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This is a running list of some of the more popular current Long-Term Sales at Target with coupon matchups. You can always sort the blog by long-term sales to see additional sales that may not be listed on this page. I do my best to keep the coupon matches up to date- but please report any broken links you come across, it is much appreciated. Everything is sorted by category first and expiration date second. I hope you find it to be a helpful resource..

*Please Note* If you do not see a shelf tag reflecting a Long-Term Sale- be sure and price check your items. Some price cuts may be regional- but also some stores may not have all their shelf tags up- so price check your items before you purchase to be sure.


Celestial Seasonings Tea $2.29 (Sale thru 3/25)
-30% Off Celestial Seasonings Target Cartwheel x4/1
$1 OFF wyb 1 Celestial Seasonings Tea (scroll down page & click on coupon link)

Gold’n Plump Shakers Chicken $3.99 (Sale thru 3/25)
$1.50 off wyb 1 Gold ‘n Plump Shakers
$1/1 Gold’n Plump Chicken

Hershey’s King size Chocolate Bars $1 (Sale thru 3/25)
-25% Off all candy Target Mobile Coupon (text CANDY to 827438) x4/9

International Delight One Touch Latte $3.41 (Sale thru 3/25)
-$1.50/1; $1/1 International Delight One Touch Latte 2-12-17 RP1 x3/31
$1 off ONE International Delight Coffee Creamer
$1.05 on any One (1) International Delight One Touch Latte

International Delight Simply Pure Coffee Creamer 16 oz $1.79 (Sale thru 3/25)
$1.00 OFF on any one International Delight Coffee Creamer (signup or log in)

Juicy Juice 100% Juice Boxes 4.23 oz 8 pk $2 (Sale thru 3/25)
Juicy Juice 100% Juice Boxes 6.75 oz 8 pk or Organics 8 pk $2.50 (Sale thru 3/25)
Earn .75 Cash Back wyb Juicy Juice 100% Juice w/Checkout 51 x3/22

Ken’s Dressing 16 oz 2/$4 (Sale thru 3/25)
75¢ OFF ONE (1) Bottle of Ken’s Steak House Dressings, 16oz or larger
-.50/1 Ken’s Ranch or Italian Dressing 16 oz+ 3-5-17 SS x3/31
Earn .75 back wyb (1) Ken’s Steak House Dressing 16 oz+ with MobiSave

Lance Cracker Sandwiches 8 packs $1.99 (Sale thru 3/25)
Save $1.00 on any two (2) packages of Lance® Cracker Sandwiches, 8ct. or 6ct

Lipton Tea 40 ct $2.99 (Sale thru 3/25)

Mezzetta Marinara 16 oz $3.99 (Sale thru 3/25)

Mrs. Thinsters Cookies 4 oz $2.49 (Sale thru 3/25)

Old El Paso Stand & Stuff Shells or Refried Beans $1 (Sale thru 3/25)
$1 OFF 3 Old El Paso Products

Oscar Mayer Classic Hot Dogs 16 oz 2/$4 (Sale thru 3/25)
Oscar Mayer Beef Hot Dogs 15 oz 2/$7 (Sale thru 3/25)
Oscar Mayer Selects Hot Dogs 14 oz 2/$8 (Sale thru 3/25)
-10% Off Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs Target-Cartwheel x3/25

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups King Size 2.8 oz $1 (Sale thru 3/25)
-25% Off all candy Target Mobile Coupon (text CANDY to 827438) x4/9

SeaPak Family Size 18-30 oz $7.99 or Regular Size 9-18 oz $4.99 (Sale thru 3/25)
-$1/1 Seapak Product 8 oz+ 2-26-17 SS x5/30
-$0.75 on any (1) one SeaPak product 8 oz. or larger

Silk Soy Milk 32 oz (1 qt) $1.99 (Sale thru 3/25)
-.55/1 Silk Quart 2-12-17 RP2 x4/12

Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps 11.25 oz $2.99 (Sale thru 3/25)
-$1/1 Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps 5 oz+ 1-22-17 SS x3/31

Totino’s Pizza Sticks 6 pk or Blasted Rolls 40 ct $2.99 (Sale thru 3/25)
75¢ ON THREE PACKAGES 12.3 OZ+ Totino’s Pizza Rolls, Blasted Crust Rolls, Pizza Sticks…
Save 75¢ wyb(3) Totino’s Snacks, select with SavingStar x3/31
-$1/3; .75/3 Totino’s Snacks, select 1-29-17 SS x3/25
-.50/2 Totino’s Snacks, select 3-5-17 SS x4/29

Dare Grainsfirst Crackers 8.8 oz $1.99 (Sale thru 4/1)

Emerald 100 Calorie Packs 7 pk $3.29 (Sale thru 4/1)

Gorton’s Simply Bake, Skillet Crisp or Gourmet Fillets $4.99 (Sale thru 4/1)
$1.00 Off when you buy any 2 Gorton’s products.

