Reindeer Food in My Mailbox

santaletterMy son recently dictated a letter to Santa to me which we promptly put in the mailbox on Monday. We addressed it only to “Santa” and put our return address on it and a stamp. I just picked up the mail and was so pleased to see a letter postmarked from the North Pole addressed to my son. In it was a letter from Santa as well as some Reindeer food that Santa asked be sprinkled outside our house on Christmas Eve. This is so cute and my son is just absolutely thrilled! You may just want to go ahead and mail that letter to Santa- as you never know what might happen! You can click on the picture to read the complete letter.

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  1. When my grandson was 3-4 years old we did the same thing with the same results. He too was absolutely thrilled! You bet he didn’t let us forget to put out the reindeer food or the cookies and milk for Santa. It was also a big thrill for the adults too….just knowing someone out there spent their time and money making a child they didn’t even know have another special holiday memory….truely warms the heart!!!!

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