Living in the Land of 30%

30percentOhhhh just look at all these toys… them and about 2 more aisles just full. And they are all just screaming to be marked down so we cangrab them  up! But there has been no budging in my neck of the woods at all. And very few of them are at 50% off- very, very few.  And believe me, I price checked a bunch. There are quite a few reports of a large number of toys at 50% off and more- but we just sit here… stuck.

Christmas and black dots in the dollar spot also sits at 75% off though I do expect it to go to 90% soon- hopefully by Wednesday at the very latest- but honestly your guess is as good as mine. I believe it happened on the 5th last year in my area, but I just don’t know what to expect anymore. There isn’t a ton left- but definitely enough remnants to warrant 90% to get rid of it all already!!

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  1. The other day at my store (Jonesboro Rd., McDonough) I was told mark -downs happen on Thursdays!?!? That’s when Christmas went to 75% and there were many people in the aisles with clearance marking guns…..

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