Heinz Gravy 12 oz $1.25 (Sale thru 4/1)

Kettle Chips 8.5 oz $2.99 (Sale thru 4/1)
$1/2 Kettle Chips 4 oz or larger

Nabisco Good Thins 3.8 oz $2.50 (Sale thru 4/1)
-10% Off Nabisco Good Thins Crackers 3.5 to 8 oz Target-Cartwheel x4/1

Pop Chips, Assorted Varieties $2.49 (Sale thru 4/1)
Earn $3.50 Cash back wyb Pop Chips 3 oz+ with ibotta app

Pop Secret Microwave Popcorn 10-12 packs $4.59 (Sale thru 4/1)
.75 off when you buy 1 Pop Secret popcorn 6 pk+

Progresso Panko Bread Crumbs Plain 8 oz $1.25 (Sale thru 4/1)
$1.00 Off when you buy any THREE (3) Progresso Products
-.50/2 Progresso Product (excl. Pasta Bowl) 1-29 SS x3/25 or 2-26 SS x4/22

RiceSelect Rice Blend 36 oz $4.83 (Sale thru 4/1)
$2 OFF wyb ONE RiceSelect 21 oz or larger

Sea Cuisine Gourmet Fillets 10 oz $4.99 (Sale thru 4/1)
$1/1 Sea Cuisine item or HERE.

Keebler Fudge Stripe Cinnamon Roll & lemon $1.99 (Sale thru 4/8)
-20% Off Keebler Fudge Stripe Cinnamon Roll & Lemon Target-Cartwheel x4/8

Oregon Chai Latte Mix 10 oz or Concentrate 32 oz $2.49 (Sale thru 4/8)
$1.50 off wyb ONE Oregon Chai Product

Udi’s Tortillas 6 ct $4.76 (Sale thru 4/8)
-50% Off Udi’s Gluten-free Tortillas Target-Cartwheel x4/1
$1/1 Udi’s Gluten Free Product

Udi’s Frozen Bread $4.76 (Sale thru 4/8)
$1 OFF ONE (1) Udi’s Gluten Free Product
Earn .75 Cash Back wyb udi’s Gluten Free Bread w/Checkout 51 x3/22

Udi’s Frozen Pizza $5.39 (Sale thru 4/8)
$1 OFF ONE (1) Udi’s Gluten Free Product
Earn $1 Cash Back wyb Udi’s Gluten Free Pizza w/Checkout 51 x3/22

Whole Earth Sweetener 40 ct $2.99 (Sale thru 4/8)
-20% Off Whole Earth Sweetener 40 ct, 80 ct & Honey Target-Cartwheel x4/8
SAVE $1.50 on any ONE (1) Whole Earth Sweetener Co. product
Earn $1.50 Cash Back wyb Whole Earth Sweetener w/ibotta app

Annie’s Mac & Cheese .99 (Sale thru 4/15)
.50/1 Annie’s Mac & Cheese Manufacturers’ coupon HERE

Annie’s Fruit Snacks 5 pk or Granola Bars 6 pk $2.99 (Sale thru 4/15)
-.75/1 Annie’s Snacks Manufacturers’ coupon HERE

Blue Diamond Bold Almonds Can 6 oz $2.99 (Sale thru 4/15)
-$1/1; $1.50/2 Blue Diamond Almonds Can or Bag 4 oz+ 1-29-17 SS x4/2

Carr’s Crackers $2.99 (Sale thru 4/15)
$1.00 on any ONE Carr’s Crackers

Evol Single-Serve Entrees $3.50 (Sale thru 4/15)
$1.00 Off any Evol Item Coupon HERE and HERE
Earn .75 Cash Back wyb Evol Frozen Entrée w/Checkout 51 x3/22 limit 2

