Jan 032012

Christmas Clearance is still in abundance at some stores and still sitting at 70% Off for all of you as far as I know. Clearance can vary greatly from store to store- but there are a few other things that I heard from some of you that you may want to check for.

For starters- Thalia found Burt’s Bees Lip Balm in the regular Burts Bees aisle in this special die-cut package unmarked, but ringing up 70% Off down to .89 cents. -Thanks Thalia!

I found The Ritz Fudge Covered Limited Edition crackers at my store last night – unmarked, unstickered for 70% Off down to .83 cents. For me they were found at the front of the store in the small sale area and they were in abundance – sitting next to the snowflake Triscuits and Wheat Thins that by the way haven’t budged from full price.

Vanessa found Jennifer Lopez Love and Glamour Gift Sets for 50% Off down to $14.98. They were stickered at 30% Off, yet scanned at 50% Off. All others were only at 30% for her. -Thanks V!

Callie, Lisa & Kelley all found the Axe Gift Sets on clearance. For Kelley they were only stickered 15% Off but scanned at 30% Off down to $6.98. You can take your chances and see if they go to 50%, but we do have the $3/1 Axe Holiday Pack 12-11-11 RP that is valid thru 1/7 to make them $3.98 now if you find the same. That’s not a bad deal at all if you ask me- since there are 3 full size products and 2 trial sizes in each package.  -Thanks Ladies!

There has been much speculation about whether or not Target has done away with 90% Off and if 70% will be the best we get this year. And I don’t know the answer for sure. I know for many of you the pickings are slim- but at my store we still have 2 aisles of wrapping paper and Christmas items spread throughout the store, so I am really hoping it goes.

I was told that Halloween would never see 90%, but it did in fact go 90% Off, so my gut tells me Christmas will too, but I don’t know if that is just wishful thinking. I must not be 100% convinced though- since I bought 4 rolls of wrapping paper at 70% Off last night just in case.

If it is going to happen we may see a drop at some stores as early as tomorrow. For me, I am betting if it is going to happen, it will be Thursday the 5th. Here’s to crossing my fingers super-tight for the thrill of 90% Off and let me know if any of you find the bigger discount tomorrow.

Jan 032012

Every year after Christmas Target has major toy clearance and eventually a BIG portion of it all moves to 70% Off all at once if it survives. I think 75% Off is now an extinct number for everyone and 70% is what we will all see. I don’t know about you folks but I feel like the entire toy section is on clearance these days.

Down every row there seems to be tons of toys on clearance- everything from dolls, to games, to Lego sets. The endcaps are full of clearance, and there are a couple of rows at my store designated only for clearance. I feel like the clearance range is all over the place this year- with items ranging anywhere from 30 – 70% Off at my store.

 Most of the brand-name, popular toys like Lego are sitting at 30% Off, but there is quite a bit at 50% Off and a few items at 70% Off. Most of the toys at 70% Off for me were the Time 4 Toyz items. But I did see some others at 70% Off like the My Little Pony Canterlot Play tent down to $7.78 and the Star Wars Mighty Beanz down to $5.98.

The above Hot Wheels set was 50% Off down to $39.98 and had a $5 Off peelie coupon on it too. I feel like clearance is starting early this year but I think I say that every year and usually the majority seems to hold out until mid January for the big drop to 70% Off.

But there is no guarantee, and if it does happen mid-January again, some of the more popular toys like LEGO may not make it that long. Usually most disappear at 50% Off. But each store is different as to what is available and what will be left when the majority makes the big drop.

At my store last year, it was January 13th on a Friday. But stores can vary. One thing you can do to be more prepared is to find out your stores markdown schedule. While many stores do markdowns on Wednesdays in Toys, not all stores do. For example my store typically does toy markdowns on Thursdays AND sometimes Fridays. So I knew when it didn’t hit Thursday last year- that I needed to be there bright & early on Friday and I ended up with some wonderful finds.

