AOL Exclusive Target Offer: 50% Today Only!

Today Only- if you go through AOL’s home page– USE THIS LINK¬†—- you can get 50% off on 856 Toys! Now that’s a long list and a great deal! There are also tons with Free Shipping so be sure to go and take a look! Don’t get scared- the price you see advertised is before the discount is applied!

UPDATE: the 50% Off on Fisher Price Trio King’s Castle is NOT working- even though it is shown on the 50% off page. This was the only toy available with a coupon code that was in stock! go figure!

2nd UPDATE: for those having problems- try logging in using your amazon id vs your target id or vica versa. You can also try just closing down the page, go back to and click on the promo link on their page and then go straight to your shopping cart. Hopefully it will now show the discount applied.

BTW- I still could not get the Trio Castle to come up 50% off no matter what I did- but everything else worked!

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  1. FYI Guys this is a YMMV- Target’s written policy is to take off the Target Coupon BEFORE the price match is made- which is what happened to me- but Good Luck!

  2. Wow! I just bought over $300 worth of toys for $152- what a blessing!! Thank you for sharing this info with us, Kerry!

  3. Hey Martine- which item are you ordering? I found that it will not deduct the 50% off the Trio King’s Castle either. Very frustrating since every other one is working!

  4. HI Kerri,
    I’m trying to buy from Target with the 50% special and I get all the way to “place order” and it’s not taken off the 50%?? What am I doing wrong??

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