Apr 142012

If you have a REDcard (credit or Debit) for FREE shipping – you may want to take a peek at some of the Carter’s Baby clearance going on at Target.com. There are outfits, pants, 4-packs of onesies and more from the Just One You / Precious Firsts up to as much as 70% Off.

There are several other baby apparel items being clearanced too. Sizes are somewhat limited on some of the items, but definitely worth a look around. Plus you can go through ShopAtHome.com who is still offering 6% Cash Back today, (regularly 3%) or go thru EBATES to get 3% Cash Back on Target.com purchases.

 Because I coupon, I’ve always enjoyed giving baskets as gifts at showers- it’s easy to fill up a basket of baby goodies at a fraction of the cost and allows me to give so much more. I just picked up this adorable outfit to put the finishing touch on a basket I am doing for a friend at 65% Off for just $3.48.

And when you use your REDcard (Credit OR DEBIT), not only do you get FREE Shipping, but you will also get an additional 5% Off your purchases. And if you are new to ShopAtHome.com you can earn a $5 bonus for signing up, and if you are new to EBATES, you will also get a $10 Gift Card to your choice of Target or other popular stores as a bonus in your account for signing up once you spend $25.

Apr 142012

Here’s what has been spotted on clearance this week along with any coupon matchups I could find. Remember- clearance can vary greatly from store to store- there is no guarantee you will find the same or for the same
discount. But I try & list specific varieties, prices & other details when I can, since not everything gets stickered and sometimes it’s worth a quick scan to check.

GROCERY: Grocery was pretty slim this week but I do want to mention a few things. Watch for Maxwell House International Latte Chocolate Lovers being found on clearance for 50% off marked down to $1.52 and there is a coupon- $1/1 Any Maxwell House Product 4-1-12 SS x5/1 to get it as low as .52 cents if you find the same. Other finds include Dixie Crystals 10X Powdered Sugar for 50% off and Del Monte Fresh Cut Sweet Corn Cream Style for 15% off- (there’s a $1/4 Del Monte Vegetable, Fruit, or Tomato Cans 11 oz+ on Facebook.)

Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters are being found in single serve pouches for as low as .67 cents- although keep in mind if you like their  ice cream – you may be able to find a Special Purchase Deal on Skinny Cow too. There’s also an assortment of PowerBars on clearance for 15% off including Iron Girl Energy Bars 6 pack and single serve bars, and PowerBar ProteinPlus Bites single serve pouches in Fudge Brownie flavor.

EASTER CLEARANCE: Aside from decorations, and basket stuffers and the other usual Easter clearance items – I recently reported in my Easter shopping trip post that Pepperidge Farm Goldfish in Easter themed 6.6 oz bags were also at 70% off. It’s a great deal if you find the same at your store and keep in mind that some people have been finding them in the regular Goldfish section too- not tagged as clearance but scanning for .59 cents- so it can’t hurt to take a look. Easter clearance should drop again to 90% Off likely on Sunday or Monday, but some stores could go later.

There’s more clearance going on this week in the Electronics department, as much as 50% off on a variety of products including lots of earbuds and headphones by Philips, Sony and Skullcandy. And Teena found this pair of Sony Stereo Headphones, clip-on style for $4.98. Also spotted, lots of docking speakers and clock radios for the the iPod and iPhone for 30% off, and Windex Electronics Wipes for 15% off.

There’s great clearance going on in the kids’ clothing department, as much as 50% off. Lots of you report finding girls’ Easter dresses as much as 70% Off, boys’ pajamas, and raincoats for both boys and girls at 50% Off. Mary Ann found Cars2 Sleepwear Sets for $7.48 and raincoats by Genuine Kids from OshKosh for $10. I found Circo swim trunks with UPF 50+ UV protection for 30% off marked down to $7 each. And for the really little guys, there was a nice assortment of newborn bodysuits by Carter’s Just One You for $5.95 and boys’ and girls’ outfits by Circo for as low as $4.90.

For older boys, there was a nice variety of windbreakers by Cherokee for 50% off marked down to $9.98. I also found some long-sleeved shirts for 70% off marked down as low as $2.98! Also on clearance were jeans by Cherokee and Shawn White and warm-up pants by Champion for 50% off and sweatshirts by Shawn White for 30% off.