Evol Scramble Cups 2/$4 or $2 each (Sale thru 4/15)
-25% Off Evol Breakfast Scramble Cup Target-Cartwheel x4/1
$1.00 Off any Evol Item Coupon HERE or HERE

Evol Burritos 2/$4 or $2 each (Sale thru 4/15)
Evol Breakfast Sandwiches 2/$3 or $1.50 each (Sale thru 4/15)
$1.00 Off any Evol Item Coupon HERE and HERE

Evol Frozen Multi-Serve Entrees $6.99 (Sale thru 4/15)
$2.00 on Any ONE (1) EVOL Multi Serve Meal
Earn .75 Cash Back wyb Evol Frozen Entrees w/Checkout 51 x3/22

Frank’s Red Hot Sauce Original or Wings 12 oz $2.49 (Sale thru 4/15)
.30 OFF wyb 1 Frank’s Original RedHot Sauce
-.30 OFF wyb 1 Frank’s Wings Hot Sauce

Gorton’s Fish Sticks 44 ct or Beer Battered Fillets 2/$8 (Sale thru 4/15)
$1.00 Off when you buy any 2 Gorton’s products.
Earn .50 Cash Back wyb Gorton’s Fish Sticks, Select w/ibotta app
Earn .50 Cash Back wyb Gorton’s Fish Fillets, select with ibotta app

Green Giant Steamers 10 oz .99 (Sale thru 4/15)

Nabisco Chips Ahoy Thins Cookies 7 oz $2.50 (Sale thru 4/15)

Planters Peanuts 16 oz $2.99 (Sale thru 4/15)
-10% Off Planters Peanuts 16 oz Target-Cartwheel x3/25


Scrubbing Bubbles Drop-Ins Toilet Bowl Cleaner 5 pk $4.49 (Sale thru 3/25)
-5% Off Scrubbing Bubbles Bath & Toilet Cleaners Target-Cartwheel x4/1
$1.00 on any ONE (1) Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom cleaning product
$1.00 on any ONE (1) Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet cleaning product
-.50/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner Product or Toilet Gel 3-12-17 SS x4/23
-$2/2 Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaning Product 3-12-17 SS x4/23

Angel Soft Bath Tissue Double roll 12 pk $5.49 (Sale thru 4/1)
-20% Off Quilted Northern & Angel Soft Target-Cartwheel x3/25
.45/1 Angel Soft Bath Tissue package
-Earn .30 back wyb Bath Tissue with MobiSave

Quilted Northern Bath Tissue Double roll 12 pk $6.49 (Sale thru 4/1)
-20% Off Quilted Northern & Angel Soft Target-Cartwheel x3/25
-.50/1 Quilted Northern Bath Tissue 6 Double roll+ 2-26-17 RP x3/26 or HERE
-Earn .30 back wyb Bath Tissue with MobiSave

Seventh Generation Baby Laundry Detergent $6.99 (Sale thru 4/1)
-30% Off Seventh Generation Baby Laundry 50 oz Target-Cartwheel x3/25
-$1/1 Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent or Detergent Packs 1-29 RP1 x3/31**Limit 1

Reynolds Bakeware Pans, select 2-3 ct $3.69 (Sale thru 4/15)
$1 OFF wyb ONE Reynolds Bakeware pans


Schwarzkopf Gliss Shampoo or Conditioner 13.6 oz $4.99 (Sale thru 3/25)
Schwarzkopf Gliss Treatment 5.1 oz $4.99 (Sale thru 3/25)
$2.00 OFF When You Buy One (1) Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Care Products
-$4/2 Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Care, select 3-5-17 RP2 x3/31
-$2/1 Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Care, select 3-5-17 RP2 x3/31
MIR for up to $7.49 wyb Gliss Hair Care or up to $10.99 wyb Schwarzkipf Hair Color x12/31

Tylenol Cold PSA $5.84 (Sale thru 3/25)
$1 OFF wyb ONE Tylenol cold product

Venus with Olay Razor $7.99 (Sale thru 3/25)
$3.00 OFF ONE Venus Swirl OR Venus & Olay Razor (excludes disposables)
-$3/1 Venus/Daisy Disposable 2 ct+ or Venus Razor (ETS, Daisy2 2ct) 2-26-17 PG x3/25

Amope Electronic Pedi Perfect Nail Care System $19.99 (Sale thru 4/1)

