Version of Safari is not compatible with the eCentives software Target uses. Just keep this in mind before you upgrade. You can also install another browser like Firefox though to use to print your coupons which may help.           -Thanks Emily!

UPDATE: Mitchell has a possible fix for this:
Go to Safari, Preferences and click the Advanced tab.
Tick the box that says “Show Develop menu in menu bar”.
Go to the Target coupon site.
Click Develop, User Agent, then Safari 4.0.5-Mac.
The page will reload and you should be able to print your coupons!

-Thanks to Mitchell at FrugaFinders.com!

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