Price Confirmed: G-Force Blu-Ray $7.99 After Qs

gforcebluerayOkay- I finally got the price confirmed for the Disney G-Force Blu-Ray which will be available in Target stores as of tomorrow. The sale price will be $22.99 and you can use both Qs listed below to get it for $7.99. If you can’t get there first thing in the am- you may want to call and ask for the electronics department and see if they will hold a copy for you. They may say no- but it never hurts to ask!

     -$5 off A Blu-Ray Disc Purchase TQ PRINT
     -$10 off G-Force Blu-Ray PRINT

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  1. I just noticed that Walmart had this in their add for $19.96 (Combo), you could take the ad to Target and get them to price match to save a little more!

  2. Hey Debbie- only trouble is – is that Target’s new policy is that they won’t Price match until after their store coupon is applied. So it would be 22.99 – 5 = 17.99 which beats Walmart’s price of $19.96 so they will not price adjust. I’m still very happy to own it for $7.99 though :).

  3. I was able to do this deal. I handed the cashier at customer service the Walmart ad. Price match completed. Then I pulled out the $10 mft. printable coupon from my pocket. Cashier processed the coupon. Then I pulled out the $5 store printable coupon from my other pocket. Cashier processed this coupon. Then I handed the cashier my reusable Target bag and she deducted another $0.05. My final price was $4.96 or $6.03 after taxes. The cashier didn’t ask and wasn’t aware I had any coupons, nor how many she would end up processing.

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