Christmas Clearance – Possibly 75% Off Tomorrow

xmassaleSo I ran into Target tonight, hoping for a Christmas miracle :), but still the same old 50% off.  There were several random reports of 75% off Christmas at some stores on Tuesday- which leaves me hopeful for Wednesday. I am also wishing for a double dose of clearance – namely the toys since typically toys are marked down on Wednesdays at my store. A few were marked to 50% off, but the majority were still at 30% off. I am definitely popping in tomorrow armed with my Qs and my fingers crossed.  It will all depend on how quickly they need to move the stuff to make room for new merchandise coming in. The 75% off toy clearance probably won’t happen for at least another week or 2- but there are some things that I know will be gone long before then in my area- like Legos- and I would be happy to grab them at 50% off.

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  1. Our target is 75% off christmas. Great deals. i am getting things i can repourpose for gifts during the year. Yeah!!

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