Good News on the Leapfrog Tag Books Sale

tagtargetFor those that didn’t make it to Target today- I have good news on the Tag Books. Their wording of “software” was sort of misleading to me in the ad- & I wanted to verify that all the books were indeed on sale for $9.99 and they are. If you did not get the $4/1 Q in your Parade Magazine today- don’t forget there are printables here:
-$4/1 Tag Book
-$2/1 Tag Jr. Book
And remember there is also a $5.00 MIR available HERE if you purchased the Tinker Bell DVD or Blu-Ray and a LeapFrog item.

I was so happy to get the last Bakugan & Star Wars Clone Wars Tag Books on the shelf today! I found a few more price cuts, and have some other things to post, and will try and get to it after dinner :).

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  1. I have a stack of the $4 off Q’s from the Parade Magazine that I do not plan to use. If anyone wants them, please email me at martin7960 @ comcast . net (remove spaces)

  2. was wondering if anyone had tried to use the $4 parade Q on a TagJr. book? I’m hoping they will…

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