This year- I am betting on the 11th, 12th or 13th of January- but it could be the following week OR I could be way off and maybe it will be this week but I don’t think it will. It’s something to carefully watch, and worth a good long look in the toy aisles now to see if anything interests you- since there is no way of knowing if what’s there now will survive a bigger discount.

Jan 022012

Clearance can vary from store to store- but here’s another surprise you may find at the scanner. Valerie found Betty Crocker Snickerdoodle cookie mix on sale for .51 cents at her store. It was not marked but a quick check at the scaner- yielded a nice markdown at .51 cents. 

I believe we have lost our printables but there is a $1/2 or .40/1 Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes 17.5 oz+ in the 12-11-11 SS x2/4/12 or the 11-13-11 SS x1/7/12 you can use to get them for as low as a penny after coupon wyb 2 if you find the same.  Remember to check the regular aisle and scan even if they aren’t marked clearance. You never know unless you try!

-Thanks so much to Valerie for the heads up!

Dec 312011

Holiday clearance should now be at 70% for most of you if your store has anything left. What can be found will vary from store to store, but definitely worth taking a good look around for anything you might want to go ahead and stock up on for next year. I was unable to get to the store today, so Kelley volunteered to go check out her Target and give me a report.  She found a variety of things at her store marked down 70%, including greeting cards, scotch tape, ribbons & bows, gift bags, Disney stockings, Carter’s holiday themed sleepers and more. She reported seeing a whole endcap of Pepperidge Farm Cookies and Goldfish Crackers Holiday Shapes also marked down 70%.

There were plenty of boxes of light clips for hanging lights and she did report seeing some ornaments, stocking hangers and a few tree toppers. The stocking stuffers were a little scarce but she did find a couple Nerds & Starburst storybooks, Candy Canes, M&M minis, Disney Princess Ornaments, Transformers Mini Vehicles and more. Although the specialty holiday candy was at 70%, I was really surprised when she told me that her bagged candy was still stuck at 30%.  Hopefully that wasn’t the case for most of you out there.

Keep in mind that some items will actually get clearanced in the regular aisles too, so take a good look around in each area. Kelley found holiday themed Colgate Toothpaste clearanced in the health & beauty section for .89 cents. . She also checked out the baby section for holiday clothing and found a few good deals there marked down to 70%.

Just keep in mind some items do not get stickered or signed, so be sure to scan, scan, scan.  Also please feel free to comment on this post and tell us what you have been finding so we know what other hidden goodies we should be looking for!  I still have the Christmas Clearance prep list available to reference, but keep in mind many of the items listed will probably already be gone.

Dec 302011

Some of you report your stores down to 70% Off on Christmas clearance today. For those of you still stuck at 50% – most of your stores should make the drop tomorrow although there is no guarantee. For me- I believe it was December 31st the last 2 years in a row.  But for those of you who found 70% off today, I hope you found lots of good buys.

Another thing to watch for is the smaller Fragrances & fragrance gift sets for anywhere  from 30-50% Off. They were still only 30% Off  for Kelley last night, but something to keep an eye on if you have some left at your store.

There are not a lot of mainstream coupons out there but if you did not use your $5/1 Heidi Klum Shine yet from the All You November 2011 issue – it does not specify a size and you still have a couple days left to use it (x12/31).

It will make the .5 oz Heidi Klum Shine Sprays that were originally $9.99 anywhere from FREE to $1.98 after coupon if you find  the clearance too.

-Thanks Kelley, Theresa & Cindy!

Dec 272011

Some of you had these scissors in the holiday section with the gift wrap- but even if they are gone there- be sure to check the regular Scotch scissor aisle. The Scotch Precision 8″ Scissors are not marked but are 50% Off down to $2.50. This is quite an old coupon but if you have it still- there is a $1/1 Scotch Precision, Multi-Purpose or Home & Office Scissors in the 08-07-11 SS x12/31 to get a better quality pair of scissors as low as $1.50 after clearance and coupon.