There’s some new clearance finds in the Women’s clothing department this week marked down 50% off including some pretty tye dye shirts for $7.48 and jeans by Merona for as low as $11.48. Also spotted were some cute gingham shorts for 8.98. There are Target Web Coupons still available to print for 15% Off Women’s Denim Bottom and $3/1 Women’s Plus Apparel Item. There was also a $3/1 Women’s Merona item that is gone now but still valid thru 4/21 if you have it.

Lots of kids’ bedding in home this week – and I am hearing as much as 50% off including twin sheet sets, blankets, and pillowtime pals from a variety of themes like Spongebob, Thomas & Friends, Transformers, and Tangled. Martine found her Pillowtime Pals from Thomas and Friends and Tangled 50% Off marked down to $9.98.

Also spotted in home, Energizer LED Glow Sticks for 50% off, jewelry organizers also 50% off and Diamond Drawer Organizers for 70% off marked down to $2.78. Lisa found this T-Fal Flexi-Grip 12 piece Cookware Set for 30% off marked down to $69.98.

-Thanks for the contributions this week to Mary Ann, Satomi, Teena, Lisa, Teresa, Martine & Kelley!

Apr 132012

UPDATE: Okay I am waving the white flag here. I have no idea what is up with this coupon but for me when I print the $1/2 Burt’s Bees Target Web Coupon in FIREFOX I got a $1/2 Any Burt’s Bees. And when I printed in INTERNET EXPLORER I got a $1/2 Burt’s Bees Skin Care Lotion, Facial Cleanser, or Manicure set. :roll: BUT that does not seem to hold true for everyone. :( Some are getting the wording some aren’t- very bizarre.

If you hadn’t printed the $1/2 Burt’s Bees Target Web Coupon x5/5 yet, it now has revised wording and no longer specifies what must be purchased. Instead it just says $1/2 Burt’s Bees Items which means a couple new options for those of you who haven’t printed it yet.

Now that it has no specifics- this store coupon can be stacked with the new coupon up on Facebook for $1.50/2 Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers. These sell for around $4.99 each at Target, and with the stack you can get $2.50 off 2 or around 25% Off the regular price with coupons.

Also keep an eye out for the Burt’s Bees Honey Throat Drops which have been spotted on clearance up to 50% Off for .98 cents. You can use the $1/2 Burt’s Bees Target Web Coupon and get them as low as .48 cents each wyb 2 if you find the clearance too!

-Thanks for the heads up on the TQ & the clearance picture to Growing Up Natural!

Apr 122012

So I managed to sneak out early afternoon to try my luck at 70% Off Easter and I was so happy to find still a lot left at my store. I found quite a few super-cheap goodies- like Kraft Bunny Mallows marshmallows for .35 cents a bag, and I found a ton of Easter-themed bags of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish for just .59 cents each so I bought six ‘cuz I love ‘em too. :) I also found a Fisher Price Little People Wheelies car and used the 10% Off Select Fisher-Price Items (including Little People) Target Web Coupon x5/12.

There were also still lots of PAAS products at my store so I picked up a pack of the Doodle Pens for next year. I also bought spring themed stickers, a craft kit, an awesome mini Bundt Cake Pan, window clings, plastic eggs, and some easter grass. I found a tin pirate pail for $1.50 I will use as a catchall in Austin’s room, Hot Wheels Puzzle Erasers for .59 cents and I picked up a few other things for a friend. I spent a total of $16.51 and saved $55.02 and successfully resisted the urge to buy any chocolate! ;)

Don’t forget to take a good look around the store too- sometimes not everything will make it to the clearance area and it’s worth scoping out the store a bit. I found my Goldfish on an endcap up near the front register- and it’s probably why it was so well stocked since there was no clearance sign in sight! I hope you all find/found some great Easter clearance bargains today as well!

Apr 122012

So if you are lucky enough to have a lot of Easter clearance left at your stores and your Candy dropped to 50% Off- Valerie reminded me that we have a $1.25 off 2 WONKA® Candy (12 oz or larger) coupon HERE. The Wonka SweeTarts 12-14 oz Bags of Candy will be as low as $1.34 on clearance for many of you today- and you can use this coupon to get them for .72 cents each wyb 2.

-Thanks for the reminder & picture to Valerie!

