Cheap Soft Scrub Update

gelMy price check for the regular soft scrub may have been incorrect. Blizzard only found the Gel marked at that price- but buying the gel actually makes it even cheaper- as on the same Soft Scrub site- there is a $1.50/1 Soft Scrub Gel.

Here’s the deal for the Gel:
Join the Soft Scrub Club HERE and then check your inbox and verify your e-mail address to be brought back to the site. Look under the left tab “member exclusive offers” to print your B1G1 Q for Softscrub Cleanser. Now go up top to their “Special Offers”  tab where you will find 3 Qs- one of which is $1.50/1 Soft Scrub Gel.

$5.58 (Buy 2 Soft Scrub Gel at $2.79)
– 2.79 (use B1G1 Q)
-1.50 (use $1.50/1 any Soft Scrub Q)                          -Thanks Blizzard!
= $1.29 for two or .65 cents each!

UPDATE: Seems both Mike & Rebecca were able to find the $2.79 price on the regular Soft Scrub as well. It seems the larger bottle is higher priced, although of course you may find some price variations at different stores. But in either case both deals make for some cheap Soft Scrub!  Rebecca also found the Spray Bathroom Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser  24.5 ounces clearanced for $3.22 also making for a nice deal! 
-Thanks to Mike & Rebecca for the Price Check & further info!

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  1. At my local Target the regular non-gel SS was also marked and scanned at $2.79. They also had a larger size that was closer to $4.

  2. The gel & other softscrub products are on sale at Publix for $2.50. So its a better deal there, unless of course you do a price match at Target.

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