If you can’t find any Starbucks Christmas Coffee bags – don’t forget to check the baskets near the Starbucks at your Target (or sometimes found at entrances to stores) for clearance. The basket may or may not be marked clearance but the Christmas Blend should ring up 1/2 off.
-$1/1 Starbucks Packaged Coffee 10 – 12 oz Target Coupon Thanksgiving Booklet x12/31
-$3/2; $1/1 Starbucks Coffee 11, 12 or 20 oz 12-4-11 SS x1/14/12
-$5 Starbucks Giftcard MIR wyb 3 Select Starbucks Coffee or Via Ready Brew HERE x12/31

Aside from endcaps- be sure and check the regular aisles for the Oreo Peppermint Limited Edition Cookies. They are not marked clearance and are ringing up 50% Off at $1.49. There aren’t any coupons I know of, but if they manage to survive on shelves until the 1st- there will be the $1 Off milk & cookies coupon available HERE on 1/1/12.

The Archer Farms Holiday Flavor Coffees 10 oz Bags are ringing up 50% Off down to $2.49. Most of you will not find these visibly marked on clearance and they will be in the regular aisles. There are 4 flavors that I know of- Christmas Blend, Egg Nog, Pumpkin Pie Spice, and White Chocolate Cranberry. While it may be hard to hunt for the subtle snowflakes on the package- try looking for ones with the limited edition box in the top corner- and also they will be sealed with a silver strip in the back instead of a dark colored strip and they are 10 oz not 12 oz. And if you still have the $1.50/2 Archer Farms® Coffees 9- to 12-oz. Target Coupon (no longer available but valid thru 12/31) you can get yourself some even cheaper coffee!

For more possible finds- be sure and check the Christmas Clearance Prep List & You can also see my post from my clearance hunting HERE.

-Thanks so much to Kelley, Valerie, Heather, Nicole & Tina!

Dec 272011

I first posted about clearance being found at some stores on Maybelline Great Lash Mascara for up to 70% Off about a week and a half ago, but I wanted to remind you again since we have an awesome new $2/1 Maybelline Mascara ETS Target Web Coupon. and I just found a bunch at my store yesterday.

They were all marked down to $1.68 – so FREE after a Target coupon. NOTE- the Target coupon is a beeper- so you may have trouble with it but it does NOT specify any certain type of mascara and therefore it should be valid on ANY, but you all know your stores better than I and how they will handle this coupon.

Dec 272011

So I knew when I set out yesterday to Target at 4:30 pm last night that it was way too late to find any tin-foil or paper goods and I was certainly right about that. But I was very pleased to see sooooo much Christmas stuff left over. There were scores of wrapping paper and ribbons and gift bags and tags and more- which gives me a lot of hope that some of it will survive to reach 75% Off- the time when I stock up for the following year. It usually happens 4-6 days after Christmas. Some stores go later than others. I believe for me it was the 31st last year, but some stores may drop as early as the 29th. It is also possible we will only see a drop to 70% this year instead of 75.

Many stickers and signs were on other things I already expected – all bagged candy was at 30% Off and all Christmas was at 50% Off at my store. Lots of clearance was spread throughout the store- especially in home. There were Decorative Poinsettia wreaths and plants, Christmas frames, Holiday flannel sheets (some in solids too), and lots of other items all marked 50% Off – but very spread out in the home department. Also lots & lots of Christmas items in the dollar spot all 50% Off. But for me- half the thrill of Christmas clearance hunting is finding the surprises, the things that are not marked.

So, the next area I explored was one that was definitely neglected with clearance signs but yielded a few surprises if you knew what you were looking for. Target stores can differ greatly in layout, but many stores have a sort of small area set up, usually toward the front of the store with items for the current sales or holidays.

