Thanks for a Fun First Week!

Wow! I have had a very busy week but have enjoyed every minute of it! I have been so busy launching Totally Target & shopping that I am way behind on actually preparing for Christmas! We are planning to get our tree tomorrow and decorate over the weekend. My son seems to be very eager to help out this year which is so exciting for me. Last year he hung about 6 ornaments and called it a day!

I am so looking forward to getting into the Christmas Spirit. I love listening to Christmas music while decorating the tree, and I think I will light my new Glade candles and serve some free Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa. I will also have to whip up some dip for the many boxes of FlipSides that are now in my pantry! I hope y’all had a great week too!

I have pretty much all the matchups done for the 12/13 ad HERE & Gift Card Deals HERE– but I will be scouring aound for any price matches and will post if I find any. I can’t say that I am too excited about the new ad- as it seems to focus mostly on gifts and not much is in there for the typical shopping trip. BUT- you just never know what good deals will pop up during the week!

I am also hoping for a nice batch of new printables on very soon as many of the Store Qs up there now will be expiring tomorrow. As always- as soon as new Target Qs make an appearance I will let you know if they are TQs or MQs so you don’t waste your ink on something you don’t want! Keep your fingers crossed for some good ones!

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  1. Kerry,
    I don’t drink coffee but live on Monster. I spotted the Monster “headshots” on price cut to $1.99. I am used to paying closer to $2.99. Now just find me some coupons please! I really like your site, and the fact you do all the work for us to reap the benefits. Thank you.

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