Curel Hydra Therapy 8 oz $7.19 (Sale thru 4/1)
Curel Hydra Therapy 12 oz $9.89 (Sale thru 4/1)
-$3/1 Curel Hydra Therapy Wetskin Moisturizer 8 or 12 oz ETS 3-5-17 SS x4/2
-$3/2 Curel Moisturizer 13 oz+ ETS 3-5-17 SS x4/2
-$1/1 Curel Product 6 oz+ 3-5-17 SS x4/2

Curel Ultra Healing Lotion 20 oz $8 (Sale thru 4/1)
-$3/2 Curel Moisturizer 13 oz+ ETS 3-5-17 SS x4/2
-$1/1 Curel Product 6 oz+ 3-5-17 SS x4/2

Nature Made Vitamins (tablets) PSA $7.64 (Sale thru 4/1)
-$2/2; $1/2 Nature Made Products 3-5-17 SS x4/5

Nature Made Kid’s First Vitamins PSA $5.94 (Sale thru 4/1)
-$2/2; $1/2 Nature Made Products 3-5-17 SS x4/5

Oral-B Indicator Manual Toothbrush 2 pk $2.84 (Sale thru 4/1)
50¢ OFF ONE Oral-B Adult Indicator OR Cavity Defense Toothbrush (ETS, Healthy Clean)

Philips Sonicare Adaptive Clean Toothbrush Heads 2 pk $26.99 (Sale thru 4/1)
-$5/1 Philips Sonicare Brush Head Multipack (excl. PowerUp) 3-12-17 SS x4/30

Philips Sonicare Series 2 Toothbrushes $49.99 (Sale thru 4/1)
$10.00 wyb any one (1) Philips Sonicare 2 Series, 3 Series, HealthyWhite+ toothbrush

Philips Sonicare for Kids Powered Toothbrush $39.99 (Sale thru 4/1)
$10.00 wyb any one (1) Philips Sonicare AirFloss, Sonicare for Kids, Essence+ toothbrush

Carol’s Daughter Hair Care PSA $7.20 (Sale thru 4/8)
$3.00 Off on any ONE (1) Carol’s Daughter Haircare ETS or 3-5 RP1 x4/1


Kandoo Wipes 48 ct $1.79 (Sale thru 4/1)
-5% Off Kandoo Flushable Wipes Target-Cartwheel x4/1


Cesar Dog Food 12 ct multipacks $8.49 (Sale thru 4/8)
-15% Off Cesar Dog Food Target-Cartwheel x4/8
-watch for B1G1 FREE manufacturer coupon peelies

68 Responses to “Long-Term Sales Page”

  1. Amy S. says:

    Yorkville, IL store has Purina Dog Chow (not Puppy) 20 lbs for 12.29. (Is this a price cut or regular price?)

    There is a coupon here http://www.longliveyourdog.com/BetterThanEver.aspx for $2 off a bag of Purina Dog (or Puppy) Chow. =D

  2. Alicia says:

    I went shopping and found all the progresso soups marked clearence 30% down. I am going to wait to see if they go for less next week. Also found several women’s tops and shirts for $2.50 and with the $3.00 off coupon (they only took off $2.50) They were free so I bought several for christmas presents this year. Always great to start Christmas buying in July.

  3. Danea G says:

    Wholly Guacamole is on price cut at my store for $3.89! Goes well with the $1.50 off coupon from liking them on facebook :) I took a picture with my phone if you want me to send it to you. Not sure if everyone has that same sale or just our local stores (Spring/ The Woodlands, TX)

  4. Kristi says:

    My local target (KY) had hunts 4pack pudding marked down to $0.95. I got 6. I had two b2g1 target printable coupons and 2 .75/3 man coupons. So, I got a deal there. :)

  5. bdstrom says:

    Just a FYI, catalina spits out $1 MQ for Nesquik.

  6. Marlene says:

    Target has 20lbs of Tidy Cats on price cut for $6.99 and there is a $2.00 coupon. Seems like a good deal.

  7. Melissa says:

    Went to Target(Brooklyn, NY) this morning and they had the Schick Intuition shavers on clearance for $4.24 which would pair up nicely with the $2 off coupon.

  8. Mary says:

    Does anyone know if the 2/$8 Downy 60 load will work on the buy 2 P&G items and get $5 giftcard? … 90 load deal is still really great, but just wondering before I use all coupons on 90 load size.

