Target Home Mailer: Flip Clip Save #1 $20 in Qs

flipI finally had a couple of you who have received the new mailer & e-mailed me. Thanks so much to Emily for taking the time to type the Qs and thanks to Stacey for the picture!  The booklet is called Flip Clip Save. $20 in Savings. These are some great Target Qs as they are good for any brand except trial sizes. Here’s is a list of the Coupons:

.50/1  4ct. or+ Bath Tissue
.50/Any Brand Paper Towels
.50/1 Food Storage Bags, Containers, Foil or Food wrap
.50/1 Dish Soap or Dishwasher Detergent
.50/1 Multi-pack Facial Tissue
.50/1 Laundry Additive
.50/1 Toothbrush or Toothpaste
.50/1 Pre-Packaged Bread
.50/1 Cereal
.50/1 Cheese .50/1 Bag Candy 5 oz. or + or 1 Multipack of gum
.50/1 Chips, Cookies, or Crackers
.50/1 Multi-pack Granola Bars or Fruit Snacks
.75/2 Cans of Soup 10 oz. or +
.75/1 Cosmetic Product
.75/1 Shampoo or Conditioner
.75/1 Package Diapers, Training Pants, or Baby Wipes
.75/1 Feminine Care Product
.75/1 Laundry Detergent
.75/1 Deodorant or Body Spray
.75/1 Razor Cartridges
.75/1 Bar Soap, Body Wash, or Liquid Hand soap
.75/1 Trash Bags
$1/1 Vitamin or Pain Relief product
$1/1 Pet Food or Pet Treats
$1/1 Cat Litter

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  1. Hey Debbie-
    Target Mailers are a mystery- there is no clear cut way to get one. You may receive some if you have ever created a registry at Target or have a RedCard (Target Credit Card) but this is no definite either. Target has the funds and the means I am sure to do direct mailing in areas they want to promote business. The sad and unfortunate thing is- for those of us that REALLY want them- often times we don’t get them. And I will bet that 95% of the people who do get them end up putting them in the recycling bin or throwing it in the trash. It would be nice for them to have a concrete mailing list for us die-hard Target Fans to at least have a chance at getting a mailer- but they do not have such a list.

  2. I know several people that recieved these coupons. I have called several times & all they keep telling me is, its a mailing list… Does anyone know how to get on this mailing list or what I need to signup for… ANYTHING…

  3. I am really curious as to how you make sure you receive these booklets, as I can’t really find a sign up on their website. I am a member but until you make a purchase it doesn’t look like there is a spot to even put in your address. Does Target try to send this to all households?

  4. I received the “Flip, Clip & Save” booklet today (my first Target booklet in a long time!) Mine was a bit different though. It has $43 in coupons and they are brand specific. I am in no way complaining though!

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