Scotch Site: Printable Qs, Rebates & More

scotchYou might want to hop on over to the Scotch Web Site and visit their promotions page HERE and check out all the contests & coupons. There is also a $10 mail in rebate available:

Buy $20 in qualifying 3M™ Permanent Label and/or Post-it® Removable Label products and receive a $10 rebate by mail HERE. There was a $1/1 Any Post-It Brand Product in the 01-10-10 SS, that will help make this rebate even better. Purchases for rebate must be made between December 15, 2009 and June 30, 2010.

While you are there- you can check out the 8 different printable coupons they have or click HERE

UPDATE: Melanie found some more printable coupons for 3M & Scotch HERE & HERE and $1/1 Post-It Tabs HERE. Thanks Melanie! And while I did see that Big Lots has 3M supplies in their ad that you can try and price match- it will most likely be a ymmv. I have a hard time at my Target when there is nothing specifically listed like Big Lots has it set up in their ad and when it says thing like “selection varies by store”.  I would only be able to maybe price match the items that are in the picture and even with that I might get shot down. But it is worth a try if you are interested in these products since $2 is a price that will beat out most if not all Target’s prices on these products.

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  1. I did another price match at Walmart for a couple of Scotch Gift Wrap Cutters (they’re priced at $4 right now as a rollback) since I forgot that I had a few $2 off coupons that I snagged from a Scotch stand at Kmart. The coupons also have no expiration date

  2. woohoo! that is awesome that you got everything price matched – I wish my store was that easy – they are really good about some things and not so good about others- but I may just have to try my luck anyway- the worst that can happen- is they say no 🙂

  3. I was able to get ALL of the Scotch and Post-its price matched that I bought a little bit ago =] The customer service lady (she said she was one of the front end managers at one point, but I dunno..) was questioning it a little bit at first, but did price match everything I had (everything I got was priced under $10 since the Big Lots ad said it was all $2 compared to $3-$10). I did think about pushing my luck though with a Post-It Note calendar I really wanted though!!

    She also price matched the Scotch Easy-Grip Packaging Tape Dispensers and I got those completely free since I had $2 coupons for those!

    All in all, I was very happy that she price matched everything and took all of my coupons. The only coupons she didn’t take were the Publix Advantage Flyer coupons I had since the computer beeped on those, but I still bought the tape I wanted since it was $2 compared to 4.49 =]

  4. You can also take all the scotch and post it note coupons over to Staples. This week (17-23) you get back 50% in staples rewards, plus the coupons, plus the mail in rebate. Should be a money maker.

  5. Hey Melanie- as far as the Publix Q- since it does not say “redeem only at Publix” you have a chance. It will be a ymmv though- but worth a shot. If it scans your set- if it does not- I am sure that “redeem at Publix” will be the reason they give that it is not working.

  6. This weeks Big Lots ad has their 3m office supplies (Scotch and Post-its) for $2 each.. Price matching at Target (as I’m sure they’d have a bigger selection) would make for some very cheap office supplies! I know most of the Scotch and Post-its coupons I’ve found online have mainly been for $1 off.

    The product I’d really like to know if they’ll still price match as being an office supply (I think they should since that’s where it’s found) is the Scotch Easy-Grip Packaging Tape Dispenser (I found these in the clearance section at Walmart) – The coupon I’ve found is for $2 off this product..

    I know that in the Publix Yellow Advantage flyer has a $1 off any Scotch tape. It is a manufacture coupon but says redeem at Publix. Do you know if I can still use this anywhere else though?

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