  9. Jane W. says:

    The Orville Redenbacher Microwave Bowls 8 packs were at a price cut today at my Target (Plymouth, Minnesota) for $3.50. There was a Target web coupon that expires Saturday (9/10/11) for $3 of 2 8 packs. So…I got 2 of the 8 packs for $4.00!

  10. Gina says:

    Our Target has Betty Crocker Au Gratin potatoes marked down to $0.63 a box!

  11. Nancy says:

    I purchased Tropicana OJ today on price cut for $2.99, although not sure if this is a regular price with the yellow tag on top of it with the same price as I’ve seen this many times before with all types of products at Target. I usually look under these price cut tags, but was in a hurry this afternoon and needed the OJ. I had a $1/1 coupon from the All You mag (and there are Qs from a recent insert as well). Upon checkout, I received a Target catalina coupon for $1/2, so that will pair nicely with two MQs for two more of these, especially if they remain at $2.99. I’m hoping if I go back for more OJ tomorrow, it spits out more of these TQs. We go through OJ in this house super-fast!

  12. Valerie Brice says:

    I got a King Size Set for 12 bucks,a 3 dollar George Foreman waffle maker,saw a 44.00 college fridge,saw lots of rugs in both kitchen and bath for 30 percent off ,can’t wait till it goes to 50-75% because they will be a steal! I also got 2 and 3 dollar bras in the exercise clothing area on clearance racks.Got this Sunday Sept.18th.

  13. Kelly says:

    8 oz. Snak-Saks bags of Mini Teddy Grahams at my North Charleston Target marked down to $1!!! Regular price is $2.39. Other Nabisco brands were on sale for $1, too. I saw Animal Crackers and Mini Chips Ahoy at the same price – $1. I got a great deal on these for snack for my child’s class. I also found Market Panty 100% juice 8-pack juice boxes on clearance for $1.68. Thrilled with this deal! :)

  14. Kay says:

    I got Bounce Free & Sensitive dryer sheets 120 ct clearance $2.37 (50% off) plus I used TQ 50 cents. The Celestial Seasonings Tea (great for Herbal Iced Tea) price cut to $2.12 and some packages had coupons inside $1/2.

  15. Katia says:

    i’m an extreme couponer so i’m always at this site

  16. Katia says:

    well i saw my axe showerr gel on price cut at my store

  17. Katia says:

    my store has axe on sale for 3.49 and i got that B1G1 coupon in yesterdays paper plus those 1.00-1 target coupons and i got 2 of those they will .74 cents a piece

  18. angel garvin says:

    Westside olympia target has size 6 cases (90 count) of huggies clearanced for $20, but they actually ring up for $14!!! Plus the $2 off coupon and that’s enough to do a little coupon dance in the aisles….

  19. Kim says:

    Lego Game Price Cuts:
    Banana Balance – $4.72 Regular $8.99 ? Not sure.
    Ramses Return – $7.49 (50% off ) Regular $14.99 – Online too
    Ramses Pyramid – $9.99 (66% off) Regular $29.99
    Lego Champion – $24.48 (30% off) Regular $34.99 – Online too

  20. VIcky says:

    Where can I get the Target Coupon Thanksgiving Booklet?

    Thanks, Vicky

  21. Kate says:

    Money maker: My Chicago Super Target has Temporary Price cut on Mountain Springs Sparkling Water for $.69. So I used me $1.00 off coupons and made $.31!

  22. Linda Johnson says:

    The coupons for Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil at 90210 is no longer found at the link listed.

  23. Jenny says:

    I was @ my target in Midland TX on Monday and the Huggies Diapers had a $1 Price cut. Usually $9.49 and cut down to $8.49. With their $2 Printable coupon and $3 Peelies, Makes a jumbo pack of diapers only $3.49 :) Happy Dance!

  24. Michelle says:

    I went to Target tonight after the tip I got that Snickerdoodle cookie mix was marked down to .51. It didn’t say it, but I scanned it and it was. With the .40 coupon it was .11! Thanks again for the tip!

  25. Lori Miller says:

    Maybe you already knew this but yesterday I used by UB B3G1 coupon on the rice pouches which triggered a catalina for $1.25 off 5. Yippee!

  26. Amy MacQuarrie says:

    It would be helpful to have the check boxes on the price cuts page as well!