I found not one clearance sign, but upon scanning I found more of the larger jars of Monster Mix and Nuts for 50% Off at $4.99 (look for the ones with tags attached). Pepperidge Farm Holiday Cookies had a big price cut sign on them at $2.50- but were 50% Off at $1.50 (50% Off original price of $2.99). So far only the Snowball and Linzer scanned 50% Off for me, but there is a $1/2 Pepperidge Farm Cookies to make them $1 each. But the ones to keep checking are those with the red snowflake design on the package. And I also found Cocktail Mixers Gift Sets marked $14.99 but scanned for $7.49. So if you have an area like this up at the front of your stores- you may want to take a stroll through and see what you can find.

Next I went through the Health & Beauty endcaps and was getting discouraged when gift set after gift set scanned at full price, but then I found one endcap that was not marked but everything on it rang up 50% Off at $4.99. There were Nivea Gift Sets (2 different ones), Bodycology (there is a $1/1 Bodycology Product ETS Facebook Coupon) and 2 different Aveeno Sets (there are $1/1 and $3/2 Aveeno Active Naturals Products ETS in the 10-30-11 SS x12/31). Not one clearance sign or sticker in sight, but all 50% Off.

I could not find any Starbucks Christmas Blend Bags, but if you like the Via, the Starbucks Via 8 ct Christmas Blend were not marked but scanning 50% Off at $3.99. There is a $1/1 Starbucks VIA Ready Brew in the 12-04-11 SS x1/14 and also there is a rebate for a $5 Starbucks Giftcard wyb 3 Select Starbucks Coffee or Via Ready Brew HERE x12/31.

But again these are all items that were not marked and you would never know unless you scan. Yes- clearance differs from store to store- but sometimes a little hunting & scanning on a hunch can pay off. For more items you may be able to find at your stores in the days to come- you can check out the Christmas Clearance Prep List.

Dec 262011

There are several toys on clearance at 30% Off this week at Target. While clearance may vary from store to store- one of the toys Kelley found this morning was the Fisher Price Rock Star Mickey which is 30% Off down to $34.23. If you don’t see a sign or sticker- you can always scan to check just in case.

If you have the Shopkick App then there is a very nice deal to be had on this toy as there is a 30% off Disney Rock Star Mickey Shopkick App Target Coupon x1/6 that will bring it down to $23.97 after clearance sale & coupon.

The regular shelf price is $48.89 so it is a savings of over 50%. Target coupons on the Shopkick App are available immediately once you sign up too. If you are not familiar with shopkick- you can read more below…

Shopkick is a free downloadable application for iPhone or Android phones that automatically recognizes when you go into participating stores, restaurants and more. You earn points called “kickbucks” for anything from entering the store to scanning select bar codes while there that you redeem for different rewards including Target Gift Cards. You will also get scannable Target Coupons like the Mickey coupon listed above which you can use and redeem at checkout.

I finally upgraded my phone- and you can get 50 Kickbucks when you sign up with my link. In turn once you have the app you can get your own unique link under the “Me” Tab to share with friends and you will both get 50 Kickbucks. You do not have to use my link- you can feel free to share your own sign up links in the comments and use each others if you wish.

You can add Target to your Faves list on the app, and once you do you it is quick and easy to view and redeem your Target Coupons. Be sure and wait til you are at the register to use the coupons- they expire 12 hours after tapping the word “use”. Once you are the register- tap the word Use, and up will come a coupon & bar code for the cashier to scan.

Dec 262011

Clearance will differ from store to store- but aside from all the usual Holiday items- decorations, ornaments, giftwrap and more, there are lots of seasonal grocery and household items to watch for now that it is after Christmas. Most of these items will be 50% Off, except for bagged candy which will be at 30% Off.

I have quite a large list going of several possibilities to look for along with coupon matchups on my Christmas Clearance Prep list HERE. Not everything will be grouped together in one spot either. Aside from holiday, you may want to check the regular grocery aisles and endcaps for these items too.

And don’t forget to peek in on the dollar spot. It is possible to find Christmas and Hannukkah items there too and they should all be at 50% off.

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