Wishbone Salad Spritzers for .62 Cents After New Q

wishbonessIn this Sunday’s 1-31-10 RedPlum there will be a coupon for $1/1 WishBone 7oz Salad Spritzers. Right now they are on Price Cut at Target for $1.62 until 2/6. This will make them .62 cents each.

Wish-Bone 16 oz Dressings are also on Price Cut for $1.62 and there is a coupon due out for them as well. I am getting conflicting reports on what the Wishbone 16 oz Dressing Q value will be- I see it in insert Previews as $1.50/2, yet eBay sellers have them listed as $1.25/2. It may just be different values for different regions. Either one is a good deal and they will end up being .87 cents to $1 each.

Remember some insert coupons & values are regional, so you may or may not get it in your paper. You can always use a clipping service or search for couponson eBay- I already see both of these Qs up on eBay for sale.

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