  27. Angela says:

    I noticed ALL towels at my local target on sale today. As I was leaving another customer came by looking for more orange towels because she said she got a lot of $1 EACH yesterday. I didn’t see any of those today though. Also noticed a lot of sheets and curtains for 50% off. And some crayola supplies 50%…so am looking for crayola coupons now.

  28. Abby says:

    Dannon Activia is FREE this week, not .19 each— Mechanicsburg, PA.

  29. Trudi says:

    If there is a sale or price cut this week on Activia at her store, I am sure Kerry will post it tonight or tomorrow! Love seeing all the updates she posts before I go so I know just what to look for and have my coupons ready to go!!

  30. Tony says:

    Lubbock, Tx – the Star Wars Electronic Masks have been lowered to $5.98. Pair that with the online coupon and you can get them for $.98… That’s a 94% savings.

  31. ap says:

    There was a $2 welch’s fruit fizz coupon I printed a couple weeks ago, so I got those for $.50.

  32. Lisa says:

    Target has their Paper Mate Ink Joy pens on sale this week for $3.00. If you “Like” Paper Mate on Facebook and follow the steps you can get a coupon for $1.50 off on any InkJoy 500 RT 8ct. Which is included in the sale!

  33. kim says:

    Kids triaminic fever reducer was on price cut…from $4.99 to $3.52. I bought 2 and used a $3/2 coupon..basically b1g1 free!!! i was happy since i have 3 kids :)

  34. Erin Hotalen says:

    Found Pampers Wipes on sale. 72 ct. soft pack down to $2.03, and a tub of 72 ct. was $1.90. used the $.75/1 MQ and got it for $1.15. for about 55% savings at my target. Great w/ two little boys in diapers! :)

  35. panchu says:

    Hey Kerry is -$1/2 Clorox Wipes or Cleaners coupon is still available ??if yes thn under which Zip code?

  36. tricia says:

    i found the playdoh easter egg 4 paks for 1.99 at my store. i was able to use the $2/2 playdoh 4 pak to get them for $1.00 a piece. a great basket filler!

  37. Erin says:

    I just came back from Target where they have the K-Y Date Night Kits w/ the $10 off movie tickets for $12.48. I still had the $10/1 from Valentines day, to make it $2.48! Plus the $10 towards a movie night!

  38. Kime' says:

    They had Loreal Paris Healthy Look on price cut at my store for $4.99 and their is a $2 off coupon on coupons.com and redplum.com making it $2.99 :-)

  39. kris r says:

    yoplait goGURTS are on price cut for 2.07 there are MFR for .75 and TGT for .75/2 which makes these a great deal!!

  40. Ann-Marita says:

    The link to the coupon for Green Giant boxed vegies does not work for me.

    Thanks for all you do! This website is really making a difference for my budget and my family.

  41. Kathy Guglielmo says:

    I found Nutrisse Garnier haircolor on sale for $3.99 with a manufacturer coupon from Red Plum for $2.00 and a Target coupon for $1.00 that means I scored it for $.99. Usually runs from $5.99 to $8.29

  42. Karen says:

    NJ Target had Gumdrop pacifiers on sale for a pack of 2 for $2.50. Normally these are $4.50 so it was a good score.

  43. susie says:

    Gerber Organic 2nd Foods 2 packs are price cut to 1.19. theres a $1/1 coupon on the smart source website right now…making them each .19 after coupon

  44. Kerry says:

    TY SUsie! forgot about the WW coupons!

  45. Bree says:

    Various Targets in Houston, TX has Battleship for $8.99 on price cut until 12/24.

  46. ALYSSA says:

    Theres a BOGO coupon on the edge shaving cream on coupons.com

  47. Leah says:

    I just found Vidal Sassoon styling products on clearance at my VA store. They were $3.99, and now they are $2.78. There was also a $2 off one peel-off coupon making them 0.78 ! It included spray repair & finish and smoothing creme.

  48. Franquelyne says:

    Swiss Miss (Limited Edition) hot cocoa mis is on sale for $1.35 in Boston MA store. Coupon of $1/3 makes them 0.90 each. Make sure to look for the (limited edition) packaging. The regular package was $2.37.

  49. Melissa says:

    There’s a coupon for $1/1 TGI Friday’s frozen snack 12-17.4 oz at zip code 30303 on coupons.com. Just a heads up if anyone didn’t know. You can stack it with the $2/3 Target coupon for a better deal.

  50. Amy Mac says:

    LIttle Debbie MQ is regional!

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