Apr 122012

Many of you should find Easter Clearance up to 70% Off today if your store has anything left and bagged Candy will be down to 50% Off. There may be some stores that will hold out and will perhaps drop tomorrow, but even if your signs still say 50% Off- I do suggest scanning a couple things just to be sure they maybe just didn’t switch out the signs yet.

Be sure to take a good look around the store as well. Toddler Easter Dresses have been spotted also on clearance, some home goods like holiday bakeware or holiday-themed accessories like girls tights & socks may also be on clearance but may not have made their way to the clearance area.

If you have any Basket stuffers left in that section- watch for items you can use for next year or stocking stuffers or party favors. Also watch for Easter-themed Gold Fish Bags and other every day snack foods, and it’s a nice time to pick up Easter grass, plastic eggs and any other non-perishables you can use for next year. Let me know if you find anything good if your store went to 70 today!

Apr 092012

For those of you headed out to Target today- you should find lots of whatever Easter inventory your store has left up to 50% Off. While some specialty candy & food items will also be 50% Off, the Bagged candy and other select food items usually sit at 30% Off to start. There were a few food items at my store already 50% Off- the Pillsbury Funfetti Frosting & Spring cake mix were both at 50% plus there were some nice holiday baking pans at 50% Off too.

Easter clearance is a great time to pick up non-perishables for next year- like decorations, die kits, baskets, plush toys and more. Watch for some of the Easter Basket stuffer toys which would be great for stocking stuffers or party favors, or plastic utensils & other disposable table top items that can be used for birthday parties or other celebrations.

The Easter clearance usually does not drop down for another 3-5 days and stores will vary as far as when they drop to 70% Off- there is no definite set schedule. And what is left will vary greatly from store to store- but let us know if you found any goodies today!

Apr 052012

Here’s what has been spotted on clearance this week along with any coupon matchups I could find. Remember- clearance can vary greatly from store to store- there is no guarantee you will find the same or for the same
discount. But I try & list specific varieties, prices & other details when I can, since not everything gets stickered and sometimes it’s worth a quick scan to check.

EASTER COOKIES: Still lots of reports of Nestle & Pillsbury Easter Ready-to-Bake Refrigerated Cookies on Clearance. The consistent reported price seems to be $1.75, so as low as .65 cents for the Disney Pillsbury varieties after clearance & coupon…
-$1.10/1 Pilsbury Disney Cookies HERE
-$1/1 Nestle Easter Buddies Sugar Cookies or also there is a $1/1 in the 3-25-12 SS
-.75/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough, any variety

Speaking of Easter- keep in mind Target will be closed on Easter Sunday, but on Monday, April 9th, most of you should see whatever you have left of Easter at 50% Off, but Candy & Food will likely sit at 30% Off to start. After-Easter clearance is always a good way to save & stock up on anything you think you may use the following year.


Apr 052012

If you haven’t printed it yet- you can still grab a $1/2 Klondike Multipacks coupon on Facebook. Just visit their page, and Like them to get your coupon. While clearance can vary greatly from store to store– I have gotten a few e-mails now about finding select Klondike Ice Cream Sandwiches on clearance for anywhere from 30-50% Off.

So it can’t hurt to look for the same if you have interest. Brenda found these Fudge Brownie Sandwiches 50% Off down to $1.64, so just $1.14 after coupon- regularly $3.29! There’s more clearance finds coming soon- so stay tuned!

-Thanks for the heads up to Taylor, Valerie & for the picture Brenda!

Apr 022012

Just a heeads up that the .75/1 Pampers Wipes Coupon just reset for me! I hope you find the same thing too- although it may depend on when you printed it last. Clearance can vary greatly from store to store- but there are so many of you that have reported finding the Soft Care variety of Pampers Wipes on clearance in the 72 ct tubs and softpacks. A few of you have mentioned finding the clearance on the larger sizes too.

The clearance seems to still be holding at only 15% for most- anywhere from $1.90 – $2.07, but after the .75/1 Pampers Wipes 60 ct or larger HERE it can be as low as $1.15 for 72 wipes or about 1.5 cents a wipe if you find the clearance too. It is possible that the Pampers Diaper coupons have reset too- so you may want to give those a try too:

$1.50/1 Pampers Swaddlers Diapers  and $1.50/1 Pampers Cruisers or Baby Dry Diapers

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