Target’s Policy on Overage

I have received some questions & comments about overage at Target. While I know that as individual shoppers in different stores we all may experience different things, all the deals I post will come to a balance of “Free” when there is a coupon that is for more than the amount of the product. I would like to try and keep the confusion to a minimum and since Target’s published coupon policy does not allow overage- I feel that this is what most shoppers will experience.

I also had an e-mail from someone who was refused a coupon adjustment and this should never happen. Target’s policy states that the coupon will be adjusted down. If you ever run into trouble with this- ask them to check the policy on their web site. I believe the CS folks have access to on their computers so they can look it up right there. Or you may also want to consider printing out Target’s coupon policy and bringing it to the store with you.

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  1. Wow Summer- that is just awful! Since you have already dealt with management in your store it is time for the next step up. I would call corporate and explain to them what happened and tell them what the manager said. If the CS person at corporate says the same- I think you should ask for their supervisor and ask how you should handle the matter. I hope you get it solved & let us know how it turns out.

  2. As crazy as this sounds- my local Target would not adjust the price of a coupon down EVEN after reading their coupon policy I had printed and in hand a few weeks ago. The manager still refused to do it, stating that “it does not matter what [their] corporate office coupon policy says- each store can accept what coupons they want regardless of the coupon policy on”. Any tips from anyone on how to handle this?

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